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"Dura-Chef 7/8-inch" Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Of all of our rubber drainage mats, Dura-Chef 7/8-inch reigns as the ultimate mat for comfort and durability. These anti-fatigue kitchen mats are ultra-thick and offer superb comfort underfoot and a high degree of slip-resistance due to its natural rubber composition. Not only will those who use these mats feel more comfort, but they will be protected from slip and fall accidents which can be costly and damaging to multiple parties. To further add to this mat’s features, this mat is constructed with the ever-important drainage holes that can eliminate the occurrence of pooled liquids on flooring surfaces.

The Dura-Chef 7/8-inch rubber drainage mats are designed to withstand the moist and greasy conditions of industrial and commercial kitchens with ease. It is available in two great commercial-colors—Black and Red—and comes in the perfectly sized 38.5in x 58.25in size, great for any commercial or industrial work space. These mats can even be connected together to provide more contiguous coverage for floors. These anti fatigue kitchen mats are easy to clean with just soap and common detergents, which is especially helpful when they are placed in areas where messes are a daily occurrence. When conditions demand of it, Dura-Chef 7/8-inch will surely take the heat.

  • Stocked in a Black mat and a Red, Nitrile-blended mat, which is resistant to oil
  • Large drainage holes to eliminate slipping hazards resulting from pooled liquids
  • Designed as both a standalone mat and an interconnecting mat using connectors
  • Mats will provide comfort and support to those who use them throughout the day
  • A 38.5” x 58.25” rubber drainage mats sized at 7/8” thick; this mat is our most robust kitchen mat
  • Anti fatigue kitchen mats composed of natural rubber, which offers exceptional comfort, durability and flexibility


Mat/Connector Pricing1 +10 +25 +100 +
7/8" x 38.5" x 58.5", Black$109.00$103.55$100.83$95.38
7/8" x 38.5" x 58.5", Red$155.00$147.25$143.38$135.63
Description:Our thickest and most comfortable rubber drainage mat is recommended for use in commercial kitchens. This mat is 7/8” thick and provides superb anti-fatigue flooring. The holes in this perforated rubber mat provide excellent drainage allowing liquid and debris to pass through while still ensuring the safety or anti-slip flooring. Sustainable natural rubber is used in producing these mats which also guarantees flexibility and durability.
Material:Black: Natural Rubber
Red: Natural Rubber & Nitrile
Sizes: 38.5inch x 58.25inch
Weight:40 lbs
Hardness: [ASTM D 2240]55 +/-5 Shore A
Available Colors:Black and Red
Applications:Aerospace, Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Slip Rubber Mats, Assembly Lines, Automotive, Bars, Bathrooms, Butcher Shops, Car Washes, Cashier Stands, Commercial Kitchen Floor Mats, Chefs Mats, Cruise Ships, Culinary Schools, Drain Mat, Fast Food, Packaging, Flower Shops, Food Preparation, Guard Stands, Grease Resistant, Ice Skating Rinks, Kennel Liners, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Locker Rooms, Marine Apps, Manufacturing, Natural Floors, Non-Slip Rubber mat, Pool Areas, Protector Mats, Restaurants, Rubber Industrial flooring, Sheds, Showers, Soft mats, Spas, Veterinarian, Warehouses, Washrooms, Waste Management, Water Resistant Flooring, Workstations, Workshop Flooring, Zoos.
Installation:Dura-Chef (7/8-inch) can be interlocked with a rubber connector. This feature allows multiple mats to be conjoined and minimizes possible movement when heavy foot-traffic accesses the rubber mats.
Safety:The 7/8-inch Dura-Chef mat offers excellent traction even when the surface is moist. The large drainage holes trap dust, dirt, liquids, and grease beneath the surface of the mat to prevent slips. The rubber comfort mat ensures safe footing and maximizes worker productivity while also reducing the risk of injury.
Comfort:The 7/8-inch thick resilient and soft cushioned rubber doubles as an anti-fatigue mat. This very comfortable mat is ideal for jobs requiring long periods of standing, thus making for happy and productive employees.
Reversible:This mat is fully reversible which prolongs the life-cycle of the product.
Grease Resistance:Dura-Chef (Red) has high contents of the elastomer Nitrile which has excellent resistance to all oil and grease products and also possesses excellent abrasion resistance. The red version of this rubber mat is ideal for fry stations, meat packing plants, butcher shops, or anywhere greases, fats, and oils may be present!
Availability: All varieties of the 7/8-inch Dura-Chef are generally in stock and can be shipped within 24 hours.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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