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Rubber Playground Tiles

Rubber Playground Tiles Can Civilize A Child's Playground Environment!

person stretching on red eco sport interlocking rubber flooring tilesUpon reminiscing of my elementary school days, I can’t help but wish our playground had rubber playground tiles. Oh, I remember it all. We would have obstacle courses through the playground, starting from dodging the relentlessly swaying swings, to crossing the finger-blistering monkey bars, and then finally descending the electrically-charged slide. The unlucky ones tripped and shred the skin of their knees on the bare concrete. The ones lucky enough to make it through alive were able to crack a weary smile through a face caked with a batter of sweat and dust.

Our parents would have blown a gasket if they had ever found out about our barbaric playground gauntlet for good reason: it really was dangerous out there: the dug-up holes in the sandbox, the thin and slippery layer of pebbles on the concrete, the bully who would take a victim’s shoe and fill it with sand. Why? If only we had a better surface for playgrounds, my friends and I wouldn’t have had to weather the playground’s wrath.

Fortunately today, there are now excellent flooring options for playgrounds, namely rubber playground tiles. Rubber flooring is the ideal surface for playgrounds for six reasons:

  1. person looking out while sitting on eco sport tiles on a mountain Traction: Our playground tiles are made of rubber, a material which has great footing, even when wet! The rubber tiles already trump sand or mulch by setting a level surface that can’t be tripped on. The traction provided by the rubber tiles further reduces the chance that a child will slip and fall. This is an especially important feature when children are running around or playing a frantic game of tag!
  2. Cushion: Rubber is naturally shock absorbent and will reduce the impact and severity of falls. Kids can often lose themselves in the heat of playtime, forfeiting caution for reckless abandon. A cushioned surface for playgrounds can give you a little peace of mind for those times when playtime gets out of hand.
  3. Easy maintenance: Rubber tiles are a cinch to clean. You can easily sweep dirt and debris away with a broom. If the mess is persistent enough, you can break out a damp mop and clean it that way. In contrast to sand or mulch, playground tiles make it easier to see and remove potentially hazardous foreign objects like glass.
  4. Easy installation: We specialize in selling products that are Do It Yourself. Our rubber playground tiles are no different, they interlock in a hurry and can be installed anywhere. No glue is needed and installers are just unnecessary!
  5. Lower overall costs: Minimized installation means lower costs! Overall product costs are lower since installation costs are none-existent. Installers (i.e. labor) are not cheap!
  6. The tiles move with you! Easy installation means that when you are ready to move, or hand down the rubber tiles to your neighbors, it is fast and painless. Un-interlock the tiles and re-install them wherever you choose!

Rubber playground tiles cover all the bases, keeping children safe and sound from injury. The tiles are incredibly durable and resilient enough to remain intact after countless games of hide-and-seek or hop-scotch. I just wish they would have mandated rubber tiles to be required on playgrounds back when I was a young one. Then I wouldn’t still be picking out little pebbles from my scuffed knees.