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Rubber Weight Room Mats

Weightlifting Mats Help Reduce Unpleasant Smell in Your Weight Room!

A dumbbell and kettlebell resting on Interlocked rubber tilesAs gym-goers work out and lift weights to get stronger, the weight room seems to always get smellier. If you dare to take a big whiff of gym air, you may be able to identify the smell of hand sanitizer, someone’s extremely pungent body odor and deodorant that transports you to the highest peak of the Alps. Now, I don’t want to step outside of my bounds, but what if I said that weightlifting mats can help you reduce the stench of stinky weight rooms?

The primary reason why weight rooms usually smell like an old, dirty gym sock is perspiration. It’s only natural for people to sweat during vigorous exercise, which means it’s nearly inevitable for weight rooms to stink. Yet, using a weight room mat may help you reduce it.

Let’s say Wilma the Weightlifter is performing squats with high intensity. She’s literally dripping with sweat, and in her up-and-down motion, Wilma is throwing drops of sweat projectiles all over the weight room floor. The low-pile carpet floor is absorbing the sweat and has been absorbing sweat for quite a while now.

Revolution interlocking tile floor under four dumbbellsWithout proper weight room flooring, perspiration is free to do some olfactory damage. Surfaces like hardwood or carpet absorb and collect sweat and would give off unpleasant odors over time. Under worse circumstances, floors that collect sweat may harbor the growth of mold or mildew, which would be a grave matter of your health and well-being rather than just an odorous inconvenience.

Our weightlifting mats are made of reclaimed and recycled rubber, a non-porous material. When sweat or other moisture falls on the rubber mat the substances remain on the surface of the weight room mat to be easily wiped down instead of absorbing into the flooring material. Also, recycled rubber flooring is mold and mildew resistant, a necessary precaution to potential health risks. By thoroughly cleaning the floor surface you can lessen the amount of odor sources present in your weight room.

Besides making it easier to clean weight room floors, weightlifting mats function as a protective barrier for your subfloors. The impact-absorbing quality of rubber disperses the force and pressure that could inflict damage to floors, gym equipment, and even a weightlifter’s body. Rubber floor mats are a great long-lasting investment that is easy to install and maintain. Yet, most importantly, a weight room mat can help you lift the stench of your stinky weight room.