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“Diamond-Plate Commercial” Rubber Stair Treads - (6 Packs)

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Large public staircases can be a hotspot for accidents, especially if they are located outdoors. Commercial locations need to protect their stairways both to preserve the architecture and to save their guests from the injury caused by slips, trips, and falls. The “Diamond-Plate” Commercial rubber treads are designed with commercial staircases in mind. These anti-slip steps are thicker and larger than typical rubber treads to maximize safety on commercial stairways that see high volumes of foot traffic. They feature a unique “Diamond-Plate” design to enhance traction and add a modern aesthetic appeal to any location whether it is indoors or outdoors.

The biggest appeal of the “Diamond-Plate” outdoor step mats is the attractive traction-enhancing design. The surface of these tread mats is decorated with thin alternating protrusions that give any staircase the feeling of a sleek professional workspace. These thin protrusions also fit well into the soles of shoes, locking them into place for drastically improved traction, even in the presence of moisture. These rubber treads wrap around the edge of each step with a 1.6-inch nose to prevent slipping off the edge of the mat. The thick anti-slip steps take on the abuse of heavy foot traffic to protect sensitive sub-steps and ensure a forgiving surface for your guests to step on.

These commercial rubber treads perform well both indoors and outdoors because they are made from durable reclaimed rubber materials. Reclaimed rubber is eco-friendly and gives these outdoor step mats excellent resistances to moisture, abrasion, and the damaging effects of weather. This durability also makes these tread mats easy to clean and maintain; simply wash the steps with your favorite mild cleaning solution and then hose them down with water. The heavy-duty rubber is highly resistant to mold and mildew and maintains its strengths through cleaning to provide the safest possible step. The “Diamond-Plate” Commercial rubber treads are sold in packs of 6 and are designed for DIY installation for either seasonal or permanent use.

  • Tread mats made from durable reclaimed rubber for moisture, abrasion, and outdoor resistances
  • “Diamond-Plate” pattern provides multidirectional slip-resistance and adds an industrial aesthetic
  • Available in either 10” x 36” or 10” x 48” sizes to fit over the steps of commercial staircases
  • These 6mm rubber treads are 0.5mm thicker at the nose to prevent slips off the edge of the step
  • Deigned for easy DIY installation with double-sided tape for temporary use or adhesive for permanent applications


Mat Pricing1+10+25+100+
10" x 36"(6 pack)$175.00$161.88$153.13$131.25
10" x 48"(6 pack)$220.00$203.50$192.50$165.00
Description:The added texture reduces the risk of slipping, making diamond-plate a solution for spaces that require increased safety like stairs! These rubber stair treads are made using natural and reclaimed rubber products.
Material:Reclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 10” x 36”, 5 lbs. per step mat
10” Depth – 36” Width – 1.6” Nose Length
10” x 48”, 5.9 lbs. per step mat
10” Depth – 48” Width – 1.6” Nose Length
Thickness: 6mm thickness, gradually increases to 6.5mm (just over 1/4”) toward the nose. Each step mat is slightly thicker at the nose, which tapers over the step’s edge and keeps feet from slipping off the step.
Available Color:Black
Applications:Non-Slip Safety Treads, Exterior Staircases, Staircase Safety
Stair Safety:The CDC suggests, “Walking surfaces that are in disrepair, have protruding nails and boards, or changes in floor height may cause STFs (Slips, Trips and Falls). Contaminants on the floor, walking surface irregularities, and tripping hazards, such as liquids on walking surfaces, lead to most STF injuries in the workplace.” Ice, snow, or rain can create outdoor slipping hazards and can be tracked indoors. Slip hazards are an even greater concern on stairs, where wet walking surfaces or debris on the steps can result in severe, life-threatening fall injuries.
Durability:Diamond-plate stair treads are designed with heavy-duty usage in mind. They can withstand considerable abuse from high foot-traffic throughout the day, protecting the underlying steps from damage.
Why Use Rubber?:Rubber is soft and comfortable to walk on, which reduces the stress on people’s feet from walking. This non-fatigue quality is especially important on stairs, where people exert more weight on their feet when climbing the steps. Rubber stair mats provide cushioning between a person’s foot and a step’s hard surface, making the stairs easier to climb.
Outdoor Stair Treads:These stair treads are optimized for use on outdoor stairs, and have larger dimensions than their indoor counterparts to complement the larger size of outdoor stairs. They are also compatible with tennis shoes, boots, or any other outdoor footwear that people might wear.
Diamond-Plate Pattern:Diamond-plate is not only an aesthetically pleasing design for stair mats, but arranges the vertical and horizontal studs in a pattern that increases traction and prevents feet from sliding in any direction.
Cleaning:Diamond-plate stair treads are low-maintenance and require no special cleaning solution. As a result, step mats can be easily cleaned with simple soap and water without being removed from the stairs.
Availability:In Stock.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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