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Ultra Heavy Duty Rubber Matting

Heavy-Duty Rubber Matting When You Think “Heavy-Duty"

building legs on top of black maxx tuff heavy duty matWhen I think of heavy-duty rubber matting, a heavy-duty pickup truck always springs to mind. Sometimes the truck is strategically positioned next to a crane poised to drop a few tons of industrial-grade metal into the truck bed. Sometimes the truck is parked in an industrial loading zone; workers fill the truck bed with pounds upon pounds of heavy material. But no matter the accessories or location, the pickup truck is a constant.

Why the pickup truck? According to the Ford web site, the 2011 Ford F-series trucks weigh over 4,000 pounds curbside (Ford). At over two tons of metal and horsepower, these pickups are the very definition of “heavy-duty.” It isn’t uncommon to see these trucks lounging in rugged industrial work places that, for the most part, utilize incredibly heavy, abrasive machinery and may involve the transfer of heavy metals and building materials.

For industrial areas that must weather heavy foot traffic and two-ton vehicles like the Ford F-150, sometimes a little extra help is necessary. Heavy rubber mats offer a heavy-duty layer of protection for these locations. For a construction site with its plethora of trucks, heavy-duty rubber matting places a thick, durable layer of flexible rubber between those trucks and uneven or delicate areas. These heavy rubber mats are especially helpful in industrial warehouses and factories where heavy machinery is used. These machines have hundreds of busy parts that move at speeds faster than the human eye can see. As a result, industrial work places like factories, warehouses, and assembly lines dwell in harsh, high-impact conditions.

building legs on top of black maxx tuff heavy duty matWithout preemptive measures, loud machinery and two-ton trucks can damage concrete or hard dirt floors. Even worse, your expensive industrial equipment may suffer damage after months of jarring movement against unforgiving asphalt or concrete. These problems could cost a business thousands of dollars in repairs and new equipment every year.

Heavy-duty rubber matting, then, is the only answer. To save money and protect investments rubber mats may be the resilient solution. Rubber mats are made for the jarring, hard-wearing conditions of a factory, warehouse, or construction site. Often made with recycled rubber tires and reclaimed rubber, these mats provide the toughest protection for the harshest environments. Rubber is a naturally elastic material that absorbs heavy shock, vibration, and impact, making heavy rubber mats supportive and strong in much the same way that a tough pickup easily carries loads by the ton. Rubber mats serve as a resilient buffer between vibrating machines and unforgiving floors, and as a result rubber matting can prevent countless unnecessary repairs and costs.

Whether or not pickup trucks are an accurate representation of “heavy-duty” may be up for debate, but the resilience and strength of ultra-duty rubber mats is not. Protect your industrial machinery and avoid paying for unnecessary repairs by purchasing affordable heavy-duty rubber matting. It may seem like a frivolous cost now, but rubber matting is an investment that may outlast even the toughest pickup truck on the market.