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"Grip-Tight" Rubber Stair Treads - (6 pack)

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Stairs and steps can be hazardous areas to traverse over especially when wet. That’s where Grip-Tight steps in. These rubber stair treads introduce two degrees of slip-resistance to any stairway, either outdoor or indoor. Made from a mixture of both natural and reclaimed rubber materials, this product has a very high coefficient of friction, which will reduce the risks of slipping or falling. These anti-slip floor mats also feature a raised surface texture that isn’t only for aesthetics. The unique design on the surface will further increase traction of the surface, even when exposed to wet weather conditions such as rain or snow.

Available in a 10.25” x 30” size, the Grip-Tight rubber stair treads are perfect for any-sized set of stairs, whether it is in residential, commercial, or industrial areas. The 1/8-inch thick tread will prevent stairways from damages such as scratches or cracking. Made from eco-friendly materials, this tread is a superb choice for eco-conscious consumers, as well as consumers looking for a long-lasting product. Because of the materials that go into making this rubber stair mat, it is incredibly durable and can withstand the abuse of areas subject to excessive moisture and heavy foot traffic. Don’t worry about stairway safety ever again. Instead, get a grip with the Grip Tight stairway tread!

  • An affordable, durable, and eco-friendly product
  • Built watertight for long-lasting, all-weather durability and ease of maintenance
  • Sized at 10.25” x 30” per step mat with a 1” lip to securely hugs stairs and steps
  • Made of natural and recycled rubber, materials that offer grip even in wet conditions
  • Constructed at 1/8-inch thick to protect underlying stairs and steps from scratches and scuffs
  • Molded with raised protrusions on the surface of the mat to increase slip-resistance underfoot


Mat Pricing1+10+25+100+
10.25" x 30" (6 pack)$66.00$62.70$61.05$57.75
Description:These rubber treads are perfect for protecting your friends and family from hazardous and slippery staircases! Like their name would suggest, these mats grip tightly to the soles of shoes or stocking feet to provide excellent traction and a slip-resistant surface. The Grip Tight rubber stair mats are made from 100% natural and recycled rubber materials so they are an eco-conscious, durable, and affordable matting option.
Material:Natural and reclaimed rubber products
Sizes: 10.25" x 30", 2.5 lbs. per mat
Thickness: 1/8"-inch
Available Border Colors:Black
Applications:Anti-Slip, commercial stairways, indoor stairs, outdoor stair cases
Sustainable:Grip Tight rubber stair mats are made from 100% natural and recycled rubber materials. Much of recycled rubber comes from used tires that would otherwise end up in a landfill. By reusing these tires for products like these stair treads you are not only saving yourself money, but you are also protecting the environment and reducing waste left in our landfills!
Traction:The name says it all! Grip Tight rubber stair mats keep your footing secure regardless of weather or moisture. These mats are perfect for outdoor applications where stairs may become wet and slippery. Placing these treads on heavily trafficked steps gives you the peace of mind that when you, your family, or your friends traverse these stairs there is an extra layer of traction underfoot.
Safety:The extra traction provided in out Grip Tight stair mats is inherent in the material they are made out of. Rubber is a great safety flooring option because it is resistant to weather, moisture, mold, and mildew that other flooring surfaces are not. Laminate, tiles, wood, or concrete are harder surfaces that provide no cushion or bounce back when slips or falls take place. They also provide no protection for expensive equipment that would be broken if dropped. The safety features of rubber are unmatched, and the durability and long life expectancy of rubber make it dually cost effective!
Installation:For temporary installations that may require extra assurance, a double-sided tape is more than sufficient to keep these mats in place. For permeant installations using adhesive, installation guides are available upon request.
Cleaning:Simply rinse or wipe these step mats for quick and easy cleaning.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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