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"Maxx-Tuff" Heavy-Duty Mats

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

For more demanding applications, Maxx-Tuff is ready to safeguard your floors. These heavy-duty mats are composed of 1/2-inch thick of dense SBR and reclaimed rubber and can withstand forceful impacts such as those from falling weights, and even support heavy industrial machinery during operation. While protecting your equipment is important, so is protecting your sub-flooring surfaces from damages over extended periods of time. This thick mat also features a honeycomb-textured surface for increased slip-resistance, keeping work and exercise areas far safer than they would be otherwise by reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Maxx-Tuff is designed with diamond protrusions under the mat, which bolsters its superior shock-absorption and vibration reduction. The increased level of traction on both the top and underside of this protective floor mat will prevent this it from slipping out of place; this sturdy mat will stay put under its own weight. Available in three great sizes, this thick mat can protect any sized flooring surface, as well as individual workstations. This mat is incredibly easy to maintain with a hose or mop and common cleaners, keeping it at MAXX-imum performance over the extended lifetime of these heavy-duty mats. When a plain old rubber mat isn’t enough, take advantage of the strong and robust Maxx-Tuff.

  • Made from reclaimed rubber, this protective floor mat is a sustainable product
  • Designed with an aesthetically pleasing honeycomb surface texture that adds grip
  • Offered in 2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 4ft and 4ft x 6ft rubber mats to fit where you need it most
  • Built at 1/2” thick of hard rubber to withstand high-impact and abrasive conditions
  • Features diamond-shaped studs on the subsurface of the mat for greater shock-absorption
  • These heavy-duty mats will stay in place under their own weight, requiring no use of adhesives or double-sided tapes


Mat Pricing1+10 +25 +100 +
12mm or 1/2" x 4ft x 6ft$140.00$133.00$129.50$122.50
12mm or 1/2" x 3ft x 4ft$78.00$74.10$72.15$68.25
12mm or 1/2" x 2ft x 3ft$55.00$52.25$50.88$48.13
Description: A 12mm thick (just under 1/2-inch) heavy-duty rubber mat designed for high impact and abrasive applications. The surface contains a honeycomb texture for a unique and aesthetically pleasing look while also providing excellent floor protection. Maxx-Tuff is the heavy-duty mat that is recommended for areas that will get extra impact or abuse, such as a dead-lift zone in a gym where heavy weights will be dropped multiple times throughout the day.
Material: SBR and Reclaimed Rubber
Mat Sizes:4ft. x 6ft., 80 lbs
3ft. x 4ft., 40 lbs
2ft. x 3ft., 20 lbs
Thickness: 1/2"-inch
Weight: 3.33lbs per square foot
Hardness: 60 Shore A Nominal
Flame Spread: Less than 0.50 inch Minute
Compression: 36% @ 50PSI
Tensile Strength: 600 PSI
Available Colors: Black
Applications:Athletic Arenas, Art Studios, Anti-Fatigue, Barns, Boats, Commercial Fitness Facilities, Doggie Day Care, Eco-Friendly Tiles, Elevators, Exercise Equipment Mat, Farm Facilities, Sport Equipment, Floor Protection, Golf Course, Home Gyms, Horse Mats, Heavy Duty Flooring, Ice Rinks, In-Line Skating, Industrial Applications, Kennel Mats, Locker Rooms, Mat for Treadmill, Pet Care, Protective Rubber, Runways, Shelving, Spike Protection, Soundproofing, Weight Rooms, Laundromats, Wash Rooms, Wine Cellars, Warehouse, Storage Rooms, Work-Bench Mats, Zoos.
Unmatched Durability:This tough, heavy-duty rubber mat will outlast the meanest consumers and most abrasive environments. The aptly named Maxx-Tuff is designed to protect floors from wear & tear of commercial or industrial foot traffic and equipment. Just under 1/2-inch thick, this durable but attractive mat will perform and shine in any setting.
Tough & Resilient:The resilient qualities of rubber are maximized due to the bottom texture of Maxx-Tuff. Each square foot of this rubber matting is fabricated with a diamond pattern subsurface which enhances the comfort qualities of the rubber mat. The honeycomb top surface has a classic appeal with intrinsic traction qualities.
Modern Design:This modern, sleek, low profile, and non-directional look makes the Maxx-Tuff another durable choice in rubber flooring with a pretty face.
Installations:This product is generally heavy enough where its own weight will hold it down.
Cleaning:Being that this product offers moderate chemical resistance, it can be cleaned with most common household cleaners. Strong, highly caustic cleaning solutions (e.g. bleach) are not recommended. For indoor use, mopping the product is ideal. For outdoor applications either a hose or a broom is the best cleaning method.
Availability:Maxx-Tuff is always in stock and will generally ship within 24 hours.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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