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"Soft Cloud" Rubberized Gel Foam Mats

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

The Soft Cloud foam matting is designed for use in the home or workplace, made to bring comfort and safety to those who walk or stand upon them, as well as provide both anti-slip and anti-fatigue qualities to your floors. Made in a 3/4-inch thickness, these mats are as comfortable and supportive as they come. When placed over even the least-forgiving of floor surfaces, such as cement, these anti-fatigue mats will protect both the body and expensive equipment alike from damages, and allow those who stand upon them to work throughout the day. The unique texture of these mats adds traction to the surface, turning your regular floors into non-slip floors, keeping your home or workplace safer!

There couldn’t be an easier tile to manage. Not only does it come in two helpful sizes (2 feet by 3 feet, 3 feet by 4 feet) to be used for any sized surface, but it is both incredibly light-weight and very easy to clean. The mats can be moved around or rearranged whenever necessary, but will still stay put underneath their own weight due to their unique texture. They can be easily cleaned with water and non-corrosive detergents. All these things being taken into account, these mats are very affordable and are a great investment for the long-term.

  • Easy to clean with water and common cleaners
  • 3/4-inch thickness for unmatched comfort and durability
  • Comes in two sizes that are ideal for any-sized space or work area
  • Possesses anti-fatigue qualities and makes for great non-slip floors
  • Foam matting designed to bring comfort and safety to the home or workplace
  • Lightweight anti-fatigue mats that can be rearranged or moved whenever necessary


Mat Pricing1+10 +25 +100 +
3/4" x 3ft x 5ft Black$250.00$237.50$231.25$218.75
3/4" x 2ft x 3ft Black $115.00$109.25$106.38$100.63
Description:These thick and durable foam tiles are both incredibly safe and incredibly comfortable. Their thickness makes them great for preventing fatigue, and their surface is textured to have anti-slip qualities, making them excellent for the safety of your home or business. They are designed to be perfect for the Food Service Industry.
Materials:Rubberized Gel Foam
Available Sizes:2 ft x 3 ft
3 ft x 5 ft
Thickness:3/4 inch
Weight:2 ft x 3 ft, 4.6 lbs
3 ft x 5 ft, 12 lbs
Available Colors:Black
Applications:Anti-Fatigue Surfaces, Assembly Lines, Check-Out Stands, Chemical Processing Applications, Comfortable Flooring, Commercial Anti-Slip Matting, Corridors, Factory Flooring, Floor Tiles, Food Service Flooring, Grocery Stores, Industrial Safety, Kitchen Flooring, Locker Rooms, Slip Prevention.
Grease Resistance:The materials that make up this durable mat are grease-resistant for use in any application where grease may be present. This makes it perfect for any food service or kitchen application. Nitrile rubber, the raw material for this foam mat, resists petroleum, industrial greases, and animal fats very well.
Extreme Comfort:These spongy foam tiles, like their name implies, will make you feel like you’re walking on air! This is a product that is thick and soft. This being so, they offer great padding and support for anyone to stand on, adhering well to the shape of peoples shoes and their varied weights. Their thickness lends to their anti-fatigue qualities so workers can stand through their shifts without the distraction of discomfort.
Closed Cell Foam:Solid foams form an important class of lightweight cellular engineering materials. These foams can be classified into two types based on their pore structure: open-cell foams and closed-cell foams. Closed-cell foams do not have interconnected pores. The closed-cell foams normally have higher compressive strength due to their structures. However, closed-cell foams are also generally denser. The closed-cell structure foams have high dimensional stability and low moisture absorption coefficients.
Added Safety:The surfaces of these thick and durable tiles offer increased traction to prevent slips and falls in the workplace. These sorts of accidents are costly, and prevention is always a better option than facing consequences.
Ease of Use:They are lightweight for easy handling and can be cleaned easily with water and non-corrosive detergents.
Cleaning:This product can be cleaned using most everyday cleaning agents and using a damp mop is suggested. Caustic detergents like bleach should be avoided.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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