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Goodyear "Commercial Linear" Rubber Stair Treads - (6 Pack)

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The Goodyear “Commercial Linear” Rubber Stair Mats are ideal for creating safe and anti-skid stairs on both indoor and outdoor stairways. These “Commercial Linear” rubber stair mats are available in two different commercial sizes, 10” x 36” and 10” x 48”, to ensure complete surface protection and anti-skid stairs. In addition, the reclaimed and natural rubber materials used in the composition of these linear stair mats stand up well against damaging physical and environmental factors, such as impacts and weathering. These mats are 6mm-thick throughout their bodies, gradually increasing to 6.5mm toward their noses. Such a thickness prevents your stairs from sustaining damage from impacts and abrasions.

The linear corrugations on each rubber stair covering produces a surface texture that enhances traction. The ribs covering the surfaces of these non-slip pads for stairs increase the number of points of contact between a person’s shoes and the stairs. In addition to enhancing traction, these ridges also scrape away excess debris from shoe-soles.

As indoor/outdoor stair tread mats, the Goodyear “Commercial Linear” Stair Mats are highly resistant to damaging environmental factors, such as UV rays, ozone, oxygen, and moisture. These “Commerical Linear” mats are made using reclaimed rubber derived from discarded vehicle tires. Thus, these mats possess the same resilient properties seen in vehicle tires. Furthermore, rubber’s inherent water-resistance means that these mats enhance traction despite moisture.

  • All-weather indoor/outdoor stair treads for commercial stairways
  • Linear corrugations and rubber materials generate slip-resistance despite moisture
  • Natural and reclaimed rubber composition makes these rubber safety stair treads environmentally-friendly products
  • Simple DIY-installation with use of a semi-permanent double-sided tape adhesive
  • Available in two sizes: 10” x 36” and 10” x 48”
Mat Pricing1+50+250+500+
10" x 36” (6 Pack)$175.00$166.25$161.88$153.13
10" x 48" (6 pack)$220.00$209.00$203.50$192.50
Description: These commercial rubber stair mats increase safety in areas that are often slippery or see heavy foot-traffic. Their corrugated surfaces and rubber compositions work together to significantly enhance their users’ traction. These non-skid stair treads are durable and abrasion-resistant—designed for both outdoor and indoor use.
Material: Reclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 10” x 36”, 5 lbs. per step mat 10” Depth – 36” Width – 1.6” Nose Length 10” x 48”, 5.9 lbs. per step mat 10” Depth – 48” Width – 1.6” Nose Length
Thickness: Each mat is 6mm thick, and it gradually thickens to 6.5mm (just over 0.25”) toward its nose. Its nose tapers over the step’s edge, keeping both itself and its user’s feet from slipping off the step.
Available Colors: Black
Applications: Non-Slip Safety Treads, Outdoor Steps, Indoor Steps, Slip Resistance, Staircase Safety
Outdoor-Friendly: These stair treads are made with rubber reclaimed from discarded car-tires, and car tires are designed to be abrasion-resistant and all-weather. Consequently, these stair treads are imbued with the resilient qualities that make car tires so tough. These stair treads will not be damaged by harsh UV rays, ozone, oxidation, or moisture.
Natural Grip: Rubber naturally enhances traction because, as a material, it has a high coefficient of friction. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) suggests that commercial and retail locations “select flooring material according to the area. Use flooring with a static coefficient of friction of more than 0.5 for high-risk areas. A higher static coefficient of friction is safer.” To put this into perspective, when rubber flooring and a rubber shoe-sole are in contact, the coefficient of friction of their point of contact is 1.15. This makes rubber excellent for preventing slips and falls—especially on stairs.
Corrugated Surface: These stair treads have corrugated surfaces. These ridge-like protrusions increase the number of points of contact between people’s feet and the stairs, further enhancing their grip as they step.
Easy Installation: Before installing, clear your stairs of any debris so that your stair treads will properly adhere to the steps. To install these mats, adhere each step mat to its according step using a double-sided-tape adhesive. Because this method of installation is semi-permanent, you can easily remove your stair treads for replacement or relocation.
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California Prop 65: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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