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"Armor Lock" Interlocking Rubber Tiles

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Wherever dependable flooring protection is needed, Armor-Lock will step up to the task. These 8mm thick interlocking rubber tiles are made from durable reclaimed rubber materials. This makes for an affordable, yet durable rubber floor. Since reclaimed rubber is a by-product if tires, this interlocking rubber tile also inherits the ingredients that make tires durable in abrasive conditions. When compared to recycled tire crumb tiles, , it will have a superior finish and show no flaking! The tiles will effectively shield underlying floors from damage caused by heavy foot traffic, heavy industrial equipment, or falling dumbbells. Not only that, but they can provide comfort and support to anyone who is standing, working, or walking upon them. These tiles are designed to prevent fatigue for both athletes and workers alike.

The interlocking design of the reclaimed flooring tile makes it quick and easy to set up in a home gym, garage man-cave or a basement game room without adhesives or tools. This means you can move these tiles as easily as they are installed. Furthermore, the surface of the Armor-Lock has an increased level of traction, effectively preventing slips and falls in commercial, residential, and industrial environments. They are sized perfectly at 2ft x 2ft, allowing them to easily cover any amount of floor space.

    • Designed with a pebble-top surface to promote slip-resistance
    • Measured at 8mm thick of molded rubber to protect underlying floors
    • Made from natural and reclaimed rubber for eco-conscious consumers
    • Constructed with a puzzle-like interlocking design for swift installation
    • Reclaimed flooring prevents fatigue and provides comfort throughout the day
    • Sized at 2ft x 2ft for each of the interlocking rubber tiles, making it easy to fit into any space



Volume Tile Pricing1+50+250+500+
8mm x 24" x 24" Tiles, Coal$28.00$26.60$25.90$24.50
Description:This interlocking tile is a vulcanized rubber mat composed mostly of Reclaimed Rubbers making it a reclaimed flooring product. It has a superior finish when compared to other rubber mats and rubber flooring made from tire crumb. Molded to a 2ft-by-2ft size, it is a modular floor tile ideal for applications that require quick and simple installation. The 8mm thickness is sturdy enough to offer good comfort while simultaneously offering excellent floor protection when needed. Home or commercial gyms, garages, basements, trade show booths, even pet-care facilities would benefit from these affordable rubber tiles.
Material:Natural Rubber and Reclaimed Rubber
Size:24 inch x 24 inch
Weight:9lbs. per tile
Hardness:60 Shore A Nominal
Available Colors:Black
Applications:Aerobic Areas, Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats, Art Studios, Assembly Lines, Athletic Arenas, Barns, Basement Flooring, Boat Floor Mats, Commercial Sports Facilities, Cruise Ships, Daycare, Dog Kennel Mats, Elevators, Event Flooring, Exercise Equipment Mats, Farms, Fitness Mats, Floor Protection Mats, Garage Floors, Golf Courses, Home Gym Flooring, Ice Rinks, Indoor/Outdoor Gym, Industrial Matting Applications, In-Line Skating, Locker Rooms, Music Studios, Pet Care, Playroom, Retail Display, Shelving, Shop Mats, Soundproofing, Spike Protection, Sport Flooring, Trade Show Flooring, Treadmills, Utility Mats, Weight Rooms.
Tough:The Armor-Lock is aptly named! This rubber tile’s 8mm gauge is substantial enough to protect sub-floors from heavy equipment while also protecting pricey parts and machinery from hard, cold, and unforgiving floors. Buy the Armor-Lock for industrial applications, fitness floors, or your man-cave!
Affordable:Four considerations make this tile affordable: (A) This interlocking rubber tile is installed in minutes without the need for costly installers. (B) There is no need for glues, adhesives, or installation tools. (C) Your time is precious! This rubber tile installs fast and does not require that you read manuals, learn installation techniques, or attend “How to Classes.” (D) Buy these tiles once and use them indefinitely. Since this product is not permanently installed, it can travel with you. Unlike floors that are glued down, when you move so will these tiles. This gives Armor-Lock a far longer life-cycle.
Cleaning:Cleaning is simple and easy: you can sweep it, mop it, or hose it down. A wet mop and a mild cleaning solution is our preferred method. Keep in mind that moisture does not affect the tiles, however, they will need to be dried out if you plan on hosing them down prior to reinstalling them.
Green Flooring:Armor-Lock is made partially from Natural Rubber which is a derived from the Para Tree (i.e., rubber tree). The other (larger) portion of the raw material is reclaimed rubber which is de-vulcanized rubber, generally a by-product of discarded tires. You are truly buying “Green Floors” when you choose Armor-Lock interlocking tiles.
Availability:We try and stock this rubber floor mat in large quantities and fill orders fast! Most orders are filled from stocked inventory and can be fulfilled within 24-hours.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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