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Anti-Vibration Mats

What is an Anti-Vibration Mat?

Vibrations can be present in numerous different types of industrial settings. They often come from the various machines and equipment found in such areas. The steady hum and rhythm of vibrations can ensure that industrial equipment is functioning properly, but at the same time it can be a real nuisance. However, such vibrations can sometimes go beyond a mere irritant, affecting both the machines and the underlying floor. Anti-vibration mats are very important to minimize the vibrations of industrial machinery. Our anti-vibration mats are made from supple rubber material that shields industrial machinery from rigid floors. Rubber padded mats protect warehouse and factory floors from heavily vibrating machinery. Rubber anti-vibration mats are elastic enough to absorb impact while resilient enough to withstand abuse. For these properties, rubber is widely used for flooring in many kinds of applications beyond industrial vibration mats.

Vibrations, especially those that are emitted by heavy industrial machinery, can cause serious damage to both the floors of an area and the machines from which they come. Heavy-duty machines that vibrate while in use are abrasive by their very nature. They are often made from hard materials like metal and can weigh up to several tons. It does not help that they are often placed on equally hard and unforgiving surfaces without any padded mats for protection. The most common types of industrial floor surfaces are asphalt and concrete, which do not absorb the shock and impact of modern machines. Without proper use of anti-vibration mats, each vibration indicates a light impact between the machine and the floor. While each individual impact may be small, constant impacts from a vibrating machine can significantly mar the floor over time. Without any padded mats in place under the machinery, the rebound forces from impacts can damage the machine itself, leading to costly repairs. Metal and asphalt are two of the hardest materials out there and can damage each other when they come into direct contact. Rubber’s natural resilient and flexible characteristics make it ideal for anti-vibration mats and protective covering for many types of sensitive floors. Like a rubber band, rubber vibration mats spread any shocks and vibrations throughout the rubber material. By covering industrial floors with rubber padded mats, you can separate heavy machinery from the floor and reduce the effects of vibrations and impacts.

What is the Best Anti-Vibration Material?

Rubber is the best material to reduce vibrations and protect expensive equipment, which is why most anti-vibration mats are made from synthetic rubber materials. This is because rubber padded mats can absorb the pulsation of heavy-duty machines while they dampen the blows and soften the strain placed on their moving parts. As the rubber of the anti-vibration mats minimizes the repetitive impacts of vibrations, the machines will benefit from being in contact with a softer and more elastic material that won’t cause harm to their structure. At the end of the day, the rubber is the best material for anti-vibration mats because it will save you money while ensuring a stable level of productivity.

Industrial equipment is not the only thing that benefits from the presence of rubber vibration mats. By providing a layer of insulation to mute vibrations and impacts, rubber padded mats can help protect floors from the abuse of heavy industrial tools and equipment that can cause damage or wear down the flooring over time. As mentioned earlier, the kinds of machines and flooring commonly found in industrial settings are both made from very hard materials. Without the help of anti-vibration mats, heavy metal machinery can grind away at the structural stability of concrete and asphalt floors over time. The cost to repair chips and cracks in concrete can be very high. Some people find it to be prohibitively expensive. Anti-vibration mats can prevent this by acting as a shield for the floor. Rubber vibration mats have the ability to absorb impact in order to protect any type of flooring from damage. Whether it is carpet, wood, linoleum, or concrete, you can save the costs of repair and replacement by protecting your investments with affordable rubber anti-vibration mats.

How to Get Rid of Vibration Noise & Movement

Thanks to rubber’s sound-absorbing capabilities, anti-vibration mats can make an industrial workplace more pleasant by absorbing sounds from vibrations and reducing noise levels in the area. The steady hum of the vibrations emitted by heavy machinery can grate at the ears of industrial employees. These irritating sounds can negatively affect the productivity of workers in the area by distracting them from their given tasks. The rubber material used in our padded mats can minimize the overall noise given off by vibrating equipment. In addition to protecting floors and equipment, rubber anti-vibration mats are also extremely durable. Due to the physically demanding nature of industrial applications, these rubber mats simply have to be! Many of our vibration mats are tough and abrasion-resistant because they are made from all-weather recycled car tire crumb. The rubber material in our vibration mats benefits from the strength of the vehicle tires used as its raw materials. Tires are designed to handle various outdoor conditions, including harsh weather, ozone, and UV rays. Our recycled rubber padded mats inherit the same resistances to such factors, making them perfectly suitable and long-lasting for outdoor use. In fact, our anti-vibration mats demonstrate excellent shock absorbency partly because of the ability of tire rubber to reduce vibrations from the road while driving. Anti-vibration mats made from recycled rubber are considered eco-friendly because their production helps to reduce non-biodegradable waste in the environment. Best of all for consumers on a budget, they are available at more affordable rates than their non-recycled synthetic rubber counterparts.

Vibration mats that are made of rubber will provide the floor and equipment protection that is required in industrial areas. They reduce impact and noise in warehouses and factories while increasing safety for employees. Invest in rubber padded mats without worrying about needing replacements in the near future; buy rubber anti-vibration mats from the Rubber Flooring Experts, and know that your business is in good hands for the long term. Find the anti-vibration mats that suit your needs by browsing our bestsellers or email a Rubber Flooring Expert today!