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Why Rubber Flooring Experts

At Rubber Flooring, a Rubber-Cal Store, we know rubber products! A deep knowledge of rubber is our core competency. We know that rubber products may not be your forte, which is why we intend to educate our customers about our products before the sale process, during installation and for the life of the floors. But with all the rubber floor stores on the web, how does Rubber Flooring Experts distinguish itself from the pack?

Here are 10 great reasons why Rubber Flooring Experts is your go-to source for rubber mats and flooring on the web:

  1. Cheerful Employee standing near display of Coir MatsWe sell our own line of products. We are not a web storefront that takes your order and has a third party ship it to you. The products are ours, the customer service staff are Rubber-Cal employees and are not outsourced, and our warehouse quality controls, packs and ships the products to you.
  2. We are committed to helping real people. Our storefront may exist online, but our Experts are real, live rubber floor specialists. As a fast-growing family company, we emphasize personal connection and customer care. We are committed to improving your online shopping experience by providing you with specialized advice and assistance whenever you need it. If you feel as though you need help by phone please call us.
  3. We are committed to helping the environment. We offer an extensive catalogue of eco-friendly products made from materials such as natural rubber harvested from trees and recycled rubber tire crumb, and reclaimed rubber products. We continually reaffirm our commitment to the environment by giving you access to the most affordable eco-friendly flooring.
  4. We have been in business since 1994. We continue to succeed and grow because of our commitment to quality products and to our clients. We see our business relationship not through the lens of one transaction, rather, a lifetime of mutually beneficial relationships.
  5. We offer durable, long-lasting rubber products. We are dedicated to giving you a high-quality, cost-effective product. That’s why we offer only the most durable rubber mats and flooring made with the toughest materials, including natural, recycled and reclaimed rubbers.
  6. We stock virtually every product we sell. By stocking all of our products at our warehouse on site, we strive to ensure that you get your order as quickly as possible. We make every effort to ship your order within 24 hours of placement.
  7. We stand by our three-year warranty. All rubber matting and flooring products on Rubber Flooring are covered by a three-year warranty that ensures the top-notch quality of your rubber floor and protects you from unnecessary losses.
  8. We strive to offer DIY products that are simple to install. Whether you are buying rubber floors for personal or professional reasons, you need a versatile product that can fit multiple needs. We offer Do-It-Yourself rubber floors that can be installed by customers of any skill level, making them more cost-effective than other flooring options.
  9. We know our customers. We are absolutely committed to customer satisfaction and care. The Rubber Flooring Experts know what you’re looking for, and we strive to provide you with the best possible flooring solution at an affordable price.
  10. We believe in living brands. At Rubber-Cal, we believe in brands that evolve and change with the needs of our customers. As the demands of our customers shift, so do our products. That’s how we know we’re staying on top of an ever-changing rubber floor products market.

Goodyear Official Products

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