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About the Rubber Flooring Experts

Here at Rubber-Cal, Inc. we strive to provide our customers with solutions to their problems and to fulfill their needs. We listen to our clients' feedback and continually deliver the best products available. As a complete industrial and commercial rubber supplier we work hard to earn our title, "The Rubber Flooring Experts". You can rest assured that when you purchase rubber flooring products from Rubber-Cal, Inc. your complete satisfaction will always be our number one priority!

Quality products and outstanding customer service sets us apart from all of our competitors. Our products are sold daily at through large online superstores such as:,,, and with high rankings from all of our satisfied customers. With over 1,000 reviews on, Rubber-Cal, Inc. we have a rare score of 4.9 out of 5 rating in overall satisfaction! This is a testament to our exceptional customer relations as well as to our outstanding line of available rubber products.

We stand behind our products with 100% certainty that they will live up to the high expectations set for them by us and by our clients. Our cost effective elastomers are available as sheets, rolls, tiles, or mats depending on the nature of the application they are needed for. We supply and stock a full line of products with most of them being available to ship with 24 hours of placing an order as well as easy customization ability upon request for most products.

Whether you are looking for anti-fatigue matting, playground surfacing, gym flooring, or a highly effective treadmill mat, look no further than Rubber-Cal, Inc. for quality products and service you can trust! Proven through our customer ratings and positive reviews, Rubber-Cal, Inc. is sure to earn your business time and time again!