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Rubber Stair Treads

What Do You Put on Stairs to Prevent Slipping?

Staircases can be extremely hazardous in any home, public area, or place of business. It comes as no surprise that stairway areas tend to see a higher number of accidents than other locations. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an estimated 15% of all accidental deaths in the workplace can be attributed to slip-and-fall accidents. Unfortunately, due to the nature of stairways, people are particularly susceptible to slips when climbing up or down the stairs. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that many accidents occur on stairways. Recognizing that stairs present a serious hazard in any setting, the Rubber Flooring Experts recommend avoiding dangerous situations by installing rubber stair treads on both indoor and outdoor staircases. Industrial areas tend to have very hard surfaces, and usually need to maintain a certain level of productivity. If a worker slips off a set of stairs and suffers a serious injury, they will face astronomical medical bills, and productivity in the workplace will suffer. Rubber stair mats are anti-slip, weather resistant, and extremely cost-effective. These qualities combined make rubber stair treads the perfect solution for any busy factory, retail store, or public facility.

Why Rubber is the Best Floor Covering for Stairs

With its high natural coefficient of friction, rubber is the ideal material for rubber stair mats. Our rubber stair treads may be made from reclaimed or recycled rubbers, both of which are inherently slip-resistant and durable materials. Rubber is the best floor covering for stairs because it is hard to find a material that beats rubber in terms of inherent slip-resistance. Rubber’s naturally high degree of friction is key to providing the secure levels of traction that keep people safe and upright on their feet. Traction is the amount of frictional force that prevents feet from slipping across a surface, so rubber stair treads have higher levels of traction, resulting in a lower chance of a slip-and-fall accident. This traction is the primary feature that makes rubber treads for stairs so useful to have in place. If a person experiences better traction, the chances of them slipping are drastically reduced. It is for this reason that rubber stair treads can alleviate a lot of the usual safety anxiety that comes with industrial staircases.

As if the natural traction provided by rubber was not enough, some of our rubber stair mats come with surface textures for additional safety. The surface textures offered on rubber stair treads allows for enhanced traction and slip-resistance, even during inclement weather involving rainfall! Surface textures consist of a design pattern featuring protrusions that are slightly raised. Each protrusion provides extra surface area for an overall improved level of grip when walking across rubber treads for stairs. These protrusions are strategically laid out in designs such as diamond-plate and coin-top, which are meant to enhance the overall friction provided by rubber. As a result of this friction, rubber stair treads with surface textures provide superior levels of slip-resistance and safety in industrial areas. During rainy seasons, textured rubber treads for stairs add friction to slippery stairs, helping to prevent dangerous falls and keeping customers and employees safe. As an added bonus, textured rubber stair treads can create a rugged, industrial aesthetic that is favored in a range of heavy-duty applications.

How Do You Install Rubber Stair Treads?

In order to ensure the proper and secure placement of rubber stair treads onto each individual step, most rubber treads for stairs come with an extended lip or nose that extends down over one side and helps them lock onto the edges of steps. This feature makes installation easy and helps ensure that each of the rubber stair treads is securely attached to its respective step and free from the risk of slipping out of place over time. The noses on the rubber stair mats are slightly higher compared to the rest of the mat, providing an extra buffer that prevents feet or footwear from sliding off the edge of the step. Though rubber’s inherent traction holds the stair treads in place, we recommend adhering the mats with double-sided carpet tape for extra stability.

Can You Use Rubber Stair Treads on Outdoor Steps?

Rubber treads for stairs are great for outdoor applications because they demonstrate excellent durability and year-round weather resistance. Being made from recycled tire crumb, our rubber stair treads retain the water-resistance and all-weather durability of vehicle tires. Rubber stair tread are an excellent option for outdoor environment. Rubber stair mats are able to withstand not only hard physical contact, but also harsh elemental environments. This makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Whether the rubber stair treads are used in your home, in a department store, or even outside, they are tough enough to survive the conditions of weather and the foot-traffic associated with stairways.

More Benefits of Rubber Stair Treads

In addition to protecting people from slips and falls, rubber stair treads are perfect for protecting the actual steps of the staircase. Over time, the constant abuse of foot traffic can cause steps to suffer from damage. This is especially true for staircases in industrial locations that see a high volume of foot traffic on a regular basis. Without durable rubber stair mats, the constant pounding from footsteps each day will gradually inflict wear and tear on unprotected stairways. Steps that are chipped or worn away can pose a serious threat because they cause people to lose their footing. Rubber stair mats are perfect for shielding these surfaces from damage because rubber can absorb physical shock and impact. Rubber treads for stairs prevent the force of impact from reaching the actual surface of the steps, protecting them from any potential damage.

Another benefit of rubber stair treads is the aesthetic effect they have on an area. While we have rubber treads for stairs that have a simple design that is more suited to industrial settings, we also offer rubber stair treads that have more elegant cast iron style designs on them. These more stylish sorts of rubber stair mats have the same durability and protective qualities as their more industrial looking kin, but they differ only in their aesthetic sensibilities. Aesthetically pleasing rubber stair treads can be used in industrial settings for the purpose of adding a new visually pleasing element to the area.

Rubber stair treads are long lasting for abrasive environments and are able to protect staircases from damage that would otherwise have occurred over time. If you have pricey wood floors, rubber stair mats will serve as a protective flooring layer between wood floors and oncoming traffic. Invest in anti-slip safety—explore our top-selling rubber stair treads or contact a Rubber Flooring Expert for a recommendation!