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"Waves" Rubber Stair Treads

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The "Waves" Rubber Stair Treads are perfect for creating slip resistant steps in any setting where they are installed. These wave-patterned rubber mats for stairs are made of durable reclaimed and natural rubber materials that are highly resistant to outdoor damaging factors, making them excellent outdoor step covers. In addition, these rubber mats for stairs are 9.75” x 29.125” in size and are 3/16”-thick—designed to significantly enhance traction, as well as protect your stairs from potential damage. This product greatly boosts staircase safety both indoors and outdoors.

The wave-inspired surface pattern of these durable rubber stair mats works in tandem with rubber’s natural traction-enhancing properties. This wave-like pattern gives the mats a texture that furthers the security of people’s footing as they scale the stairs. In addition to creating slip-resistant steps, the wave-inspired protrusions also help scrape away debris from shoes. Stair traction can be increased with the addition of these stair mats—not only through rubber’s natural grip, but through the extra grip the linear surface pattern produces, too.

Made of long-lasting natural and reclaimed rubber materials, the "Waves" Rubber Stair Treads are highly resistant to environmental factors, such as UV-rays, ozone, oxygen, and moisture, making them versatile indoor/outdoor products. The reclaimed rubber content in these stair mats is tire-derived, meaning they exhibit the same level of abrasion- and weather-resistance seen in vehicle tires. What this means is that you will have long-lasting protection in outdoor environments.

• Weather resistant, indoor/outdoor stair treads for stairways
• "Wave" corrugations and rubber materials generate slip-resistance despite moisture
• Natural and reclaimed rubber composition makes these rubber safety stair treads environmentally-friendly products
• Simple DIY-installation with use of a semi-permanent double-sided tape adhesive
• Easy to clean yourself using basic, household solutions, such as water

Mat Pricing1+50+250+500+
3/16″ x 9.75″” x 29.125″ (6 pack)$75.00$71.25$69.38$65.63
Description:This rubber stair tread is made from reclaimed and natural rubber (NR) products. Natural rubber is an elastic substance obtained from the exudations of certain plants, and it is because of its elasticity, resilience, and toughness that natural rubber is the basic constituent of the tires used in automotive vehicles and aircrafts. Combining NR with reclaimed rubber reduces the product's cost and increases its universal market appeal.
MaterialReclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 9.75" x 29.125", 1.5 lbs. per mat
Thickness: 3/16-inch
Available Colors:Black
Applications:Commercial Stairways, Indoor Stairs, Outdoor Stairs
C.O.F.:A coefficient of friction (C.O.F) is a surface property and not an intrinsic property of individual materials. This means that a coefficient of friction can only exist between two materials in contact. Rubber's friction differs in many ways from the frictional properties of most other solids. The reason for this is the very low elastic modulus of rubber and the high internal friction exhibited by rubber in a wide frequency region.
Wave Design:The wave-like surface of this stair mat makes for a fun, whimsical, and modern surface design. The raised surface grooves add grip, while the valleys between the grooves ensure that dirt and debris are kept below the highest points of the mat. This ensures that surface friction remains consistent when foot-traffic traverses this rubber mat.
Installation:For temporary installations that may require extra assurance, a double-sided tape is more than sufficient to keep these mats in place. For permeant installations using adhesive, installation guides are available upon request.
Cleaning:Simply shake, brush, or rinse this rubber matting for quick and easy cleaning!
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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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