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Commercial Non Slip Rubber Matting

Non-Slip Mats Reduce Slips and Falls to Avoid a Dining Area Close Call

Door scraper on cement outside of an office building Through the hustle and bustle of restaurants and eateries, rubber non-slip mats provide increased measures of safety for your staff and guests. Being vigilant of the potential hazards of a restaurant floor is a necessary foresight to prevent injuries and liability issues. Here are a couple of potential dangers lurking on the restaurant floor:

  • The most obvious hazard on restaurant floors is a spill whether it is food or drinks. From a dollop of sour cream, to a lone spaghetti noodle, or even just the dew from a water glass, most food or drinks are slip hazards when on the floor. This affects both the staff and the clientele
  • Dust and dirt brought in by the soles of your employees’ and guests’ shoes are also potential slip risks. If your restaurant does not have an effective entryway mat the risk for slips and falls is higher since more dust and dirt are being dispersed on your restaurant’s floor. Outdoor non-slip matting serves to clean shoes prior to their entry into your facility.
  • Moisture from the soles of your employees’ or guests’ shoes is another threat to a safe restaurant environment. When your employees leave the kitchen their feet transport moisture and grease onto the restaurant floor. When a guest leaves the bathroom moisture is also taken onto the restaurant floor via the soles of a guest’s shoes.

Non-slip rubber matting is a simple, inexpensive, and effective solution to slippery restaurant or eatery floors. The key to maximum safety and effectiveness depends upon where you place the rubber mats. They must be placed in areas prone to moisture and heavy foot traffic:

  • person standing on door scraper commercial entrance matNon-slip mats must be placed at all entries and exits between the kitchen and dining area. Because of the mats’ raised surface texture much of the moisture and grease that collect on the sole of an employee’s shoes will be left on the mat instead of transported to the dining area floor.
  • You must also place non-slip rubber matting at the entryways of your bathrooms and/or water fountains. Bathrooms usually have moist or wet floors because of the excess water on newly-washed hands or because of an overflowing toilet. Since rubber has a high coefficient of friction, mats will offer a good amount of traction that could prevent any slips and falls while also capturing some of the moisture on a guest’s feet. Keep in mind rubber runner mats are available in custom lengths to cover any size area.
  • Finally, you must place rubber mats at the pathways between your restaurant or eatery lobby and the dining area. This is essential for trapping the dust, dirt, or other debris that are looking for a one-way ticket to your restaurant floor. During rainy season, outdoor non-slip matting placed at these entrances captures some of the moisture from soggy shoes. Outdoor rubber runners and doormats are available, which help to remove dirt and moisture at multiple locations. Not only do rubber mats and flooring help reduce interior cleaning costs, they also reduce the overall burden of liability to your firm.

The formula for a successful restaurant is good food, great service, and a safe environment. I can’t pass on any good meatloaf recipes, but I can recommend non-slip mats to make your restaurant a safer place. Inexpensive and easy to install and maintain, rubber mats are simply a great value and long-term investment for your restaurant.