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Will Non Slip Rubber Stair Treads Provide Additional Stair Safety at Work?

black star Rubber Stair Treads set mats on stairsDear Rubber Flooring Experts,

I work at a warehouse store, and I am constantly going up and down a rickety metal stairway taking care of orders… the steps already have diamond plating for security, but is there anything else I can do? It’s a little nerve wracking.

- Dave

Dear Dave,

Sounds like you’re looking for something that can provide a little extra stair safety at work. While the diamond plating on the metal does provide a bit of traction, it can definitely still be dangerous! Something that could really help you out is a set of non slip rubber stair tread mats. Stair treads are small pieces of rubber that you place down on each step. Some of double-sided tape is all you need for it to grip on to the metal beneath and to your shoes above.

Rubber is a great choice in safety treads, because the compound itself has naturally high traction and grip and is used in lots of flooring applications just for that purpose. If you are on a laptop reading this article, your laptop may have rubber feet specifically to keep the machine stationary on a slick desk. The added friction is what will keep your feet firmly on the steps, whether you’re going up or down the stairs. If you wear rubber shoes, that will also aid you in maintaining safety. Rubber grabs other rubber surfaces very well, this is one reason you will rarely see rubber floors in a basketball court. Sports that require side to side motion need slick floors, like the famous Boston Garden (i.e. Celtics) Parquet floor.

Do not forget the added safety that non slip rubber stair tread mats provide is important to staff and to management. We are sure that if you approached your company’s safety staff or your supervisors they would find the purchase of a very affordable mat a reasonable decision. Try them out; it’ll be good for your peace of mind!

- The Rubber Flooring Experts