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Diamond-Plate Rubber Stair Mats - (6 pack)

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Try to think of a hazardous area in a building. If stairs came to mind, you are on the right track. As common as they are, stairways are among the most dangerous sections in any home or business. In order to make these commonly traversed areas safer for everyone, we recommend the use of rubber stair treads. These particular treads are designed with a rugged industrial surface texture that help keep people firm and stable in their footing.

Anti-Slip Surface: Rubber mats for steps bring an improved level of safety. In effect, they can turn a slippery surface into an anti-slip surface. The secret behind this is their industrial diamond-patterned surface texture. The texture consists of a series of slightly raised protrusions that are laid out in a manner that increases friction and grip. As feet move over these rubber stair treads, they will experience a better level of stability from the rubber textures.

Tough and Durable: Even though surfaces made of wood or concrete seem tough, the surfaces of steps can be vulnerable to damage. A steady and constant stream of foot traffic can cause marks, discoloration, chips, and even scratches. This kind of damage is often very expensive to repair. Rubber flooring for stairs like these tread mats will help prevent this kind of damage from occurring. These rubber mats for steps are made of tough and rubber recycled rubber. This material is very capable of preventing force and impact from making a mark on the sensitive surfaces beneath them.

Great for Outdoor Stairs: Thanks to the recycled rubber materials used to make these rubber stair treads, they can be placed on outdoor stairways for very long periods of time. Normally, concerns about elemental damage are something to worry about. That is not the case with this rubber flooring for stairs. They are capable of being exposed to UV rays and moisture without suffering from any kind of immediate damage to their bodies.

More Benefits:

  • Easy to install DIY project
  • Eco-friendly and affordable
  • Extended lip helps grab onto steps
  • Brings a solid industrial aesthetic to any area
  • Can be cleaned with water and common soaps
  • These rubber stair treads can be glued onto wood or metal stair surfaces for permanent installations, with the assistance of a polyurethane-based adhesive


Mat Pricing1+10+25+100+
1/2" x 9.75" x 29.75" (6 pack)$66.00$62.70$61.05$57.75
Description:Made with durable natural and recycled rubber materials, these step mats are perfect for adding traction to industrial and commercial stairways. They have a diamondplate surface texture that provides superior grip for feet on stairways. These easy-toinstall mats are perfect for stairways that need better safety.
Material:Reclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 9.75” x 29.75”, 2.5 lbs. per mat
Thickness: 3/16”-inch
Available Colors:Black
Applications:Anti-Slip, Industrial Stairways, Indoor Stairways, Outdoor Stairways
Why Safety:A- An analysis of workers’ compensation injury claims from acute-care hospitals showed that the lower extremities (knees, ankles, feet) were the body parts most commonly injured and the nature of injury was most often sprains, strains, dislocations and tears. In addition, STFs were significantly more likely to result in fractures and multiple injuries than were other types of injuries. B- Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries C- In 2000, 46% of fatal falls were among older adults D-Proper construction and maintenance of stairs and handrails (described in ANSI 2007, NFPA 2002, and below) can reduce hazards. Stairs that are poorly marked or uneven, as well as handrails that are not of the appropriate size, height, or are poorly maintained, can lead to missteps and can cause employees to trip and fall. Check that stair treads and nosing are slip resistant and extend the whole tread. This is especially important for outside stairs exposed to the elements or stairways exposed to wet conditions.
Eco-Friendly:This is an affordable and ecologically conscious product due to the fact that it is made from both natural and recycled rubber materials.
Traction:The surface texture of this mat provides excellent traction. The texture is made up of tiny slightly raised ridges that are aligned to maximize friction against feet. The diamond-patterned texture is ideal for improving traction in industrial pathways and stairs.
Safety:The added traction from the diamond-patterned texture can increase safety bykeeping feet planted on the mat. This means that the likelihood of a slip-and-fall accident is decreased. These mats are great for improving the overall safety of a stairway.
Industrial Design:These rubber stair mats have a design aesthetic that is well suited for use in industrial areas. They also bring a more industrial appeal when placed in commercial areas as well.
Cleaning:To clean these mats, simply use water and common household cleaners. We do not recommend the use of strong and caustic cleaning solutions like bleach.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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