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Gym Flooring Buyer's Guide

Home Gym Flooring Is as Vital to Exercise as the Weight In Your Hand!

Home gym flooring options include hardwood, carpet and rubber. Learn how the inexpensive elastomer is the most effective option of all flooring materials.

A Treadmill Mat Protects Your Floors From Damage and Ears From Noise!

Using a treadmill mat prevents your treadmill from scuffing your floors and reduces sound-producing vibrations. Avoid confrontations with angry tenants!

Using a Mat for Treadmill Machinery Can Help Your Small Gym Thrive!

The installation of a mat for treadmill machinery benefits your gym by preempting costly repairs and providing your clientele with an ideal workout area!

An Exercise Mat is a Mobile Floor Solution That Saves You from Injury!

Setting up an exercise mat doesn't mean you have to break a sweat! Learn more about our highly mobile rubber floor mats for exercise and fitness activities.

Protective Matting Will Protect your Floors and Your Wallet!

Rubber protective matting will act as a shock-absorbing barrier between objects and the floor. Learn how you can benefit from these rubber mats!

Large Rubber Matting: The Mobile, Multi-Purpose Flooring Accessory!

Large rubber matting provides a plethora of functional features fit for many applications. Read about five common applications for the thick rubber mats!

All You Need Are Home Gym Mats and A Multi-Station Machine to Get Fit!

Using home gym mats and fitness equipment is a great way to build a long-lasting home gym. Learn about the benefits of a home gym to you and your family!

Weightlifting Mats Help Reduce Unpleasant Smell in Your Weight Room!

Using weightlifting mats makes it easy to clean up excess sweat that may harbor the growth of mold. Find out how rubber mats can help you reduce the disgusting odors!

A Workout Mat Can Help You In Gaining Momentum For Your Fitness Goals!

With the help of a workout mat, you can stretch properly. Learn why stretching and balancing exercises area great transition to more vigorous fitness goals.

A Treadmill Mat Enables You to Run for Many More Years into the Future

Using a treadmill mat reduces the forces that wear out your joints and muscles. Avoid painful conditions like osteoarthritis with this long-term investment!

Gym Equipment Mats Keep You Burning Calories, Not Holes In Your Wallet

Using gym equipment mats not only protects your floors from damage but also your equipment. Explore three ways a rubber mat can keeps your machines running!

Exercise Mats Are Essential Accessories When Preparing to Work Out!

Exercise mats are a great accessory that can introduce safety and comfort to any workout area. Check out the three benefits of laying out mats for exercise!

A Rubber Protector Mat Can Protect Floors From Hefty Home Appliances!

A protector mat placed under heavy furniture, appliances and other equipment protects floors. Check out some applications that could use a protector!

Two Reasons Why You Should Have a Thick Rubber Mat In Your Corner

A thick rubber mat provides measures of safety for participants of mixed martial arts. Find out how large rubber floor mats can reduce chances of injury!

5 Reasons Why Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring is The Best Gym Flooring

5 Reasons Why Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring is The Best Gym Flooring! Take that old stair climber out of retirement, install home gym matting today.

Weight Room Mats Ensure a Proper Lifting Environment for Beginners!

Using weight room mats under machines assists beginning lifters by promoting proper technique and preventing injury. Learn about our mat's versatility!

Elliptical Mats Keep Your Body and Your Home Floors in Tip-Top Shape!

Placing elliptical mats under your machine eliminates costly floor repairs and reduces noisy vibrations. Learn about our mat for elliptical machine use!

Need a Little Peace and Quiet? Rubber Treadmill Mats to the Rescue!

Using rubber treadmill mats reduces the annoying noises of an operating treadmill. Do your spouse and your neighbors a favor and invest in a mat for treadmill!

Our Eco-Friendly Workout Mats Keep You and the World in Great Shape!

Eco-friendly workout mats use rubber from retired tires that would otherwise hurt the environment. Find out how a little rubber mat makes a big difference.

An Outdoor Exercise Mat Can Help You Take Your Fitness Routine Outside!

Those floor mat exercises don’t have to stay inside the gym- with a rubber outdoor exercise mat, you can head outside for a fresh change of scene!

An Exercise Equipment Mat Assists With Relocating Your Home Gym!

An exercise equipment mat primes any floor surface for your home gym. Read how interlocking exercise floor mats fit a home gym into limited garage space!

Rubber Treadmill Mats History and Evolution of Technology

Examine the history of treadmills and rubber treadmill mats and how the fitness industry was educated by innovations in other leading technologies.

Seven Reasons Why Rubber Is the Ideal Workout Flooring for Home Gyms!

Rubber workout flooring for home gyms brings the gym-quality feel and aesthetic to your fitness room. Read seven reasons why rubber works out the best!

How Can Rubber Weightlifting Mats Spot You During Workouts?

Rubber weightlifting mats provide an anti-slip, protective, noise and shock-absorbing resistant surface. Learn how these features keep your gym going!

DIY Rubber Flooring For Gyms Help Establish Home Fitness Rooms

DIY Rubber flooring for gyms can easily help turn America’s homes into small workout areas. Installing home gym flooring over carpet is easy!

A Large Rubber Mat is Just What the Doctor Ordered for Gymnasts!

A large rubber mats offers excellent traction and cushion that may reduce the likelihood and severity of gymnast injuries. Safeguard your body with rubber!

Protection Mats Help Prevent Damage to Tools, Floors and Your Body!

Protection mats are made of thick and dense rubber, making it a tough barrier to protect your tools and floors. Learn how the mats protect your body, too!

Protective Rubber Mats Can Prevent the Infamous Washer-Dryer "Walk"

Utilizing protective rubber flooring can stop your washer and dryer from damaging your laundry room floor. Learn about the benefits of floor protector mats!

Floor Protection Mats Are Tough For More than Just a One-Rep Max!

Throwing down some floor protection mats in your weight room prevents costly damage to floors. Learn how rubber mats are great for protective flooring.

The Value of Thick Rubber Floor Mats - Ask a Rubber Flooring Expert

Dear Rubber Flooring Experts: are thick rubber floor mats tough enough to protect my hardwood floors from dropped weights and equipment?

Thick Rubber Matting to the Rescue in the Superhero Training Camp!

Whether you only need a few thick exercise mats or one large workout mat, rest assured that thick rubber matting will always be there to save the day.

Rubber Gym Flooring- Top 5 Reasons to Do it DIY!

Install DIY rubber gym flooring, and say goodbye to that pricey membership! A rubber gym floor cover right in your own home is better than any public fitness gym!

Rubber Gym Tiles Make Setting Up a DIY Home Gym Easy - Here’s How!

Ever thought about setting up a DIY home gym using rubber gym tiles? It’s quick and easy, just follow our easy How-To Guide!

Flooring for Weight Rooms Reduces Costly Repair Bills!

Flooring for weight rooms prevents damage to your gym equipment and floors. Learn how rubber floors save you from costly repairs.

Weight Room Floors Can Help Cushion Your Strength Workout!

Weight-room floors provide soft underfoot padding that protect equipment and the floors from tough demanding workouts!

Pull Out Rubber Workout Flooring for a Short and Sweet Fitness Break!

Rubber workout flooring is easy to install and comfortable to exercise on. Improve your health, and use TV commercial breaks for short bursts of fitness!

A History of Fitness Flooring: Fitness Mats Through The Years

A History of Rubber Fitness flooring from the Greeks, to the German Turnplatz, to the Turner Movement of the 19th century, we follow fitness mats in time!

Heavy Duty Treadmill Mats and “The Soft American"

Heavy Duty Treadmill Mats and JFK’s “The Soft American” explain the similar historical origins for the fitness craze and development of mats for treadmills.

Rubber Treadmill Flooring: The Ultimate Object in Stress Relief

Rubber treadmill flooring is just one form of objects in receipt of stress being released. But boy do they take a punishment from my workouts!

A Good Elliptical Mat Absorbs Shock and Vibration!

An elliptical machine mat is just what you need to finalize your elliptical workout! It absorbs shock and vibration and keeps your workout going smoothly!

How Do Rubber Padded Exercise Mats Help Your Daily Workout Routine?

Find out how important it really is to install padded exercise mats in your home gym- a shock absorbing exercise mat can reduce muscle and joint strain!

Get Active! Rubber Exercise Flooring Mats Are Great For DIY Home Gyms!

Exercise flooring mats are sturdy and easy to install! Anyone can set up a home weight room using our rubber Interlocking exercise mats.

A Rubber Equipment Mat Makes Workouts Quieter and Smoother

Rubber equipment mats are a quick and easy solution to a noisy, vibrating fitness machine during an early morning or late night workout!

A Padded Exercise Mat is All You Need to Start Your Fitness Routine!

A Padded Exercise Mat is All You Need to Start Your Fitness Routine! Try a convenient, roll up exercise mat! It’s easy to carry and store!