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“Coin-Grip Commercial (Grit Surface)” Stair Treads - (6 pack)

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The “Coin-Grip Grit Surface” rubber step covers aim to enhance traction and prevent slips for those traveling on commercial staircases. Whether they are located indoors or outdoors, stairs are susceptible to slips, falls, and the accompanying injuries. For business owners this can mean costly medical bills, property damage, and liability concerns. These anti-slip treads are larger than typical stair mats, measuring 10” x 36” to cover the surface area of most commercial steps. They also have a 1.6-inch nose that latches around the step, securing its placement and preventing slips off the edge. These “Coin-Grip Grit” stair mats are made from durable reclaimed rubber and specially designed to increase safety on public stairs.

These anti-slip treads are excellent for heavy-duty applications because they are made from eco-friendly reclaimed rubber. Reclaimed rubber comes from discarded tires, giving these stair mats increased durability and a competitive range of resistance. They measure 6mm thick, with excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, and UV rays for outdoor weather resistance. This makes the “Coin-Grip Grit” stair mats great for interior and exterior staircases alike, as the material cannot develop mold and requires very little maintenance. If they get too dirty, the outdoor stair treads can be hosed down or cleaned with soap and water and they will look as good as new.

The key feature of these rubber step covers is their traction-enhancing “Coin-Grip Grit” surface. These outdoor stair treads are covered in small circular protrusions that offer a raised stepping surface with extra edges for shoes to grip onto. This “Coin-Grip” pattern is popular for anti-slip treads because it enhances traction and adds an aesthetic appeal. What sets the “Coin-Grip Grit” stair mats apart, however, is their emery grain texture. The surface of these stair mats is rough and gritty, enhancing traction even further to maximize slip-resistance. The “Coin-Grip Grit Surface” commercial rubber step covers are sold in packs of 6 and can be installed either temporarily or permanently on interior and exterior staircases.

  • “Coin-Grip Grit” textured surface for unrivalled slip-prevention
  • Large dimensions to cover the surface of commercial steps
  • Made from eco-friendly reclaimed rubber for increased durability
  • Great resistances to abrasion, impact, moisture, and outdoor conditions
  • DIY installation—great for temporary or permanent applications


Mat Pricing1+10+25+100+
10" x 36"(6 pack)$250.00$237.50$231.25$218.75
Description:Produced using natural rubber and reclaimed rubber materials, this commercial rubber step mat is durable and abrasion resistant. With the added non-slip "grit" texture, the rubber stair treads are designed for outdoor stairs, in order to increase safety in heavily traversed areas.
Material:Reclaimed and Natural Rubber; Emery Grain
Sizes: 10” x 36”, 5 lbs. per step mat
Thickness: 6mm thick; gradually thickens to 6.5mm (just over 0.25”) toward the nose. Each step mat is slightly thicker at the nose, which tapers over the step’s edge and keeps feet from slipping off the step.
Available Color:Black
Applications:Non-Slip Safety Treads, Exterior Staircases, Staircase Safety
Prioritize Safety:The Bureau of Labor Statistics asserts, “In 2015, there were 350 fatal falls to a lower level out of 937 construction fatalities (BLS data). These deaths are preventable." Stair treads help workers to climb stairways safely, minimizing fall accidents and preventing deaths.
Anti-Slip Surface:These rubber mats minimize slips and falls on the stairs with their "coin-top" pattern, which takes advantage of rubber's naturally high traction and allows people to gain secure footing when climbing the stairs. Additionally, the coin-shaped studs on each step mat are coated with an abrasive “grit” texture, which provides even more secure foot grip and further reduces the risk of slipping.
About "Grit" Texture:The sandy "grit" texture on these rubber mats consists of black emery grain. Emery is an extremely hard, non-toxic mineral primarily consisting of aluminum oxide, an iron compound, and various trace impurities, which may include silica, titania, magnesia, and mullite. It is commonly used in abrasive polishing, grinding flour, polishing rice, and non-skid concrete. The "grit" texture is coated with additional adhesive after being applied to the mat, preventing the emery grains from falling off easily.
Heavy-Duty:Rubber stair treads are designed with heavy-duty use in mind. Once glued down, they can support frequent levels of high foot-traffic for long periods of time without slipping or moving off the steps.
Maintenance:Rubber step mats resist stains and can be cleaned of dirt or grime with soap and water. Note that the grit texture may come off if the mat is installed in a water-shedding area.
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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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