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Welcome to the Rubber Flooring Experts media resources page! Browse this page for links to the latest company news, official announcements, product launches, creative videos and tutorials, photos, and other online media.

Are you looking for more information about the physical installation of a specific product? Are you interested in learning more about Rubber-Cal and its expert staff? Do you want to know more about the practical applications of rubber in our daily lives? Until now, the web has never offered a comprehensive database of information about rubber floor coverings. We want to change that.

Because we are Rubber Flooring Experts, we offer a substantial archive of informational articles and media resources about rubber floors. Read about rubber’s history, its use in ancient cultures, it’s suitability for various applications, and its role in a growing movement toward global sustainability. See Rubber-Cal’s products where they’ve appeared on TV and in the news by visiting our growing video gallery. Learn about our products and discover the rubber flooring option that is best for you.

We want to provide you with the best information about rubber flooring so you can make informed decisions before you buy. Explore our media resources page today, or consult one of our Rubber Flooring Experts for personalized assistance.

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