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Block-Grip Rubber Stair Mats - (6 pack)

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One conundrum faced by consumers today is how they can make their stairs safer without sacrificing visual appeal. The “Block-Grip” rubber stair mats do both in one single form. These rubber mats for steps are meant to increase stairway safety by providing people with more grip and traction as they go up and down a set of stairs. They are able to do this because of both the rubber material that they are made from, and because of the their surface texture.

Cobblestone-Inspired Design: These rubber stair tread protectors are graced with a block-like pattern on their surfaces. The inspiration for this design came from the cobblestone streets commonly found in European cities. The purpose of this design is twofold. First, it adds a simple but professional aesthetic to the stairway. Second, and more importantly, the texture helps to add more stability and grip to a person’s feet as they make their way up or down a stairway.

DIY Installation: Rubber stair mats are among the easiest to handle products in our inventory, and these mats are no different. Weighing in at around 2.5 lbs each, these rubber stair tread protectors just need to be placed onto a step and have their extended lip attach onto the edge. In case you want a firmer placement, you can use double-sided tape on the underside of the mats. With these mats, you won’t have to hire expensive help from “professionals”.

Physical Durability: The steps of a stairway can be made from a variety of different materials such as wood, tile, stone, and concrete. They may look durable at first glance, but they are susceptible to damage in the forms of marks and scratches. Rubber mats for steps are great for protecting these surfaces because their bodies are durable enough to be the perfect barrier between physically abrasive objects and sensitive surfaces.

More Benefits:

  • Unique half-moon shape
  • Ideal for temporary applications
  • Cleaned with common soap and water
  • Resists outdoor factors like UV rays and moisture
  • Rubber surfaces are more comfortable to stand on
  • Aesthetic perfect for commercial and industrial work areas


Mat Pricing1+10+25+100+
1/2" x 9.75" x 29.75" (6 pack)$66.00$62.70$61.05$57.75
Description:These rounded step mats have a block-patterned surface texture that is designed to improve safety on stairways. Each step mat has a unique rounded half-moon shape that looks good in both commercial and industrial settings. When easy-to-install slip resistance is needed on any stairway, use these rubber stair treads.
Material:Reclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 9.75” x 29.75”, 2.5 lbs. per mat
Thickness: 3/16”-inch
Available Colors:Black
Applications:Anti-Slip, Commercial Stairways, Industrial Stairways, Outdoor Stairs, Workshop Stairs
Cobblestone Design:Cobblestones date back to ancient times, with many pre-Roman cobbled streets dating back to the 3rd and 4th centuries. They’ve been used worldwide throughout history—mainly in Europe but also in Latin America—and are still in use and painstakingly maintained. Most strictly defined, cobblestones are rounded, waterworn stones used to pave streets. They were traditionally set in sand and sometimes bound with mortar, and there were many advantages to using them. Cobblestone streets did not develop ruts, nor did they get muddy or dusty, like dirt roads. Sand-set cobblestones make a permeable and “flexible” road surface; they don’t crack with movements in the ground due to freezing and heaving.
Sustainable:The “Block-Grip” stair treads are affordable, durable, and eco-friendly thanks to the natural and recycled rubber materials that make each step mat. “Sustainable” is a real term meant to describe products or actions that help sustain, and in some cases, protect this planet's resources, such as energy, water and air.
Traction:These rubber step mats have a block-patterned texture on their surfaces, hence the name “Block-Grip”. This pattern helps to greatly increase the level of traction that people experience when going up and down the stairs. This type of pattern is ideal for keeping people safe on stairways that see high levels of foot traffic.
Safety:When an area has more traction, the overall safety of the area also improves. Feet are safe and secure while standing on top of the traction-enhancing block-patterned surface texture.
Cleaning:We recommend cleaning this product with water and common household cleaners. Strong, highly caustic cleaning solutions like bleach are not recommended.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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