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Commercial Mats Buyer's Guide

Rubber Kitchen Mats – A Guide to Specifications

When it comes to safeguarding your kitchen, rubber mats offer numerous benefits that allow for a secure and efficient work environment.

Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

For those that spend hours working in the kitchen, anti-fatigue mats can lessen the load for a weary worker.There are numerous benefits to be quantified in the usage of anti-fatigue kitchen mats.

Commercial Door Mats – Considerations Before the Purchase

Ensuring that customers get safely into your business is all about selecting the right commercial entrance mat.

Safety Mats for Playgrounds are a Great Way to Protect Your Kids!

A soft play mat is just one example of safe playground equipment and surfacing that can protect your children from scrapes and falls.

Three Reasons Why Rubber Matting is the Ideal Surface for Playgrounds!

The ideal surface for playgrounds is rubber matting. Read about our three reasons why rubber flooring trumps loose-fill materials like sand and wood chips!

Non-Slip Mats Reduce Slips and Falls to Avoid a Dining Area Close Call

Placing non-slip mats at critical areas of your restaurant can prevent your employees and guests from slips. Learn about the dangers of restaurant floors!

Bar Runner Mats Encourage Safety in a Potentially Hazardous Setting

Using a rubber bar mat helps ensure the safety of your bartenders, waiters and patrons. Learn how bar mats save bar owners time, stress and money!

A Rubber Kitchen Floor Mat Prevents Slips on Wayward Water and Grease!

Using a rubber kitchen floor mat is an easy way to increase the safety measures in your kitchen. Learn how kitchen mats keep you cooking on your feet.

The Differences Between the Two Types of Commercial Entrance Door Mats

Commercial entrance door mats are offered in two types of mats: all-rubber or carpet. Find out the advantages of each type of commercial door mat!

Rubber Mats for Kitchens should be the Foundation of Any Restaurant!

Commercial kitchen rubber mats are the best kitchen matting option for any foodservice environment, because they provide traction, comfort and safety!

A Bar Runner Mat Helps Your Patrons Skip the Slips and Swallow Shots!

A rubber bar runner mat offers bar owners many measures of safety to avoid costly lawsuits and repairs. Learn how rubber mats stop slips and promote sips!

Don’t Tumble in the Jungle: Non-Slip Flooring vs. Your Clumsy Employee

Clumsiness happens! Discover the ways rubber non-slip flooring can save your clumsiest employee from injury and your finest china from certain harm.

Four Unusual Uses for Our Versatile and Multifunctional Runner Matting

Runner matting is an easy-to-install flooring solution that increases safety just about anywhere. Read about our four uncommon uses for rubber runners!

Playground Rubber Flooring and Your Community: A Precautionary Tale

Communities should take precautions too — by installing playground rubber flooring in local parks, schools, and other public playgrounds!

Rubber Playground Tiles Can Civilize A Child's Playground Environment!

Rubber playground tiles can prevent slips and falls and resulting injuries. Find out why rubber tiles are the best surface for playgrounds and play areas!

Colorful Surfacing for Playgrounds Isn’t Only Decorative, It’s Safe!

School playground systems have colorful rubber matting because it functions as safety flooring for kids.

Why are Rubber Outdoor Playground Mats the Best Safety Surface?

Rubber playground surfaces are better than traditional materials because they are safe, sturdy, affordable, and are easily assembled from DIY rubber playground tiles!

Rubber Floor Runners Make Businesses Friendly and Safe

Installing rubber floor runners makes your commercial business environment less prone to liability issues and insurance claims!

Runner Mats Give Your Customers Nothing Short of a Star Treatment!

Runner mats on your business walkways and ramps are a functional red carpet. Read the six reasons why rubber mat runners are a great investment.

Rubber Runners Help Keep Your Pub Cozy and Safe!

Rubber runners are a quick and simple fix to instantly dress up your pub’s floors to become not only more comfortable, but also safer!

Soft Floor Mats Turn Hard Floors into a Soft Play Area for your Kids!

Soft floor mats can be used for a multitude of preemptive safety applications. Discover how you can safeguard your floors with safe and soft mats!

Soft Rubber Flooring Protects Kids and Puts the 'Care' in Daycare!

Safeguard your daycare center with soft rubber flooring tiles, offering great traction and cushioning to avert harmful slips and falls. Read how inside!

Soft Play Surfaces and Soft Rubber Mats Will Be Your Dog’s Best Friend!

Soft play surfaces are an important feature when choosing a good doggy day care! Love your pet and choose a center offering soft and safe floors!

Rubber Non Slip Matting Provides Safety for Competitive Surfers

Non slip safety is important when you’re dealing with dripping surf-tossed athletes, and that’s where rubber non slip floor mats come into play!

Non Slip Rubber Mats can Greatly Reduce the Risk of Slips and Falls

Research has revealed that home bathrooms are among the most dangerous areas for falls. Non slip rubber mats can make public bathrooms much safer too!

Non-Slip Flooring Keeps Boats Sailing Shipshape!

Rubber makes great non-slip flooring for all of those wet areas on deck, so you can ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers!

A Rubber Drainage Mat Offers Three Degrees of Slip-Resistant Safety!

Using a rubber drainage mat can reduce the likelihood of work-related slip-and-fall injuries. Count down our three slip-preventing features of rubber mats!

Rubber Drainage Mats Slice and Dice Kitchen Floor Hazards to a Pulp!

Rubber drainage mats are an important ingredient in cooking up a safe and comfortable kitchen for your cooks. Find out what sets these rubber mats apart!

Rubber Drainage Mats are Absolutely Vital Around Public Pools!

Rubber drainage mats or perforated rubber mats provide safe non-slip flooring for wet poolside areas. Prevent dangerous slips and falls!

Rubber Bar Mats Safeguard Your Bartenders from Slips, Falls and Injuries

Laying down bar mats ensures the safety of your bartenders in the midst of spilled booze and runaway ice cubes. Learn how bar mats keep the drinks flowing!

Tales of a Bar Hopper: How Bar Rubber Mats Can Save a Friday Night

Bar rubber mats ensure that your fun night out is truly fun! Discover the 3 main reasons why bars and restaurants use rubber bar mats to protect their patrons!

Style Your Bar Floors with Non Slip Rubber Bar Runner Floor Mats

Non-slip rubber bar floor mats add comfort, reduce slipping accidents and help the good time rolling!

Rubber Gym Flooring is a Great Option for Cost-Conscious Fitness Facilities!

When exploring gym flooring options, rubber is a multi-functional material to consider. Learn about four valuable features of rubber tiles for gym and fitness centers!

Rubber Mat for Gym Rooms Remedies the Problem of Excess Moisture!

Interlocking gym mats offer grip amidst the moisture from sweat and damp locker rooms. Learn how rubber flooring for a gym protects your clients!

Athletic Gym Mats Improve School Sports Programs on ESPN Reality Show

Multi purpose gym flooring was installed in four lucky schools across the nation- these rubber school gym mats will help aspiring athletes in their training!

Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats Make a Statement at Local Trade Show

Anti fatigue kitchen mats and runners are the solutions to busy kitchen environments, due to their cushion, anti-slip, and anti-grease properties!

8 Reasons Why Drainage Kitchen Rubber Mats are Essential in any Kitchen

Up to your elbows in spilled water? Kitchen rubber mats can keep commercial kitchen floors dry, providing a safe, secure work environment for your staff.

Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats: Top 8 Reasons Why They’re Worth the Cash

Chefs knows the importance of having a clean safe kitchen during hours of operation. Here are 8 reasons why rubber kitchen floor mats lead success.

A Commercial Entrance Mat Keeps Moisture and Dirt Out of Your Business

Welcome your patrons and employees with a commercial entrance mat! Our doormats prevent injurious slips and falls that result from moisture or dirt.

A Commercial Entrance Matting System Lets Your Business Breathe

A commercial entrance matting system prevents air pollutants from entering your business and your lungs. Find out how entrance mats improve indoor air quality!

Colorful Outdoor Doormats Can Help Bring Customers to Your Doors!

A colorful large doormat that matches your store’s motif can help brand your storefront, so consider adding entrance matting to your outdoor display!

Commercial Rubber Floor Tiles Are Suitable For Many Applications!

The versatility of commercial rubber floor tiles makes it suitable for a variety of applications. Learn about four unique uses of rubber flooring tiles!

Opting for Commercial Rubber Floors Pays Dividends for Businesses!

Commercial rubber floors offer four cost-efficient features to your commercial business. Find out how you could save a pretty penny with commercial matting!

8 Ways Commercial Rubber Matting Can Help Your Retail Space

Protect your business investments. Discover 8 ways commercial rubber matting can bring important safety and security to your commercial retail space for less!