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Stair Treads

What Are Stair Treads?

One of the most common ways that people slip, trip, and fall is lost balance when traveling up or down a flight of stairs. Though they are a part of everyday life, stairs pose a risk for anyone who travels across them. No matter how careful we are, anyone has the potential to slip and fall down a flight of stairs. The Rubber Flooring Experts offers a wide selection of rubber stair treads specially designed to promote staircase safety. Rubber step mats or stair treads are a unique matting product that is designed to protect both your stairs and anyone who travels across them. Each rubber tread is specially sized and shaped to fit onto the steps of stairs, complete with a short lip that latches over the front edge. The rubber stair treads act as a protective barrier, guarding your stairs from the daily wear and tear of abrasive foot traffic. The mats also enhance traction for anyone traveling up or down the stairs, keeping them balanced and preventing any slip-and-fall accidents. Stair treads are the perfect product to enhance staircase safety.

How Do You Prevent Slips on Stairs?

If you’re worried about the risk of slipping on stairs, rubber stair treads are the perfect solution. All of our stair treads are made from rubber because it is the ultimate slip-resistant material. This is thanks to rubber’s coefficient of friction, which is naturally much higher than most other materials. A higher coefficient of friction gives the material a better ability to “push back” or grip onto anything pressed against it. To take slip-resistance even further, most of our rubber step mats also feature traction-enhancing surface textures. These designs, such as diamond-plating, coin-top, and block-grip, feature protruding patterns that provide shoes and feet with additional points of contact. More contact points means that there are more spots to grip onto the surface, enhancing traction even more. Rubber treads with such designs also create an aesthetic appeal, adding style to your staircase safety.

What is the Safest Covering for Stairs?

The best way to protect your steps and promote staircase safety is with properly installed rubber stair treads. Not only do anti-slip rubber treads reduce the risk for slips, trips, and falls, but they also provide a safe and protective covering for the steps of your staircase. Rubber is a popular safety matting material due to its durability and resilience. Rubber treads resist impacts and abrasions, taking on the daily abuse of regular foot traffic so that your sub-steps don’t have to. The rubber step mats act as a protective shield, ensuring that no harm comes to the existing steps. The mats even feature a unique lip, which latches around the corner of the step to provide extra protection and secure placement of the rubber tread. Rubber is undoubtedly the safest covering for stairs because stair treads protect both the steps, and anyone who travels across them.

Can You Put Stair Treads Over Carpet?

Rubber stair treads can be installed over carpet, hardwood, or any other stair flooring material. Since our rubber step mats do not cover the full surface of the steps, the sizes are universal and will fit easily onto any commercial or residential stairs. To ensure a secure installation, The Rubber Flooring Experts recommend installing your stair treads with the use of double-sided carpet tape. Carpet tape is perfect for temporary and permanent applications alike, as it offers a reliable installation that can be removed without damaging sub-floors. Carpet tape is also an affordable and easy-to-use installation method, allowing you to install your rubber treads all on your own. You’ll never have to worry about costly professional services because stair treads are designed to be an easy DIY project.

Do Rubber Step Mats Work Outdoors?

You can also use stair treads to improve staircase safety on outdoor steps. Most of our rubber step mats are made from a blend of recycled and reclaimed materials, which gives them amazing levels of durability and outdoor resistance. This is because recycled rubber material generally comes from discarded vehicle tires. Since tires are designed to handle intense physical conditions, outdoors and year-round, you can expect recycled rubber stair treads to inherit most of these traits. Recycled and reclaimed rubber contains a high amount of EPDM, which is the perfect rubber for outdoor conditions. EPDM gives our rubber treads resistance to moisture, heat, UV rays, and ozone, allowing you to use them year-round without worry. Rubber stair treads are perfect for steps in poor areas, gardens, and other outdoor areas that tend to get slippery.

Buy Rubber Stair Treads

Stairways are a hot spot for slips and trips, so it is important to practice proper staircase safety with use of rubber stair treads. Rubber treads are the best way to prevent slips on stairways, and they also provide a protective barrier for your existing steps. Stair treads are perfect for protecting sensitive stair surfaces such as hardwood or concrete, and they are designed for easy DIY installations. The Rubber Flooring Experts offer a wide selection of rubber step mats for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you need large rubber treads to cover commercial steps or small, stylish treads for your home, you are sure to find your perfect match in our selection. Browse our catalog today, or contact a Rubber Flooring Expert for more assistance!