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Goodyear "Commercial Moderna" Rubber Stair Treads - (6 Pack)

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The Goodyear “Commercial Moderna” Rubber Stair Mats are perfect for promoting indoor and outdoor commercial staircase safety by offering a non-slip and protective barrier at each step. To accommodate most commercial settings, the “Commercial Moderna” rubber treads are available in two commercial sizes: 10” x 36” and 10” x 48”. Additionally, these “Commercial Moderna” rubber treads are made of reclaimed and natural rubber materials, which can withstand a host of damaging physical and environmental factors, including impacts, abrasions, and weather. Rubber naturally enhances traction, even in the face of moisture. Furthermore, with a 6mm–6.5mm thickness, these commercial anti-skid treads protect your stairs from physical damage.

The surface of each “Commercial Moderna” rubber stair mat features a unique, zig-zagging texture that works in tandem rubber’s natural traction-enhancing qualities. The “Commercial Moderna”-style corrugations on these versatile indoor/outdoor step covers increase the number of points of contacts between people’s shoes and the stairs, thereby furthering staircase safety. In addition, these ridges also remove unwanted debris from shoe-soles.

Outdoor step covers often experience volatile weather conditions that can unfortunately damage the mats. Thankfully, the natural and reclaimed rubber materials that are used to create these “Commercial Moderna” rubber treads are highly resistant to damaging environmental factors, such as UV rays, ozone, oxygen, and moisture. Not only will these resistance properties help increase staircase safety—they also make these rubber stair mats long-lasting.

  • All-weather indoor/outdoor stair treads for commercial stairways
  • Excellent durability to withstand heavy foot-traffic
  • “Commercial Moderna”-style corrugations and rubber materials generate slip-resistance despite moisture
  • Simple DIY-installation with use of a semi-permanent double-sided tape adhesive
  • Easily removable for replacement or relocation
Mat Pricing1+50+250+500+
10" x 36” (6 Pack)$175.00$166.25$161.88$153.13
10" x 48" (6 pack)$220.00$209.00$203.50$192.50
Description:The reclaimed and natural rubber composition of these commercial rubber stair mats is resilient and impact absorbent, allowing for outstanding surface protection on any indoor or outdoor staircase. Their zig-zagging, ribbed texture reduces the risk of slipping, making this linear surface pattern a solution for creating safe and non-slip commercial stairways!
Material: Reclaimed and Natural Rubber
Sizes: 10” x 36”, 5 lbs. per step mat 10” Depth – 36” Width – 1.6” Nose Length 10” x 48”, 5.9 lbs. per step mat 10” Depth – 48” Width – 1.6” Nose Length
Thickness: Each mat is 6mm thick, and it gradually thickens to 6.5mm (just over 0.25”) toward its nose. Its nose tapers over the step’s edge, keeping both itself and its user’s feet from slipping off the step.
Available Colors: Black
Applications: Non-Slip Safety Treads, Outdoor Steps, Indoor Steps, Slip Resistance, Staircase Safety
Prevent Slips, Trips & Falls: According to the CDC: “walking surfaces that are in disrepair, have protruding nails and boards, or changes in floor height may cause STFs (Slips, Trips and Falls). Contaminants on the floor, walking surface irregularities, and tripping hazards, such as liquids on walking surfaces, lead to most STF injuries in the workplace.” Ice, snow, or rain can create outdoor slipping hazards and can be tracked indoors. Slip hazards are an even greater concern on stairs, where wet walking surfaces or debris on the steps can result in severe, life-threatening fall injuries.
Durability: These “Moderna” stair treads are designed with heavy-duty usage in mind. They can withstand considerable abuse from high foot-traffic throughout the day, protecting the underlying steps from damage.
Commercial Safety: Rubber is soft and comfortable to walk on, which reduces the stress on people’s feet from walking. It is also an extremely grippy material that resists moisture and provides non-slip safety for commercial staircases that may be located outdoors. Since commercial businesses are frequented by more people than a residence, the staircases found in at these establishments are generally larger than standard residential staircases. Due to this, the Goodyear “Commercial Moderna” Rubber Stair Mats are offered in two commercial sizes: 10” x 36” and 10” x 48”. This ensures full coverage of each step to prevent physical damage that may lead to other trip and fall hazards.
Outdoor Stair Treads: These stair treads are made of resilient and weatherproof rubber materials, allowing them to be versatile indoor/outdoor products. They can also stand up well against damaging environmental factors, such as harsh UV rays, ozone, oxygen, and moisture, allowing them to provide durable and reliable outdoor applications without showing signs of fading or deterioration.
Zig-Zag Pattern: This zig-zagging surface pattern is not only an aesthetically pleasing design for stair mats, but it is arranged to increase traction and prevent feet from sliding in any direction. This distinctive surface pattern not only helps increase traction, but it also offers a unique and sleek aesthetic. The zig-zags offer ribbed protrusions that create extra gripping points, leading to better footing with each step.
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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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