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"Paw-Grip" Grease-Resistant Rubber Runner

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Slip-and-fall accidents are commonly caused by slick or slippery floors, but can be easily prevented with the help of Paw-Grip. No need for silly sprayed-on solutions or slip-resistant footwear with this incredibly effective rubber non-slip mat. When it comes to workplace safety, prevention is by far the most-effective action that anyone could take. This grease resistant rubber runner is constructed with multidirectional surface protrusions that increase grip even in wet conditions. Perforations (i.e., holes) throughout Paw-Grip prevent moisture from pooling and creating a safety hazard.

This rubber non-slip mat is made with NBR rubber, a material that is resistant to grease and oil, making it a fitting product for kitchens and food preparation areas. And in these sorts of applications, regularly cleaning is a must. Fortunately, cleaning is easy with this rubber runner. Simply use a mop or hose and common cleaners to keep your covered surfaces looking in prime condition; it can even be washed in industrial-sized dishwashers. Available in pre-cut sizes, as well as lengths of up to 50 ft, this mat is capable of covering any amount of floor space, and can even be used to cover and protect individual workstations. It is available in two colors—Black and Red—to better match the aesthetic of your workplace. There is no need for adhesives or tapes during installation, as these high-traction mats will stay put underneath their own weight. Before slick floors cause you to slip, prevent any accidents with Paw-Grip.

  • Available in two colors to match your preferred workplace aesthetic
  • 100% grease-resistant NBR rubber, making it great for kitchen applications
  • Skeletal construction which flexes underfoot & offers comfort when standing
  • Stocked in 34” width rubber runners, sold in precut or custom lengths up to 50ft.
  • Designed with bar protrusions on the surface of the mat to promote foothold in wet areas
  • Rubber non-slip mat built with drainage holes throughout the mat to remove liquids from the surface


Mat Pricing1 Mat +10 Mats +25 Mats +100 mats +
34" x 3ft$135$128.25$124.88$118.13
34" x 6ft$250$237.50$231.25$218.75
Full Roll Pricing1 Roll +5 Rolls +20 Rolls +50 Rolls +
34" x 50ft$1,800.00$1,710.00$1,665.00$1,575.00
Custom Length Pricing1ft +50ft. +250ft. +1000ft. +
34" x Custom$52.00$49.40$48.10$45.50
Description:Paw-Grip is a rubber runner mat designed for traction! This is an anti-slip, 3/8inch thick, 100% Nitrile mat with drainage holes and a raised bar-design for traction made from premium grade rubber. Properly named Paw-Grip has a non-slip traction surface which cuts down on slipping accidents while the natural resilience of its rubber content serves to protect dropped parts and materials from breakage. Nitrile has excellent resistance to most industrial or commercial oils and grease products. This uniquely 100% Nitrile mat will exhibit excellent durability in all industrial and commercial locations.
Material:Made From 100% Nitrile Rubber
Sizes: 3/8inch x 34 inch x 3ft. 9 lbs.
3/8inch x 34 inch x 6ft. 18 lbs.
3/8inch x 34 inch x 50ft. 150 lbs.
Custom Lengths:The rolled version of Paw-Grip can be purchased in custom lengths up to 50 continuous feet in half foot increments.
Colors:Black, Red
Applications:Art Studios, Anti-Slip Mats, Athletic Areas, Barns, Buffet Lines, Butcher Shops, Clubhouses, Coffee Shops, Deli’s, Elevators, Entryways, Farms, Industrial Rubber Matting, Kitchen Rubber Flooring, Locker-Rooms, Marine Flooring, Non-Slip Flooring, Meat Packing, Pet facilities, Pools, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Safety Mats, Showers, Ski Resorts, Spas, Temporary Applications, Traction Mats, Wet Applications.
Drainage:Excellent drainage and traction qualities make this mat perfect for applications where both are a necessity. Use this rubber floor mat when a lightweight and grease resistant mat for easy handling is needed. Factories, animal groomers, outdoor showers, laboratories, and industrial areas are all suggested uses.
Mats vs. Rolls:This product is available in different mat sizes or custom lengths upon request. Custom lengths are available up to 50 continuous feet. You tell us what short lengths will serve your needs and we will provide the rubber mat!
Grease Resistance:Being a 100% Nitrile (Buna-N) rubber mat, this product has excellent compatibility with Methyl Alcohol, Ammonia, Ammonium Salts, animal fats, ASTM oil categories #1, #2, #2, ASTM reference Fuel A, B, Butane, Copper Salts, Detergents, Diesel Oil, Gasoline, Glycerin, Jet Fuels, JP-6, Kerosene, Mercury, Natural Gas, Potassium Salts, Propane, Tallow, Zinc Sulfate. For further information regarding the compatibility of this mat with your specific medium please consult a Rubber-Cal representative.
Cleaning:The Paw-Grip Mat has excellent resistance to most cleaning agents and can be cleaned using any common commercial equipment.
Dishwasher Safe!This Nitrile mat is designed to be washed in most industrial dishwashers.
Availability:This rubber floor mat is in stock and will generally ship within 24 hours.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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