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Circular Rubber Mat 54” Diameter

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This rubber mat is made from reclaimed and natural rubber materials.  Reclaimed rubber is a by-product of recycled tires and other discarded rubber products;  so these recycled ingredients make for a product that is very affordable. In addition, they inherit the great UV and weathering qualities of the recycled tires.  Tires contain anti-aging ingredients known as antiozonants that help the rubber stay soft, flexible, UV and weather resistant. An antiozonant is an organic compound that prevents or slows damage caused by ozone.  It is these antiozonants that remain in a rubber mat produced from rubber tires that give the rubber mat long life even when used outdoors.

Surface protection is meant to offer protection to floor surfaces from damage and penetration by the sun's UV rays, scratching, and abrasion. The least expensive method used to protect floor surfaces is normally through the application of a protective rubber mat.  They are easy to install and remove and since rubber is soft, elastic, and supple, it protects the floor surface from damage from above while protecting any equipment above the floor from hard flooring below. Rubber’s elastic nature will take a beating from both sides and acts as a buffer between the two.  Proactively shielding furniture or machinery, a rubber mat guarantees equipment has an extended life. This additional floor layer gives additional stability to heavy items placed on top.

Circles are visually easy on the eyes. Since the earth, moon and the sun are all circular, this shape embodies all of the attributes of life: Circular shapes are benign, gentle, enjoyable, and even considered beautiful. The round shape induces a feeling of calmness and serenity. This causes circles to be a center of attention for the human eye and this makes it a focal point.  A focal point is an important part of design since it is expected to catch the eye of those around the space.  When all other design aspects like the walls and ceiling and the shape of a room are rectangular or square, a circular shape becomes an area of visual emphasis.

  • Completely water and moisture resistant
  • 6mm thick and 54-inch in diameter
  • Made from reclaimed and natural rubber ingredients
  • Sloping edge allows for wheeled equipment access
  • Round design adds a visually pleasing floor to otherwise rectangular rooms
Mat Pricing1-9 Mats10-24 Mats25-99 Mats100+ Mats
6mm 54" Diameter$135.00$128.25$124.88$118.13
Description: This rubber mat is made from vulcanized reclaimed and natural rubbers. Made from rugged, outdoor-friendly vulcanized rubber material, this round rubber mat is a quick and affordable way to protect from high traffic or areas subject to impact, scraping or scratching. The edge of this circular mat is beveled for added safety. The circular shape of this mat is pleasant and symmetrical.
Material: Vulcanized Reclaimed and Natural Rubber
Color: Black
Weight: 26 lbs
Thickness: 6mm
Size: 54” Diameter
Beauty of a Circle: Mandala in Sanskrit means “magic circle.” It is an artistic representation of higher thought and geometric symbol used to convey higher spiritual and passionate feelings.  It is believed that the circle does not begin nor end, and this idea points to the endless universe, both in terms of time and space.  A circle is inclusion, wholeness, unity, and completion.
Diamond-Grip: This rubber mat features a diamond-grip surface texture, enhancing the foot-traffic’s traction. Surface textures are used to intentionally increase traction on rubber mats. And this diamond surface texture helps in increasing footing in otherwise problematic floor areas.
Outdoor Friendly: Since this large mat is made from rubber, it can be left outdoors in all types of weather conditions. The rubber is vulcanized for added resilience, and it is designed to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles.
Cleaning: This rubber mat is a low-maintenance product that is very easy to clean. For best results, simply use a wet cloth or a mop with a simple commercial cleaning solution. Please do not use caustic cleaning agents such as bleach.
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California Prop 65: :warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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