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Safety Mat

A Rubber Safety Mat Offers Security and Protection Everywhere!

person measuring on a soft cloud drainage anti-slip matThe natural properties of rubber make it an appropriate material for safety accessories, like a rubber safety mat. One of the familiar and most important traits of rubber is its grip, or tack, that can be felt on the surface of a rubber mat. This provides a nice grip underfoot for better slip-resistance, even in moist or wet conditions.

Another beneficial trait of rubber safety surfacing is its shock-absorbent capability. If you look at rubber at a microscopic level, you’ll see that it is composed of a countless number of cross-linked molecules. The network of molecules can stretch and rebound from applied force giving rubber its shock-absorbency and flexibility traits. Such qualities are the reason why the rubber safety mat is an effective device to reduce the severity of impacts.

Rubber safety surfacing is used across a variety of industries and applications for its safety features. Here are a couple of the more common applications for the rubber mats:

  • Commercial kitchens: Food preparation areas are often wet and greasy, a problematic duo of factors that could mean broken bones for bustling chefs, cooks and servers. Using a rubber mat is a key ingredient to an accident-free kitchen since it provides slip-resistance, protection against injurious falls and even anti-fatigue qualities.
  • person measuring mat on red soft cloud drainage matPublic Bathrooms: It goes without saying that bathrooms are hazardous areas. Tile and concrete floors are very slippery when wet. Considering how easily and often bathroom floors get wet (e.g. overflowing toilets, excess water from washed hands), it is important to use rubber mats to promote safety on the wet floors.
  • Business Entrances: The entryways and exits of any building pose a threat to the safety of pedestrians. How? Dirt, debris and moisture are tracked on the soles of shoes, which can pollute the floors near entrances. Safety surfacing mats placed at entrances introduces a much-needed measure of slip-resistance. The mats also function to remove pollutants from shoes, keeping filth away from interior floors.
  • Factory Assembly lines: The anti-fatigue qualities of rubber mats can help reduce the stress and strain of standing for hours on end. The rubber mats allow for a degree of “give” when pressure is applied which is in essence similar to a spring; therefore, assembly line workers would benefit greatly from the mat’s comfort.

A rubber safety mat can be used anywhere safety and comfort are needed, which can be virtually everywhere. The tack of rubber prevents slip-and-fall accidents, while the shock-absorbent trait of rubber serves to protect individuals from impactful falls. There are a plethora of applications that could use a rubber safety mat, from boats to grocery checkout counters. Where can you put a mat down to prevent falling down?