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What is the Best Flooring for a Commercial Business?

The Rubber Flooring Experts’ line of commercial rubber flooring products are designed to handle high-stress applications in a wide range of commercial settings. From retail entryways and gym flooring to five-star restaurant kitchens, our long-lasting commercial rubber flooring offers durable floor protection, anti-slip safety, and soft, comfortable floors for a variety of businesses—all at affordable prices!

What is the Safest Commercial Flooring?

Our commercial matting products are the safest around because they all feature some sort of slip-resistance. Locations such as food-service kitchens, public restrooms, and locker rooms are prone to spills, and finding excess moisture on the floor is inevitable. Such slippery floors are a major hazard for employees and clients alike, often resulting in injury, property damage, and liability concerns. This is why the safest commercial matting products are made from highly durable, water-resistant rubber materials. There are even commercial rubber flooring options with anti-slip surface textures and liquid drainage holes to further prevent slips, trips, and falls. Rubber is the ideal material for non-slip matting thanks to its high coefficient of friction. This means that there is a certain level of resistance that footwear encounters when moving across a rubber surface, such as the surfaces of our commercial rubber mats. When standing on our commercial rubber flooring, this resistance prevents your feet from moving unintentionally and causing you to fall. Rubber's high friction makes our commercial matting products capable of providing the anti-slip safety that is so beneficial to have in any setting. Anti-slip safety is highly important in commercial settings, where both employees and customers must be protected from slips and falls. With slip-related falls being one of the leading causes of injury in the country, commercial rubber flooring is an easy to install and affordable way of ensuring the safety of everyone in the area.

Is Commercial Rubber Flooring Protective?

In addition to preventing accidents, commercial rubber flooring acts as a durable and protective surface for existing floors in high-traffic areas. Made with resilient and often recycled materials, our commercial rubber mats are tough enough to survive heavy foot traffic and vigorous workouts. Many indoor floors are made of sensitive, rigid materials such as wood, laminate, or tile. While these materials may be visually pleasing, they can be damaged incredibly easy without the addition protective commercial matting. These floor types are susceptible to physical damage like chips and cracks over time, as well as mold damage from excess levels of moisture. A damaged floor is not only hazardous, but negatively impacts the impression that a business leaves on its customers. Damaged floors are very costly to repair or replace, sometimes prohibitively so. A way to avoid these unwanted expenses is with commercial rubber flooring, which can be installed on top of sensitive floors to act as a protective barrier. Rubber absorbs harmful abrasions and impacts so your traditional floors don’t have to take the beating.

Which Commercial Floors Are the Most Comfortable?

Rubber makes for some of the most comfortable commercial floors on the market today. Commercial rubber flooring can also bring anti-fatigue cushioning and comfort to an otherwise cold and hard surface. In retail stores and commercial kitchens, employees are always on their feet. Usually, they are standing on uncovered floors such as concrete or wood. These hard floors are bound to cause physical stress and fatigue on their muscles and joints because they are unforgiving. In contrast, commercial rubber flooring by nature has a distinct elasticity that causes it to flex under pressure, allowing the product to provide relief for those standing on its surface. While the elasticity of our commercial rubber flooring products varies based on the specific product's hardness rating and thickness levels, rubber flooring products are generally far more comfortable than harder alternatives. In addition, the thicker the rubber, the more comfort it can offer to incoming foot-traffic. Cushioned commercial matting made from rubber provides a soft surface to stand on and supports employees while they work. The soft nature of rubber can help to relieve built-up pressure in the soles, ankles, and lower back. This kind of anti-fatigue relief will lead to healthier, happier, and more productive work environments.

Are Commercial Rubber Floors Good for Outdoors?

Commercial rubber floors are ideal for outdoor pathways or playgrounds. Commercial flooring made from recycled rubber “tire crumb” is both eco-friendly and weather-resistant due to the nature of the material. Recycled tire crumb is harvested from old vehicle tires that are no longer in use. Otherwise, these tires would be rapidly filling valuable space in landfills. Since tires are made to be durable, they take a long time to break down, and are ultimately nonbiodegradable. Luckily, we are beginning to reuse old tires for new purposes, such as in commercial rubber mats and other durable flooring products. Tires are only made from the most durable rubber materials and are designed to operate in harsh, abrasive outdoor environments. This physical durability and abrasion resistance are passed on to our commercial rubber mats, which can withstand excessive moisture, UV rays, and year-round weather conditions. Thanks to these properties inherited from tire rubber, our commercial rubber flooring and commercial matting products are long-lasting, even when used outdoors. You can take comfort in the fact that our commercial matting made from recycled rubber is as durable and weather-resistant as it is environmentally conscious.

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