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Kitchen Comfort Mats

If you have ever worked in a restaurant, one thing you have probably noticed is the use of rubber mats around the kitchen. Perhaps you never really thought twice about why kitchen mats were being used in the first place. But rubber mats are very important in a commercial kitchen. Implementing a kitchen mat or two will increase the safety of kitchen staff, reduce liability of the restaurant owners, and maximize comfort for employees.

First and foremost, rubber kitchen mats make any commercial kitchen a safer place to work. Kitchens are full of risks and hazards. From hot pans to sharp knives to slippery floors, accidents are waiting to happen if the necessary safety precautions are not taken. Just like calling out “hot” or wearing safety gloves, a kitchen mat is one example of these crucial safety precautions. In a fast-paced environment like a commercial kitchen, spills are unavoidable. Servers can spill the drinks they carry out to their tables, or cooks can spill hot water while moving pots or pans. In any case, floors become slippery quickly, making the use of a kitchen mat imperative. A rubber kitchen mat has a no-slip quality that makes kitchen floors safer to tread. The rubber material, drainage holes, and raised design increases grip and traction while also resisting moisture, making slips and falls far less likely. A kitchen mat will keep your kitchen staff, as well as your front of house staff, much safer.

Kitchen mats do not just protect against ordinary food and water spills. They can protect against oil and grease spills as well. Grease and oil spills are different from ordinary food and water spills in that grease and oil are especially damaging to rubber. Thankfully, red rubber mats contain nitrile rubber that is good for resistance to that. Red rubber mats are great for parts of the kitchen where grease and oil are especially present, while black rubber mats are good for dishwashing or bartending areas.

When rubber kitchen mats are implemented to keep restaurant staff safe, it in turn reduces liability of restaurant owners and management. Spills are an everyday reality of working in a kitchen. Therefore, slips and falls due to kitchen spills are one of the most common accidents in a commercial kitchen (Cal/OSHA). If the necessary safety precautions, such as creating non-slip floors with rubber matting, are not taken, owners and managers can be held liable for work-related accidents. Property owners and managers are responsible for creating a safe work environment for their employees. Lawsuits are a huge hassle for everyone involved. They take up a huge amount of time.

The Best Anti-Fatigue Mats – The Key to Easing Joint Strain!

If you are on your feet for long periods of time, fatigue is going to kick in. No matter how fit or strong you are, prolonged standing can leave you tired and uncomfortable. But this is where anti-fatigue mats can be especially useful. The best anti-fatigue mats can have a significant impact on the body, easing the strain of standing and allowing people to remain on their feet for longer. Whether you are working on a project and standing for long hours in your workshop, working on an assembly line or behind a checkout, or even as a chef on a long shift, the best anti-fatigue mats can have serious benefits.

When you stand for long periods of time, it affects your body in several different ways. Your feet will hurt from the pressure being put on them, while your knee and ankle joints will feel the strain too. It can also affect your muscles, causing stress and tension, especially in the legs and lower back. The muscle pain in particular is caused by a lack of blood flow when you are standing still. All of these factors lead to feelings of pain and tiredness. The best anti-fatigue mats can counteract these effects, working in several different ways.

Most anti-fatigue flooring products will have a padded surface, such as Rubber-Cal’s Comfort Cloud mats, which provides incredible cushioning. Other examples of outstanding anti-fatigue mats include our Bubble-Top mats, which feature air pockets on their surface. Other design features of the best anti-fatigue mats include having a high-density surface to prove extra body support. Some anti-fatigue mats are even designed to force your legs into frequent small movements – enough to keep the blood flowing and keep muscle fatigue at bay. All of the best anti-fatigue mats are made from rubber, due to its natural pliability providing plenty of buoyancy and a comfortable feel.

Why Build a Home Gym? – Create a custom workout setup with rubber flooring!

There are many reasons for you to leave the gym behind and put together your own customized home fitness setup instead. Firstly, there is the cost to consider. The prices of high-quality fitness machines are coming down all the time. So instead of throwing away your monthly fees you can invest in your own gear. Having your own home gym is also much more comfortable. You don’t have to worry about whether the machines were wiped down by the last user, or fear judgment from gym regulars. Why make do with a loud and smelly commercial gym when you can build a home gym and enjoy a comfortable and private workout?

Another consideration when you are wondering whether to build a home gym is time. For those people without a good gym on their doorstep, it can be a struggle to find the time to seek one out. Commercial gyms can also be very crowded, especially at peak times, leaving you waiting in line just to use the machine you want. When you are in your own home gym, that is never an issue. You also have complete control and can tailor the environment to your tastes. You only have to choose the equipment you want without having to waste money on machines you won’t use. You can also choose the entertainment, from music to viewing, to make your workout a little easier and help take the edge off the hard grind.

While it might have been difficult to put together effective home gym setups in the past, that is no longer the case. With our rubber flooring you can create the perfect workout setting. It is affordable and can help you hit peak performance, offering high levels of traction and comfort. Rubber flooring can also make sure your workout does not cause any lasting damage to your existing surfaces with heavy weights and equipment. There is no reason not to build your own home gym!

Coefficient of Friction—Why is Rubber the Ultimate Non-Slip Surface?

Most people know that rubber is an excellent non-slip surface, but do you know why that is? What sets safety rubber apart from other types of flooring and surfacing is its high coefficient of friction. Friction can be defined as the force that resists surfaces from sliding against one another, and so the coefficient of friction is a tool which with the frictional force of a surface is measured. The value of the coefficient of friction is shown as a number decimal that can be as low as near-zero, and sometimes even above 1. The greater the coefficient of friction, the higher the frictional force.

Most traditional floor types, such as hardwood, ceramic tile, and concrete, have notoriously low coefficients of friction, usually below 0.5. This makes them rather slick surfaces, increasingly so when exposed to moisture. Rubber surfacing, on the other hand, demonstrates a significantly higher coefficient of friction, which is usually above 0.5. This higher value represents a higher frictional force, thus giving the material better surface traction to resist slips. Rubber’s high coefficient of friction make it ideal for use as anti-slip flooring and grip mats, as it offers much better slip-resistance compared to traditional floors.