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Kitchen Mats

What Type of Mat is Best for a Kitchen?

Commercial kitchens can be full of safety concerns, and reliable rubber kitchen mats are essential. Kitchens are high activity areas that see increased levels of foot traffic on surfaces that are constantly exposed to moisture. Moisture is usually present as spills and puddles that accumulate during a hectic day of work. The presence of these liquids renders kitchen floors slippery, which causes slips, falls, and the resulting injuries. You can take actions to prevent such disasters from occurring through proper use of kitchen matting. It’s no question that kitchen mats are essential, but what type of mat is best suited for a kitchen? Take a note from the Rubber Flooring Experts and invest in some rubber kitchen mats. Our rubber matting products are ideal for kitchens because they are slip resistant, have the ability to repel oils and greases, and provide increased anti-fatigue comfort.

What is a Kitchen Mat For?

Our rubber kitchen mats are perfect for keeping people safe and secure on their feet, as well as add comfort to those that stand while working. The surface of our rubber kitchen mats has an excellent level of innate grip when in contact with feet or footwear. Rubber provides moving feet with the levels of friction needed to maintain a stable balance, reducing the possibility of slips and falls. Even if the kitchen rubber mats are wet, the rubber material will not lose its traction. That is part of the beauty of having a kitchen cushion mat made of rubber: the ability to ensure the safety while adding comfort and anti-fatigue qualities. Some of our kitchen rubber mats are created with specially designed surface textures for extra anti-slip safety. Think of this as going the extra mile: Rubber already provides a significant level of traction, but some of our rubber kitchen mats have textures that enhance that traction even further. These surface textures come in the form of slightly raised, closely spaced protrusions that are arranged in a specific pattern. These rubber protrusions provide rubber kitchen mats with a surface that provides greater friction and better grip for people's feet while standing on it, preventing their feet from slipping.

For kitchen areas with an excessive amount of liquids, such as around dishwashing sinks, consider installing our drainage rubber kitchen mats. Specially designed for the kitchen, rubber mats with drainage holes allow excess liquids to flow away from the standing surface. Although the specific size and shape of the holes can vary depending on the mat's design, they are all meant to facilitate the drainage of built-up, unwanted liquids away from the surface of the mat. This keeps the rubber kitchen mat's top surface free of slippery liquids and safe to walk on, while also preventing the excess liquid from flowing away and making the surrounding floor slippery. Drainage holes can also catch small pieces of solid debris, such as food, that could otherwise be a trip hazard, keeping the walking surface clear of obstacles. Thanks to these capabilities, rubber kitchen mats with drainage holes are highly useful at preventing slips and falls in commercial kitchens.

Are Kitchen Mats Resistant to Grease?

We also offer oil and grease resistant rubber kitchen mats for commercial applications that are constantly coming into contact with these hazards. Cooking oils and various greases are simply a fact of life in a busy restaurant kitchen; anyone in the food service industry can tell you as much! Unfortunately, their presence on a floor can be more hazardous than water. Not only do they make the floor slippery as water does, but many types of rubber and vinyl flooring can be damaged by exposure to oil. That is why some of our kitchen cushion mat products include grease-resistant nitrile rubber compounds in their composition, allowing them to keep grease off of floor surfaces and prevent slips and falls in busy foodservice environments. Nitrile rubber is a synthetic elastomer that was initially developed for oil-related applications, and is commonly used in grease-resistant products such as rubber kitchen mats. It can therefore come into contact with many different types of oil and grease compounds than its natural rubber counterpart. Oil and grease products can cause damage to a material’s structure if left unchecked for an extended period of time, but nitrile rubber kitchen mats can withstand such damage, making them very useful for commercial kitchens.

What Are Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats?

We particularly recommend rubber kitchen mats that are soft and offer anti-fatigue qualities. A kitchen cushion mat is designed to relieve pressure and prevent long-term health problems that are commonly caused by standing or working for long periods of time. Chefs and other restaurant staff are required to stand in one set place for extremely long periods of time, and without rubber kitchen mats this can prove problematic. If cooks are standing on an uncovered floor such as ceramic, concrete, or tile, they will inevitably become more uncomfortable and fatigued as their shift goes on. These are hard surfaces that, without a kitchen cushion mat, cannot relieve the pressure that can build up in the feet, ankles, and lower back. If an employee is suffering from physical fatigue, their productivity is sure to go down. What better way to protect your staff from stress and physical fatigue than with a rubber kitchen cushion mat? Rubber is a naturally elastic and shock-absorbent material that can help to relieve stress on joints over time. By reducing the pressure that the floor exerts on employees' feet, a kitchen cushion mat allows employees to develop less fatigue and work more productively. When compared to harder surfaces like concrete, rubber kitchen mats are a clear winner in terms of providing a comfortable surface to stand on. A comfortable employee is a happy employee, and a happy employee is a productive employee. A rubber kitchen cushion mat offers great anti-fatigue comfort at an affordable price.

How Do You Choose a Kitchen Mat?

We offer a variety of kitchen rubber mats and rubber runners so that your installation can be contiguous or modular depending upon the specific size required for your needs. Every commercial kitchen deals with its own menu and ingredients, so needs may vary from one kitchen to the next. Make sure you choose a kitchen mat with the capabilities needed for your specific kitchen, whether that includes grease resistance, slip-resistance, anti-fatigue comfort, or a combination of all three. Place kitchen rubber mats in your restaurant kitchen to protect your guests and employees. Keep those restaurants running smoothly by investing in rubber kitchen mats. Call the Rubber Flooring Experts for recommendations, or browse our top-selling items!