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Rubber Mats for Under Refrigerators

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This rubber mat is made from reclaimed and natural rubber materials. It is 5 millimeters thick (a little thicker than 3/16” which is 4.8mm) and is available in three sizes: 48" x 36”, 32” x 56”, and 32” x 72”.  The availability of sizes allows consumers to match the footprint of their appliances with the proper rubber floor mat. The under refrigerator floor protector mats are made from a vulcanized rubber making for a product that is water-tight and will not allow moisture or liquids to pass its surface.

Fridge drippings are a source of concern for any homeowner or property manager. The causes of drips from refrigerators and freezers could be a faulty door seal, imbalanced appliances, clogged condensation drain, cracked or overfilled drain pan. You cannot be expected to predict when this will happen nor to be there when it does! This refrigerator rubber mat will safeguard your floors when you are not around and can act as a freezer mat if needed!

There is no refuting the fact that permanently installed flooring is expensive. There is a tried-and-true fact that you can do to protect your wood, carpet, tile or laminate floors from scratches, nicks, scuffs and moisture emanating from an appliance.  An appliance rubber mat is a clever investment in reducing damage to your subfloors. If you are using floor protectors for moving appliance, consider a rubber mat instead. It is non-slip and has far better ability to protect your floors.

The construction of this rubber floor protector for fridges and other appliances is so that it has a sealed surface so that no water enters or passes through from top to bottom.  This should give you enough time to wipe light moisture and fix the problem at hand with your refrigerator. A water-resistant vulcanized mat is a waterproof rubber fridge mat that is unaffected by water and is so tightly made that water cannot get below the surface from the body of the mat.

  • Available in 3 rectangular sizes
  • Superior UV and weather resistance
  • Water-resistant and will not let moisture pass
  • Made from reclaimed and natural rubber products
  • An affordable insurance policy protecting your floors


Mat Pricing1 Unit+10 Unit+25 Unit+100 Unit+
5mm x 36" x 48"$99.00$94.05$91.58$86.63
5mm x 32" x 56"$105.00$99.75$97.13$91.88
5mm x 32" x 72"$120.00$114.00$111.00$105.00
Description:The under the fridge mats are rubber products designed to protect kitchen flooring and other surfaces from the detrimental effects of moisture dripping from refrigerators and freezers. This very affordable refrigerator floor protector will reduce the cleaning and replacement costs of your expensive outdoor floors. This rubber mat is made from natural rubber and reclaimed rubber products and is a vulcanized rubber mat. It is completely water resistant and will not allow light moisture to pass to the surface of your floors.
Material:Natural Rubber and Reclaimed Rubber
Sizes:48" x 36" – 16.9bs
56" x 32" – 17.6lbs
72" x 32" – 22.4lbs
Hardness:60 Shore A Nominal
How is Moisture Created?As a freezer operates, it produces moisture. Condensation is the process of water vapor turning back into liquid water and the temperatures difference around the fridge and freezer facilitate this process. One source of condensation and drippings could be dirty or torn door gaskets. When this is ripped or damaged, the airtight seal is no longer present and warm humid air can enter the fridge causing moisture to form. A more problematic source of moisture buildup is an overfilled drip pan, normally situated under the fridge or freezer. The refrigerators drip pan collects any moisture created when it comes out of the appliances drain.
Why an Under the Fridge?Your floors are an expensive investment. Wood, carpet, tiles floors can easily be damaged with moisture, regardless of the volume. This rubber mat will hold light amounts of moisture on its surface, so that it does not reach expensive permanent floors below. The cost of this very inexpensive rubber fridge mat should be judged against the repairer and replacement of your floors!
Floor Protection:The average cost of wood flooring is $15-$20 per square foot installed. Carpet is about $5-10 per square foot, while laminate will vacillate from $5-$13 installed. Flooring a home is not cheap and damage from refrigerator moisture may not be local to your kitchen. A rubber floor protector for fridges and freezers, is a smart investment, especially if your fridge is a little older.
Permanent Installations:Eco-Sport rubber floor tiles can be permanently adhered to any wood or concrete surface using the BASF CX-941 Adhesive. This adhesive has been tested and is approved for use with our Eco-Sport line of products. A step-by-step installation guide and floor preparation is available upon request or can be accessed on the web.
Temporary Installations:A plastic connector pin is available for the 1" Eco-Sport Tiles. Connector Pins are 3" long and made of a hard plastic with ferruled edges. This interlocking flooring can be installed by pressing the plastic pin between the edges of each of the tiles. The 1" Eco-Sport Tile has two (2) holes on each of the four (4) sides of the tile. This allows for quick and easy installation for anyone!
Indoor / Outdoor:Tire crumb is the main component of this rubber tile and has a high content of EPDM and other natural rubber products with excellent UV resistance. This quality makes the Eco-Sport Tiles excellent for indoor and outdoor applications.
Cleaning:Since this rubber mat is made from natural and reclaimed rubber materials, it demonstrates good resistances to moisture and to mild cleaning solutions, allowing you to clean the mat with your favorite household detergent. But, please refrain from using bleach or other strong, caustic cleaners: Strong chemicals can cause the rubber mat to discolor or degrade.
Availability:This product is generally in stock.

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