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Entrance Mats

Why Every Business Needs an Entrance Mat

Regardless of the season, commercial entryways are areas where accidents are just waiting to happen. During rainy seasons especially, moisture creeps through open doorways and turns floors into safety hazards, creating potential liabilities for businesses. This is why every business needs an entrance mat, no matter the time of year. We, the Rubber Flooring Experts, have an affordable solution for these kinds of problems: carpet and rubber entrance mats! We offer rubber backed carpet mats in a variety of designs and colors that can be placed in indoor entryways to prevent slips and serious injuries all year long. Our door mats and runners are anti-slip, weather-resistant, and customizable for commercial entryways of different sizes!

What Are Entrance Mats Made From?

Our commercial entrance mats are made using two different materials: carpet and rubber. Many entrance mats are made from rubber for its durability, anti-slip safety and weather-resistant capabilities. Entrance mats that are made either partially or entirely from rubber bring a superior level of surface protection to an area that is hard to find from other materials. Rubber is not affected by moisture and withstands the outdoors well, making for an excellent outdoor entry mat. While the majority of our matting is made with rubber, some entrance mats also feature a surface made from carpet fibers. Carpet is used in our door mats and runners as a top surface material. Usually, the carpet layer goes on top of a rubber or vinyl backing. The reasons behind the use of carpet are both functional and cosmetic. Carpet entrance mats are very practical for scraping dirt off boots and other footwear, as the fibers of the material can flush out and trap unwanted outdoor debris from incoming footwear. At the same time, carpet also helps to enhance the visual aesthetic appeal of an area, because entrance mats with carpet fibers are available in a variety of different colors and can thus blend into a variety of color schemes.

Do Entrance Mats Prevent Slips?

The most important quality of any entrance mat is its ability to prevent slips. Rubber entrance mats are cost-effective, durable, and add traction to slick commercial entrances. Hard floors like wood, vinyl, and tile flooring can be slippery even in dry conditions, and without efficient entrance mats you can expect to experience slips, falls, and of course the resulting injuries. Factor in a spring rain shower to make the floor even more slippery, and you’re asking for trouble! You can prevent slippery floor situations by installing a commercial door mat made of rubber in any doorway or entrance area with high foot traffic. Our rubber door mats and runners can safeguard your entryway to prevent slips, trips, and falls. The texture of rubber produces a high level of friction against feet and shoes, helping them maintain stability when standing on rubber entrance mats. This friction helps to keep a person safe, stable, and upright on their feet, and greatly minimizes the chance of them suffering an accident as the result of a slip. In fact, rubber produces even higher levels of friction against other rubber surfaces, such as the rubber soles of most footwear. This makes rubber an excellent safety material for entrance mats, since people stepping on entrance mats are more likely to be wearing footwear. Rubber is a unique material due to the fact that it can maintain this level of anti-slip traction even when it is wet.

Are Entrance Mats Good for All Weather Conditions?

Natural friction isn’t the only characteristic that makes rubber door mats and runners a smart safety solution. While rubber has a high coefficient of friction even in wet conditions, it has another feature that makes it great for outdoor entrance mats: Being water-resistant, rubber can help prevent the formation of harmful microbial byproducts like mold and mildew. When other materials are left unchecked for long periods of time, excess levels of water can cause mold and mildew to develop. These can be harmful to human health and should be prevented. Fortunately, rubber entrance mats do not allow for the growth of any such microorganisms on them. This also helps makes rubber door mats are runners ideal for all weather conditions. Many of our entrance mats are extremely weather resistant, which makes them vital during inclement weather seasons. Since many of our commercial door mat products are made with recycled rubber tires, they exhibit the same all-weather durability that keep your car tires rolling for thousands of miles in spite of the obstacles that “Mother Nature” may throw in the way! Recycled rubber not only resists moisture from rain and precipitation, but also harsh UV rays that could potentially cause discoloration and cracking in other materials. Due to their resistance to weather and other outdoor conditions, our rubber door mats and runners can function for a long time before needing to be replaced.

Should an Entrance Mat Go Inside or Outside?

Commercial locations should place a doormat outdoor and one indoor. Rubber doormats are ideal for outside use, due to their excellent weather resistance. Our rubber door mats and runners come in a variety of patterns and textures, which can subtly affect a person's first impression of a business when placed at the front entrance. Carpeted mats are perfect for indoor use, since they can remove any excess moisture and help keep a cleaner indoor space. We offer carpet mats that have different color and pattern options, allowing you to choose a commercial door mat with the design that best fits the desired theme of your business. For outdoors, some of the rubber entrance mats we provide are designed with a cast-iron appearance, which adds a touch of elegance to the area. There are a multitude of different tastes and preferences out there, and we aim to provide as many aesthetic options to our customers as we can.

How Do You Know What Size Entrance Mat to Buy?

Outdoor entrance mats can be purchased in a variety of custom length rolls and sheets, making them easily available in many sizes. They are also easy to install in the entrances of any business establishment. Purchase rubber door mats and runners according to the dimensions of your business entryway, and then secure them to any existing concrete or wood surface with simple double-sided carpet tape. No pain, no mess, and no hidden costs! Trust the Rubber Flooring Experts and invest in a tough, slip-resistant commercial door mat to protect your customers and your business.