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What is the Best Flooring for a Gym?

One of the most important aspects of any quality gym is the type of gym flooring installed in its workout area. The exercise room flooring is the support center that houses various types of fitness equipment for your workouts. It is also the base that makes even the simplest of exercises possible. However, not all gyms, fitness centers, and exercise areas have the same quality of flooring. The best type of gym flooring is not made of traditional materials like wood, tile, or concrete. Instead, rubber is the ideal material for gym and exercise room flooring due to its natural elasticity. Recognizing this fact, the Rubber Flooring Experts offer a wide selection of fitness and gym flooring options made with recycled, reclaimed, and natural rubbers. Our rubber exercise mats are ideal for any home or commercial fitness center projects, offering durability, anti-fatigue comfort, and even slip-resistance. Whether you’re a homeowner with a knack for DIY projects or an independent gym owner looking for affordable floor protection, rubber gym flooring is going to be your best bet.

Our rubber gym flooring products are available in a variety of forms and designs. We offer specially designed, rubber exercise room flooring in rolled and tiled forms. Both forms of matting are simple and straightforward products that are easy to install in any exercise area, no matter the size of your gym or fitness center. One of the most popular types of gym flooring in our lineup is our interlocking tile flooring products. Rubber gym flooring tiles are easy to set up without the need to hire a professional due to their interlocking nature, which will save gym owners a lot of time during installation. Interlocking rubber exercise mats come with either connector pins or interconnecting border designs, both of which are meant to facilitate an easy installation process where the tiles lock into each other. Due to their weight, these exercise room flooring tiles require no adhesive to stay in place.

Is Rubber Gym Flooring Protective?

Rubber gym flooring is designed to be extremely durable and able to protect sensitive sub-floors. Due to the intense levels of physical activity that consistently occurs in gyms, our rubber exercise mats absolutely need to be long lasting to serve as effective exercise room flooring. Consider the various types of physically abrasive conditions that take place in a gym: high foot-traffic, presence of heavy equipment, shock and impact from heavy weights being dropped, and similar events. These occurrences can be very damaging to common floor surfaces made of concrete, wood, or tile. When used as exercise room flooring, rubber is durable enough to act as a shield between the floors and physical objects. Rubber is naturally elastic and flexible, making it an ideal for high-impact areas like gyms and exercise rooms. Due to the material’s inherent elasticity, rubber gym flooring can absorb and dissipate the shocks and vibrations that are emitted from functioning exercise equipment such as treadmills and free weights, protecting the underlying floor. Because rubber is more forgiving than rigid surfaces like concrete, it is able to protect those who work out on the gym flooring, as well. The thick rubber exercise mats lessen the force of impact during workouts, taking some unnecessary strain off of the body so you can keep up vigorous workouts for longer periods of time.

Is Rubber Gym Flooring Comfortable?

The naturally elastic nature of rubber gym flooring can also help keep gym-goers comfortable when exercising. Concrete, hardwood, and tile flooring are cold, hard, and unforgiving surfaces that place pressure on your feet, legs, and lower back. This pressure increases your body's fatigue and wears you out faster, shortening the duration of your workout. Rubber, on the other hand, is a gentler and more comfortable surface that can help relieve this pressure. Exercise room flooring helps to reduce levels of accumulated joint pain and stress during a workout. As a result, the comfortability of rubber gym flooring helps to reduce your overall fatigue, thus allowing you to exercise for much longer periods of time.

More Benefits of Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber is also great as exercise room flooring because it can also help you stay balanced and maintain your footing. This is because rubber is one of the few materials out there that naturally possesses excellent grip. This increased level of friction can improve the overall level of grip and traction provided to the feet on top of the rubber exercise mats. Slips and falls on exercise room flooring can lead to accidents due to placing greater strain on your body than intended. Such injuries can be especially serious if you slip and fall while using heavy fitness equipment. The traction provided by rubber gym flooring prevents your feet from unintended movement, allowing you to maintain control of your body during a workout. For those workouts that place an emphasis on moving on your feet, this feature of rubber gym flooring is very useful as it can prevent unwanted interruptions or injuries to your exercise routine.

Many of our gym flooring mats are environmentally friendly because they are made with 100% recycled products! Rubber tires are a large portion of all recycled raw materials. The production of our recycled rubber gym flooring and matting products increases demand for tire recycling and reduces the high volume of space that old tires take up. Additionally, tires are designed to withstand the range of abrasive conditions needed to keep a vehicle on the road for thousands of miles over many years. Similarly, rubber exercise mats and exercise room flooring made from recycled tire crumb are tough enough to endure anything from outdoor use to high-impact exercises or weight-lifting. Our gym flooring mats will prevent you and your gym equipment from slipping and sliding during use, because rubber is a naturally water resistant and anti-slip material.

If you have a home or commercial gym in need of cost-effective and dependable flooring, then rubber gym flooring is the smartest option currently available. We offer a variety of rubber exercise mats that are ideal for any home or commercial fitness center. Discover the things that make our rubber gym flooring mats the most durable flooring option available. Explore our bestselling items or contact a Rubber Flooring Expert with your questions!