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Anti Fatigue Mat

An Anti-Fatigue Mat Is Your Last Stand to Combat Work-Related Strain!

black dura chef anti-fatigue kitchen mat in commercial kitchenNo one wants to stand for hours on end at work. Unfortunately, there are still many duties and tasks characteristic of certain professions that require a standing position for maximum mobility and efficiency. While an individual may decide to just hunker down and perform their tasks, no one should stand due to the host of health issues induced by prolonged periods on their feet.

An anti-fatigue mat is a quick and easy solution that can reduce the severity of the stress and fatigue from prolonged standing. Standing in one area for a long time puts a lot of strain on the muscles, bones and joints of the lower extremities, the hips and the lower back, especially if the floor is hard underneath. What’s more, maintaining a stationary position restricts proper blood circulation and often times lead to swollen feet or even varicose veins. Sometimes known as fatigue flooring, comfortable and soft floors help increase worker productivity by addressing some of the issues associated with these bodily strains.

Many workers utilize anti-fatigue mats for kitchen, hospitality, assembly lines and office applications. The rubber mats offer three unique characteristics that keep you on your feet:

    1. Cushion: The primary feature of an anti-fatigue mat is actually an inherent characteristic of the rubber material: shock-absorbency. The molecular structure of rubber allows it to flex upon application of force. In the rubber mat, the stress between feet and a hard floor surface is dampened when the mat deforms from the force of feet standing and shuffling. This feature is the reason why companies and workers often use anti-fatigue mats for kitchen, office and assembly line applications. Bartenders, hairstylists, and casino dealers also take advantage of the cushiony mat.
  • orange dura chef anti-fatigue kitchen mat in commercial kitchen Warmth: Concrete and tile floors are cold and uninviting; wood is a bit more comfortable rubber trumps them all and is very comfortable underfoot. The elastic material is actually an insulator of heat, absorbing warmth and retaining it. It’s so effective at retaining heat that it is used as insulation for pipes, house windows and even for hand gloves! The warmth provided by the rubber mat is comfortable and also promotes blood circulation.
  • Traction: The inherent grip of rubber is a necessary feature of anti-fatigue mats for kitchen and bar conditions. Such areas are commonly moist, wet or slick from grease, which is a serious safety risk for workers. While still acting as a stress-reducing cushion, the rubber mat ensures a stable foothold for a worker even amidst moist or wet conditions. The traction provided by the mat is also beneficial to workers that stand for prolonged periods of time, especially when factors like fatigue can affect how an individual moves.

Using an anti-fatigue mat is a simple way to increase the comfort of standing for prolonged periods of time. At the same time reduces the health risks posed by being stationary for a substantial duration. Stand firm against such risks and slip an anti-fatigue mat under your feet.