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Goodyear Rubber Flooring


Since 1994, we have specialized in creating resilient, affordable, and eco-friendly rubber flooring that is suitable for any setting. Here at Rubber Flooring, a Rubber-Cal Brand, we strive to provide consumers with the highest quality rubber flooring for any application and setting. Whether you are looking for outdoor rubber flooring, gym flooring, non-slip flooring, industrial flooring, or heavy-duty mats, we stock a vast majority of styles, gauges, colors, and sizes to fit all your flooring needs. Ranging from soft and comfortable anti-fatigue flooring to heavy-duty impact-absorption mats, we are here to offer you versatile products that will last years. In addition to the Rubber-Cal family of products, we also offer Goodyear rubber flooring and mats.


Most of our rubber flooring options are made using durable thermoplastic or recycled rubber materials. Our synthetic rubber flooring made of thermoplastic rubber offers enhanced resistance against abrasions, impacts, and outdoor conditions that are ideal for use as heavy-duty flooring. In addition, made from post-consumer recycled tires, our recycled rubber flooring rolls, tiles, and mats inherit the strength and durability of vehicle tires making for an eco-friendly, yet highly durable, flooring option. Specialists at Rubber Flooring are here to help you find the perfect rubber flooring option made of the perfect material for any project! Here is a select list of applications we offer products for:

Gym & Fitness

diamond-plate-gray-action-02-335x270.jpgGyms, both home and public, experience heavy wear and tear caused by fitness machines, heavy-impacts, and rigorous workouts. Rubber-Cal provides durable and abrasion-resistant flooring options that will offer ample cushioning to prevent damaging forces from reaching the existing floor surface. Fitness machine mats are available to protect floors from constant and damaging vibrations emitted by the machine when in use. It is also a non-skid mat that will ensure firm footing during a workout and keep a fitness machine in place to keep it from shifting and creating abrasions on the floors. In addition, rubber gym mats and flooring rolls are able to dampen the noise created by vibrating fitness machines by absorbing the energy and dispersing it throughout the material. For impact-heavy areas if the gym, such as deadlifting stations, will require a thicker and more durable rubber flooring option. Deadlifting stations experience constant impacts from large and heavy weights that will severely damage the floor if a protective covering is not put in place. A rubber heavy-duty mat is able to absorb the force of impact to reduce the chances of damaging forces reaching the subflooring.

Ground Protection

coin-top-brown-action-02-335x270.jpgRubber-Cal offers products thick and durable enough to withstand even the most impact-heavy and abrasive environments. Whether industrial, commercial, or residential, any floor can benefit from ground protection rubber rolls, tiles, or mats. Industrial settings are prone to heavy objects and equipment that can dent and crack the existing floor surface. Rubber has excellent impact-absorption properties that make it ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications; however, impacts and abrasions are not the only factors that can damage floors. Moisture can also be a damaging factor to floors. In homes, basements can become flooded during the wet seasons which can cause water damage to the existing floor of a basement. Rubber is a moisture-resistant material that will prevent the permeation of moisture and protect any floor from water damage. Garages can be used as car parks, workstations, or can be transformed into a den or an extra bedroom where moving furniture can damage the floor. Rubber flooring rolls, specifically thermoplastic, is ideal for garage flooring due to its enhanced abrasion and impact-resistance as well as excellent resistance to fuel, oil, and chemicals that may leak from vehicles.

Non-Slip Flooring

Rubber is known for its traction-enhancing abilities that does not waver, even in the presence of moisture. Here at Rubber-Cal, we offer non-slip rubber flooring rolls, tiles, and mats for any environment, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Rubber is a resilient material that can be exposed to sunlight, ozone, and moisture without deteriorating. Staircases are one of the most common areas where slip and fall injuries occur; however, with the addition of rubber stair treads, traction is enhanced, and the chances of slipping are reduced significantly. Other times, rubber flooring rolls and tiles can be used to create non-slip flooring in homes, whether it be for children’s playrooms or as all-around safety flooring. Kitchens are highly active areas where its floors are constantly exposed to moisture, whether it be by cooking or by cleaning cookware. Cooking oils are frequently used which increases slip and fall hazards around open flames and hot food. Oil-resistant thermoplastic rubber kitchen mats are available to help reduce chances of slips and falls on greasy kitchen floors. Rubber flooring rolls and tiles also make a great safety addition to outdoor areas, such as patios and backyards, as they will provide sturdy footing even in wet weather. For areas that see excessive amounts of water, rubber drainage mats are also available to help keep a dry surface to further prevent slick floors. Rubber-Cal offers rubber flooring rolls, tiles, and mats to provide anti-slip traction anywhere necessary, whether it be in residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

Outdoor Flooring

fishbone-black-action-03-c-335x270.jpgRubber-Cal offers extremely durable and versatile rubber flooring rolls, tiles, and mats that can be used and left outdoors for years to come without worry of deterioration. Rubber, both synthetic and recycled, are highly resistant to the damaging effects for outdoor factors, including UV, ozone, oxidation, and moisture. Rubber flooring tiles are popularly used as playground surfacing due to their ability to last in the outdoors while providing anti-slip protection and cushioning for the safety of children. Other outdoor flooring products can be used to cover large outdoor walkways to provide extra traction when needed. Our products made of Goodyear rubber offer a moisture-resistant solution by offering all-weather rubber rolls that aid in removing dirt and debris from shoes. Rubber outdoor flooring products are available in the forms of rolls, interlocking tiles, and mats that can be used to cover areas of various sizes, such as front entryways, backyards, or larger commercial entryways. They are also available with unique surface patterns that aid in increasing grip as well as removing dirt and debris from shoes. Due to rubber’s grippy surface and resistance to outdoor conditions, rubber outdoor flooring rolls, tiles, and mats are able to reduce hazards caused by wet weather, dirt, or debris that may lead to serious injuries.

Anti-Fatigue Flooring

Standing for long periods of time, whether it be at work or at a social gathering, can cause discomfort in leg joints and the lower back region. Rubber flooring rolls, tiles, and mats are ideal products for creating anti-fatigue floor due to rubber’s low compression set. Compression set refers to a material’s ability to return to its original form after being under extreme pressure for long periods of time. Rubber naturally retains a low compression set which allows it to compress according to the weight on its surface. This allows for ample cushioning and comfort for anyone standing or walking on its surface. It will relieve pressure from leg joints and the lower back region to prevent long-term pain by creating a supple floor surface. Rubber anti-fatigue flooring is available in rolls, interlocking tiles, and mats which make it easy to find an anti-fatigue matting option to fit a desired space. Anti-fatigue rolls and interlocking tiles are ideal for workplaces that include assembly lines or long designated walkways while anti-fatigue mats are generally used for smaller spaces, such as cashiers’ booths. In addition, due to rubber’s versatility and resistance qualities, anti-fatigue rolls, tiles, and mats can be used in any setting anti-fatigue protection is needed, including kitchens, outdoors, and workplaces.

Why buy from the Rubber Flooring Experts?

Rubber-Cal is a reliable company that offers the highest of quality products at an affordable rate. Most Rubber-Cal flooring products are made using thermoplastic elastomers which allow for higher quality products that are more durable. Thermoplastic elastomers, when used as raw materials, exhibit longer life. Rubber-Cal products made from thermoplastic elastomers include the Goodyear Rubber “Fine-Ribbed Corrugated” rubber runner mats, “Diamond-Plate” floor mats, and “Coin-Top” rubber flooring rolls. Other products offered are made of recycled rubber materials or synthetic SBR which also offers excellent protective properties. In addition, both flooring rolls, interlocking tiles, and mats are available to ensure all-around protection for any sized space.