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"Bubble-Top" Anti-Fatigue Mat

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Aching feet? Bubble-Top rubber anti-fatigue mat is the solution for those hurting hooves. This rubber comfort mat features cellular domes in the construction of the mat, which trap air underneath the mat. These “bubbles” flex and rebound from the weight of your body, making it very comfortable to stand on or work for prolonged periods of time. Not only that, but the surface of this mat helps to effectively prevent slip and fall accidents with an increased level of traction. Furthermore, the edges of this cushioned mat are beveled for smooth transitioning between covered and uncovered floor surfaces. Additionally, the beveled edges are available in five colors to help with this distinction.

The Bubble-Top anti-fatigue mat is made from a blend of durable natural and reclaimed rubber materials. Not only will this ensure a long life for these mats, but makes them an eco-friendly option for the “Green” consumer. Lastly, this mat is easy to clean and maintain. Simply use water and household cleaners to keep it in peak performance shape! Do yourself a favor and give those painful paws some relief with the Bubble-Top!

  • Molded one piece rubber anti-fatigue mat will not separate or rip easily
  • Made with a blend of natural and reclaimed rubber for long-lasting durability
  • Constructed at 5/8” thick to offer a high degree of forgiving flex under your feet
  • Stocked in Black, Blue, Brown, Red and Yellow border colors to match with any color scheme
  • A “Green” flooring option for the eco-conscious consumer Available in two sizes (2ft x 3ft and 3ft x 4ft) to accommodate any space



Mat Pricing1 +10 +25 +100 +
14mm x 3ft x 2ft, Black$39.00$37.05$36.08$34.13
14mm x 3ft x 4ft, Black$75.00$71.25$69.38$65.63
14mm x 3ft x 2ft, Color$53.90$49.86$47.16$40.43
14mm x 3ft x 4ft, Color$99.00$91.58$86.63$74.25
Description:Bubble-Top is a superior anti-fatigue rubber mat with beveled perimeters to help visually define the mat. This increases safety and reduces trip hazards while also being an extremely durable and comfortable floor mat. The mat has a bubble, or dome cell, structure that traps air in the subsurface and offers bounce back support which makes it a comfortable surface to stand-on. Bubble-Top is available in finished 2ft. x 3ft. and 3ft. x 4ft. size.
MaterialNatural Rubber and Reclaimed Rubber
Sizes: 3ft x 2ft Finished Piece, 11lbs.
3ft x 4ft Finished Piece, 23lbs.
Hardness: 55 +/-5 Shore A [ASTM D 2240]
Applications:Aerospace, Anti-Fatigue Mat, Anti-Slip Mats, Assembly Lines, Automotive, Bars Mats, Basements, Bathrooms, Butcher, Boat Deck Mats, Car Washes, Cashier Stands, Chef Mat, Cruise Ships, Cushion Mat, Drainage, Eco-Flooring, Fast Food, Garage Mat, Packaging, Flower Shops, Food Preparation, Guard Stands, Ice Skating Rinks, Industrial Mat, Kitchen Mat, Laundry Rooms, Manufacturing, Outdoor Mats, Padded Mats, Protective Mat, Restaurants, Safety Mats, Slip Resistant Mats, Shop Mat, Soft Mat, Veterinarian, Warehouses, Washrooms, Workstations, Workbench Mat, Zoos.
Bubble-Top Surface:The bubble-top surface in combination with the high coefficient of friction found in Natural Rubber offers extra traction in areas where light moisture may be present. This is an ideal mat for any anti-fatigue application that requires comfortable, durable, and non-slip matting. Indoor kitchens or outdoor valet stands can both benefit from this ultra durable mat and can count on it being an excellent safety choice. Bubble-Top will outlast all competing foam and sponge products.
Cleaning:Since these rubber floor mats offer moderate chemical resistance, it can be cleaned with most mild household cleaners. Strong, highly caustic cleaning solutions (e.g. bleach) are not recommended. An easy and effective way to clean this mat is by hosing it off with water!
Beveled Edges:This rubber mat has beveled edges on all four sides which makes this mat perfect for cart and wheeled equipment access.
Availability:Both sizes are in stock in large quantities and ship within 24 hours of placing an order.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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