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"Eco-Safety 3-inch" Rubber Playground Tiles

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Each tile is made with recycled rubber tire crumb. Thanks to it’s raw material source, mostly tires, these rubber play mats have the strength and durability to withstand constant physical impact. Additionally, the recycled rubber contains trace amounts of EPDM rubber, which allows these playground safety tiles to be placed in the outdoors. Tires are made to operate efficiently outdoors, and so will these heavy-duty rubber tiles. They can come into contact with outdoor elements like UV rays, ozone, and moisture without suffering from any immediate damage. Recycled rubber sourced from discarded vehicle tires is an eco-friendly product by virtue of the fact that it removes non-biodegradable rubber materials away from the environment.

In recent years, rubber has become the country’s preferred material to use as a surface for playground areas. These 3-inch thick rubber play mats represent the best rubber playground surfacing that money can buy. They have been tested and cleared for fall heights of up to 7 feet, taller than most adults! If a child falls onto these mats from an elevated height, such as 7 feet off the ground, they will have 3 full inches of rubber to cushion their fall and prevent life-threatening injuries.

Children will be safe and comfortable while playing on this type of rubber playground surfacing due to their cushioned and bouncy feel. The secret behind this is the honeycombed underside on each of these playground safety tiles. The design allows for air pockets that add to the bounce-back effect people experience while standing on these tiles. All this safety and comfort is available in an easy-to-install form.

One of the primary reasons that people prefer these playground surface rubber mats is due to their ease of installation. Each tile mat is designed to interlock with another through the use of interlocking pins. These pins hold the mats together. Thanks to their Do-It-Yourself nature, they help to save extra money because you won’t have to hire expensive professional installers.

The "Eco-Safety" mats for playgrounds combine durability and comfort in an eco-friendly and easy to install form. Whether you have an indoor play area or a large playground in the outdoors, these interlocking tiles will protect and cushion.

  • Individual tiles sized at 19.5" x 19.5"
  • Playground safety tiles cleared for 6ft fall heights
  • Children will have 3-inches of rubber to cushion their falls
  • Rubber play mats available in unique speckled color options
  • Cleared for 7 foot fall heights according to ASTM F1292-13 specifications
  • Easy to clean surface for playground areas, use a wet mop and simple soap
  • DIY installation saves you the hassle of hiring third-party “professional” help


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