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What is the Best Industrial Flooring?

The uses and functions of industrial spaces have evolved over time, and thus so have the needs for industrial flooring materials. Industrial facilities are a key part of any economy because they manufacture many products that are very essential to our everyday life. Since industrial facilities are linked to the well-being of our economy, it is vital to take care of industrial buildings in any and all possible ways. The best industrial flooring should make floors non-slip and safe, it should be comfortable where employee work and/or travel through, and it must be durable as well as affordable so that it is good investment. For these reasons, rubber is the ideal flooring material in industrial settings. There are a range of industrial flooring and matting products available that are made with anti-slip qualities in order to add an extra degree of grip to slippery floors. Whether installed on an open-air outdoor walkway or an indoor tiled floor, industrial rubber mats and floors will add friction to surfaces even when wet. The rubber material in industrial floor mats is also enhanced with enough physical durability to handle heavy physical impact from high volumes of human foot traffic and active machinery at the same time. In addition, the elasticity of rubber makes rubber flooring comfortable and an excellent option for anti-fatigue applications. Best of all, industrial flooring rubber mats are ultra-durable, as most of our products are resistant to moisture and have excellent outdoor resistances.

Are Industrial Rubber Floors Non-Slip?

Rubber industrial flooring is meant to keep workers safe on their feet, as industrial areas can be very hazardous for workers. Whether handling dangerous materials, transporting heavy loads, or operating various tools and machinery, industrial workers can easily injure themselves while on the job. However, the majority of workplace injuries involve slips and falls while walking. Industrial rubber mats can help to prevent slip accidents in the workplace due to the natural traction enhancing abilities of rubber. The rubber material in our industrial flooring provides a high level of friction with other rubber surfaces, including the soles of rubber shoes. This friction prevents workers from slipping and falling when walking on rubber industrial flooring, reducing the chance of employee accidents on the work site. Some industrial floor mats come with slip resistant surface textures as an added bonus. The point behind these surface textures is to increase the traction inherent in rubber. These textures consist of protrusions that have been slightly raised across the surface of the industrial rubber mats. The protrusions may be arranged in patterns of diamonds, circles, or blocks. Industrial flooring with surface textures provide secure footing for workers as they move from one part of the area to another.

What Are the Most Comfortable Industrial Floors?

Comfort should be a top priority for the industrial flooring in any workplace. Industrial settings are hard and exhausting areas to work in, usually requiring high physical demands from the people working in them. From the perspective of an owner or manager, one of the best practices is to ensure that industrial workers are as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, most industrial flooring is made of concrete or asphalt, both of which are very hard surfaces that offer zero comfort and place stress on the joints and ankles. This constant discomfort from standing develops into fatigue over the course of an employee's shift. When workers become tired on the job, they risk making mistakes, harming themselves or the productivity of the area. Our rubber industrial flooring offers superior anti-fatigue cushioning for assembly lines and others areas where employees may be required to stand for long periods of time. Rubber has natural elasticity and flexibility, which makes it an excellent material for industrial flooring and matting. Industrial rubber mats are ideal for keeping warehouse employees safe and productive because they provide the necessary cushioning to relieve stress on feet, legs, and backs. Due to the soft texture of rubber, industrial floor mats are far more comfortable surfaces to stand on than hard concrete floors. These soft rubber surfaces can reduce workers' fatigue from standing, keeping them alert and productive while working. By implementing rubber industrial floor mats, owners and managers can keep their employees comfortable while working, helping their industrial operations to continue running smoothly.

More Advantages of Industrial Rubber Flooring

In addition to keeping employees safe, industrial rubber mats protect floors from heavy machinery by dispelling severe impacts, absorbing vibrations, and dampening noise. These capabilities make our rubber industrial flooring products desirable for a wide variety of applications, such as gyms. However, rubber really proves its usefulness when used in industrial settings. Industrial machines are heavy and often vibrate when in use. Without the proper industrial rubber mats in place under them, these machines are very likely to inflict structural damage to the existing surfaces of an area. Wood, vinyl, and even concrete floors can crack under the vibrations from operating machinery. In turn, these constant vibrations and impacts against the floor can rebound and damage the machinery itself. Rubber industrial flooring insulates such shocks and vibrations, preventing them from reaching down into the existing floor. We offer industrial flooring in a variety of thicknesses in order to fit most applications and budgets. Our industrial floor mats not only protect your real estate investments, but also help industrial equipment to last longer by softening their floor impacts.

Rubber industrial flooring and mats also provide a layer of protection for your current floors against environmental factors. Do wet winter months muck up your carpet or wood floor? If so, rubber industrial floor mats can mark a path for incoming foot-traffic, keeping the underlying floor clean. Thanks to their water resistance, our industrial rubber mats can keep moisture off of water-susceptible floor materials like concrete or carpet, preventing mold and mildew from forming. These modular industrial flooring options will reduce interior maintenance costs for industrial facilities and extend the lifespan of your floors. Given these benefits, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have rubber industrial flooring in place. Industrial rubber mats are cost-effective packages that combine physical durability with comfort and anti-slip protection. Buy rubber industrial flooring from the Rubber Flooring Experts, and protect staff and clients from hard, cold warehouse floors!