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Circular Rubber Mat 48” Diameter

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This rubber mat is a perfect protective cover for subfloors that may be exposed to harsh elements, excessive foot-traffic, or heavy-equipment. The 9mm thickness (just under 3/8-inch thick) is ample gauge to protect floors from things that move on its surface.  The thickness of the rubber mat offers excellent impact absorption so that the subfloors are safeguarded from abrasive elements. When it comes to cushion and impact absorption, rubber is the perfect supple and elastic material.  Impact absorption is the ability of a material or structure to dissipate and distribute the energy generated during an impact. Rubber is ideal for this application since it protects the floors as well as the equipment or heavy materials that are on its surface.

This rubber mat is moisture and liquid resistant. Waterproof means that the circular rubber mat fully blocks external water and moisture, warranting complete protection of the floors below.  Since this rubber mat is moisture resistant all water and other liquids will stay on the surface of the rubber mat. This feature makes this rubber mat a perfect floor for equipment or refrigeration systems that sweat or drip moisture onto the floor surface. Waterproof rubber mats completely block out moisture and protect any surfaces below them.

The circular design of this mat offers a sharp & distinct visual landing location. It marks and defines a spot. It is a perfect floor mat to define a location that requires attention. By using a circular rubber mat the visual area receives and processes more focus. Circles are symbolically important since they symbolize harmony, unity, and infinity. There is something about seeing a circular shape on the floors.  Any visual area that contains a distinct shape will garner more notice; this allows for those designing a space to manage how foot-traffic will view their floors.

  • Fully water and moisture resistant
  • 9mm thick and 48-inch in diameter
  • Beveled edge allows easy and safe entry into the mat surface
  • Circular design makes for a visually pleasing floor surface
  • Constructed using Styrene Butadiene Rubber and reclaimed rubbers
Mat Pricing1-9 Mats10-24 Mats25-99 Mats100+ Mats
9mm x 48in. Diameter$115.00$109.25$106.38$100.63
Description:Made from a combination of durable SBR and reclaimed rubber materials, this rubber mat is a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for protecting your floors from physical harm, rain, and other damaging elements. This circular rubber mat features a diamond-plate style surface that helps provide more traction for any foot traffic going over the surface. The edge of this circular mat is beveled for added safety.
Material: Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), Reclaimed Rubber
Color: Black
Weight: 26 lbs
Thickness: 9mm
Size: 4ft. in Diameter
Circular:People prefer round and circular objects. Scientists believe that evolutionary preferences lead to our inclination for circles. Rounded corners and curves are more pleasant and less invasive to the mind. Angular shapes trigger distress, anger, and confusion. Humanity has always known that the moon and the sun are round and now we know that the earth is also circular. Circles convey infinity, unity, and symmetry.
Protective Rubber:Rubber in a 9mm thick (just under 3/8” thick) offers ample thickness to protect your landscape or flooring from continuous abrasion. This abrasion-resistant rubber mat can endure scuffing or impact caused by heavy use or continuous friction.
Cleaning:This rubber mat is a low maintenance product that is very easy to clean. For best results, simply use a wet cloth or mop along with simple commercial cleaning soap. Please do not use caustic cleaning agents such as bleach.
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California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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