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"Nottingham" Rubber Backed Carpet Mat

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Nottingham is a rubber backed carpet doormat, perfect for any commercial or residential entryway. This rubber backed mat features polypropylene fibers that are durable and resilient through constant foot traffic, and can perform through any type of weather conditions. Nottingham is backed with a blend of natural and reclaimed rubbers, contributing to the eco-friendliness of this product. The bottom surface of these mats possess an increased level of traction, meaning they won’t skid out of place, even under heavy usage. Furthermore, unlike other doormats, this rubber backed carpet doormat is constructed with raised borders that can contain moisture and debris within the surface of the mat to be easily cleaned later with a broom or a vacuum.

Nottingham rubber backed mat is a simple way to increase safety and protect your interior floors. It is available in five easy-to-handle sizes, making it useful at any-sized entryway. It is also available in four distinct colors to match the décor of your entryways. The Nottingham rubber backed carpet is the perfect product for any of your doorway flooring necessities!

  • Stocked in 5 sizes, this rubber backed carpet can adorn any-sized doorway
  • Rubber backed mat offered in Blue, Brown, Charcoal, Gray, and Tan colors to coordinate with any existing area
  • Made with natural and reclaimed rubbers to maintain grip with underlying surfaces
  • An eco-friendly flooring option for eco-conscious customers
  • Topped with all-weather polypropylene filaments that scour shoes of moisture and dirt
  • Built with raised borders that keep foreign matter and moisture on the mat, off your floors


Volume Mat Pricing1 +10 +25 +100 +
16" x 24"$35.00$33.25$32.37$30.62
18" x 30"$39.00$37.05$36.08$34.13
2ft x 3ft$42.00$39.90$38.85$36.75
3ft x 5ft$90.00$85.50$83.25$78.75
4ft x 6ft$140.00$133.00$129.50$122.50
Description:This carpet mat is made with a 100% rubber back and a polypropylene top surface. It is specifically designed as a non-slip floor mat and entry rug to remove dirt and moisture from incoming foot-traffic. This very affordable carpet mat will serve to protect existing flooring from heavy use and damage. Additionally, the Nottingham increases traction and will act as safety flooring in high risk areas.
MaterialRubber backing made from natural and reclaimed rubbers topped with a polypropylene carpet filament.
Sizes: 16” x 24” -- 3lbs
18” x 30” -- 4lbs
24” x 36” -- 7lbs
35” x 59” -- 16lbs
47” x 71” -- 23lbs
Weight: Approximately 1.1 lbs per square ft.
Available Colors:Blue, Brown, Charcoal, Gray, Tan.
Sustainable:The rubber backing of this product is made from natural and reclaimed rubbers. Natural rubber being derived from the “Para” rubber tree is a sustainable and eco-conscious rubber product. In addition, reclaimed rubber products are also eco-friendly since they are made from old rubber products like waste tires. Over 80% of the total weighted material used in the construction of this product is from sustainable and reusable sources!
Applications:Anti-Skid Mat, Apartments, Break Rooms, Corridors, Entryways, Hallways, Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Outdoor Paths, Lobbies, Non-Slip Mats, Office Matting, Restaurants. Shopping Centers, Safety Matting, Traction Mat, Walkways, Wet Areas.
Purpose:This appealing entrance matting is an excellent way to keep moisture, debris, and dirt from deteriorating indoor flooring. The Nottingham carpet mat is great for geographic locations that experience extended periods of rain and snow. By helping to keep indoor floors free of wet and dirty particles this mat helps increase safety, reduces cleaning costs, and maximizes the life of your indoor flooring. It is available in 4 vibrant colors to match any décor.
Raised Perimeter:The raised edge helps to keep excess fluids on the surface of the rubber backed mat. Since the 100% rubber backing is moisture resistant, any liquids that are gathered on the surface will not make their way down below.
Affordable: Compare the cost of this mat to any “rubber backed carpet mat” on the market and you will find that the Nottingham is an affordable mat for any reason and any season!
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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