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Gym Equipment Mats

Do I Need a Rubber Mat Under My Exercise Equipment?

Many gyms and fitness centers require a layer of protective matting to preserve their floors and equipment. The Rubber Flooring Experts offer solutions in the form of rubber gym equipment mats to place underneath these heavy exercise machines. A rubber elliptical mat can provide superior levels of shock absorbency, noise dampening qualities, long term durability, and act as a layer of armor between gym equipment and your sensitive sub-floors. Use of a rubber exercise equipment mat will prevent wear and damage caused by heavy fitness gear and moving parts. Gym and fitness equipment mats have to be tough in order to withstand the daily abuse they receive in a gym! If you go to any commercial gym today, chances are high that you will see their treadmills and ellipticals placed on some type of exercise equipment mat. This is because exercise machines are heavy and abrasive, and without any sort of exercise equipment mat they can cause significant damage to the underlying floor. Workout machines typically vibrate when in use, causing them to grind against the floor below, potentially damaging the flooring or the equipment itself. Rubber gym equipment mats are specially designed to act as a protective barrier between sensitive floors and an abrasive workout machine. You need a rubber mat under your exercise equipment to protect the floors from the equipment and the expensive equipment from concrete floors. The harmful vibrations and abrasions are absorbed by the rubber surface and distributed evenly across its surface to significantly decrease the force of impact. Without gym equipment mats in place under an operating treadmill, the machine can grind away at the rigid flooring, causing chips and cracks.

Can Exercise Equipment Mats Protect My Floors?

Similarly, rubber gym equipment mats protect traditional flooring surfaces from the forceful impact of heavy weights. When accidentally dropped, a heavy barbell can severely damage a flooring like hardwood or concrete. This floor damage is very expensive to repair, sometimes prohibitively so. Rubber gym equipment mats can provide a protective layer between heavy equipment and brittle flooring, insulating the floor from abrasion or impact damage during heavy workouts. The use of a rubber elliptical mat can ensure that a gym floor remains intact for a long time, saving gym owners from frequent floor-maintenance costs. Workout machines tend to shift around while in use. Without use of proper gym equipment mats, the vibrations of normal use can cause a machine to gradually slide across the rigid flooring. This is not only damaging to the floor, but it can also damage the equipment itself and prove to be a major hazard for the person using it.

Luckily, in addition to protecting sub-floors, gym equipment mats can also protect exercise equipment from damaging itself. While a treadmill or elliptical can crack the wood floor it is placed on, the machines too can suffer from damage in the forms of chips, cracks, and loosened parts. Exercise equipment is very expensive in the first place, so naturally you expect to get a fair amount of use out of it before needing to pay for repairs or replacements. Using a rubber elliptical mat or exercise equipment mat prevents damage by limiting movement. Famed for its slip-resistance, rubber is the perfect material for gym equipment mats because it will keep the equipment securely in place. A rubber exercise equipment mat will enhance traction to keep workout machines stable while absorbing harmful movements they emit to prevent potential damage. This is the best way to extend the life of your equipment – through the smart use of rubber gym equipment mats. The thicker the rubber floors, the more protective qualities they offer. By separating gym equipment from directly impacting a floor surface, a rubber elliptical mat can keep your exercise machines functional for longer periods of time before needing to be replaced.

More Advantages of Rubber Exercise Equipment Mats

The advantages of exercise equipment mats don’t stop there! They are also great for quieting the noise emitted from heavy equipment. Noise is always a concern when it comes to heavy machines like treadmills and ellipticals, but luckily rubberized gym equipment mats can assist. Thumping, humming, and vibrations caused by a machine during a workout can be quite a nuisance to fellow gym goers. Home gyms especially run the risk of bothering their family and neighbors if they do not make proper use of gym equipment mats. If you are in a high-rise and don’t want to disturb your neighbors, placing a rubber elliptical mat under your machine can make an immense difference. Since rubber excels at absorbing and dispelling vibrations, gym equipment mats made from rubber can reduce the sounds caused by high-impact exercise and fitness equipment.

Another key advantage of using gym equipment mats is the sustainable materials they are made from. Some of our exercise equipment mat products are made using recycled rubber materials. This type of rubber is obtained primarily from vehicle tires. Because recycled rubber is much easier to produce than synthetic rubber, recycled rubber products like our gym equipment mats are much more affordable than their synthetic rubber counterparts. Additionally, gym equipment mats made from recycled rubber are eco-friendly products. The production of recycled rubber contributes to the reduction of nonbiodegradable waste in the ecosphere. Most importantly, tire rubber is a very durable material that is meant for operation in harsh physical conditions. As a result, an elliptical mat made from recycled rubber demonstrates the same durability as the tires that it was made from. These qualities have recently made recycled rubber products very popular for use not only in gym equipment mats, but also for a variety of other heavy-duty rubber products. Recycled rubber is known for being very durable and long lasting. Gym equipment mats made from recycled rubber are especially resilient. An exercise equipment mat made from recycled rubber demonstrates resistance to UV rays, ozone, water, and other harsh physical elements. These factors can cause other materials to degrade and wear out over time, especially when placed outside. However, recycled rubber has resistance to these common sources of wear and tear, making our rubber gym equipment mats long-lasting and suitable for outdoor us. A rubber exercise equipment mat is an inexpensive piece of insurance that will maintain the lifetime of your current floors and fitness equipment. A durable rubber elliptical mat will protect gym floors and preserve expensive equipment at a fraction of the replacement cost.

How Do I Choose a Rubber Exercise Equipment Mat?

We offer rubber floors and gym equipment mats in varying thicknesses, styles, and shapes that allow you to choose the product that best suits your needs. Are you considering a rubber elliptical mat for your home or commercial gym? Our expert staff can assist and educate you on our gym equipment mats and how you can turn your spare room into a fitness room. Browse our exercise equipment mat products or call a Rubber Flooring Expert to discuss your needs today!