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Goodyear "Moderna" Rubber Stair Treads - 9.75" x 29.75 (6 Pack)

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The Goodyear “Moderna” Rubber Stair Mats are ideal for creating safe and anti-slip stairs. The “Moderna” step mats are 9.75” x 29.75” in size and 3/16” in thickness. The main function of these “Moderna” step mats is to create anti-slip stairs, both indoors and outdoors, by providing a traction-enhancing surface while also protecting the steps themselves from physical damages that may become further trip and fall hazards.

The zig-zagging texture that covers the surface of each “Moderna” stair mat works together with rubber’s natural non-slip properties. As versatile outdoor and indoor stair mats, these mats enhance traction even when moisture is present. But the “Moderna”-style corrugations spanning each mat increase the number of points of contact between people’s shoes and the stairs. Plus, these ridges also scrape away unwanted debris from shoe-bottoms.

External stairs are often subject to harsh physical and environmental conditions. These “Moderna” rubber stair mats are made of natural and reclaimed rubber materials. Natural rubber is a highly abrasion-resistant material derived from rubber trees. And reclaimed rubber, on the other hand, is made from discarded vehicle tires. Because these “Moderna” rubber stair mats are made using reclaimed rubber, they are imbued with the resilient properties that make car tires so durable. This is an important quality to have in non-slip stair mats since they are often surrounded by harsh conditions.

  • All-weather indoor/outdoor stair treads for commercial stairways
  • Excellent durability to withstand heavy foot-traffic
  • “Moderna”-style corrugations and rubber materials generate slip-resistance despite moisture
  • Simple DIY-installation with use of a semi-permanent double-sided tape adhesive
  • Easily removable for replacement or relocation
Mat Pricing1+50+250+500+
3/16" x 10.25" x 29.75" (6 pack)$85.00$80.75$78.63$74.38
Description:Made with durable natural and recycled rubber materials, these step mats are perfect for adding traction to industrial and commercial stairways. They have a zig-zagging, ribbed surface texture that provides superior grip for feet on stairways. These easy-to-install mats are perfect for stairways that need a safer surface.
MaterialReclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 9.75” x 29.75”, 2.5 lbs. per mat
Thickness: 3/16-inch
Available Colors:Black
Applications:Anti-Slip, Commercial Stairways, Industrial Stairways, Indoor Stairs, Outdoor Stairs
Eco-Friendly:This is an affordable and ecologically conscious product since it is made from both natural and recycled rubber materials. Reclaimed rubber helps reduce the amount of rubber waste that stays out in our environment by recycling discarded vehicle tires into new products, such as these rubber stair mats.
Surface Texture:The surface texture of this mat provides excellent traction. The texture is made up of zig-zagging ridges that are designed to maximize friction against feet in all directions to provide non-slip safety. This pattern produces a ribbed texture that offers extra protrusions for shoes to firmly grip onto with each step.
Promote Safety:Slips, trips, and falls can quickly lead to dangerous injuries, especially a fall down a flight of stairs. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), slips, trips, and falls cause about 700 fatalities a year not only in the workplace, but also in homes and businesses. The added traction from the zig-zagging surface texture helps promote safety by keeping feet planted on the mat with its protruding pattern. This means that the likelihood of a slip and fall accident is decreased significantly.
Installation:To secure these stair mats firmly and effectively onto each step, the surface of the steps must be cleared of any dirt, debris, or moisture. Once this is done, you may adhere each stair mat with double-sided tape adhesive. This semi-permanent method of installation allows for hassle-free removal and replacement of the stair mats in case of any damage.
Moisture Resistant:Rubber is naturally a moisture-resistant material that will resist the permeation of moisture which, in turn, gives it a longer life in outdoor settings. Its resistance to moisture allows rubber to retain a naturally grippy surface that helps in creating non-slip traction.
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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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