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"Terra-Flex Sport" Rolls

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

"Terra-Flex Sport" rolls are rolls of rubber flooring that are coated with a seamless, colored polyurethane finish. By and large, these rubber rolls are made of recycled rubber, which is rubber that has been repurposed from discarded rubber products, such as worn tires. Our "Terra-Flex Sport" rolls are mainly intended to provide physical comfort, as well as protect vulnerable subfloors from potential damages. These rolls excel in applications such as gym flooring—where high degrees of impact absorbance and abrasion resistance are critical to the application's success. These 5-mm.-thick rolls of recycled rubber come in 4-feet widths, and they come in pre-cut lengths of 10, 15, and 25 feet.

"Terra-Flex Sport" rolls are also available in many different colors, including blue, green, light grey, grey, light brown, and grass green. These colors come from the vibrant, polyurethane coatings that cover the rubber rolls. When it comes to selecting colors, there are many possibilities. Deck an entire space with one, dominant colorway. Or, mix and match between different colors of these rolls, creating a pattern of colors that satisfies your aesthetic taste.

"Terra-Flex Sport" rolls are made of solid rubber, which means that they are naturally equipped with qualities such as abrasion resistance, impact absorbance, and water resistance. These traits make our "Terra-Flex Sport" rolls ideal spaces that utilize heavy equipment or any other objects that can potentially damage your subfloors. Plus, this rolled rubber product is coated in polyurethane, a highly durable elastomeric material that further enhances the product's overall resilience. Applications such as recreational-studio flooring, gym flooring, and pet-care flooring are all prime examples of great ways to utilize these rolls of rubber.

  • Soft rubber flooring protects subfloors from a variety of physical damages
  • Offered in a wide assortment of vibrant colorways
  • Highly DIY-friendly, easy to install yourself without professional assistance
  • Offered in a wide variety of lengths and widths to fit all sizes of spaces
  • Easy to clean with water and with household cleaning solutions
Description: The “Terra-Flex Sport” rolls are made of recycled tires and other discarded rubber products. The base is rubber crumb that has been bonded with a polyurethane-based adhesive. The product is then finished with a PU color coating, making for a bright and uniquely solid-colored recycled rubber roll.
Material: Made from Recycled Rubber Crumb
Size: 4 ft. x 25 ft.,
4 ft. x 15 ft.,
4 ft. x 10 ft.,
Thickness: 5 mm., or just under 3/16”
Color: Blue, Green, Light Grey, Grey, Light Brown, Grass Green
Weight: 25-ft. length = 124 lbs., 15-ft. length = 74 lbs., 10-ft. length = 50 lbs.
Applications: Airports, Animal Care Facilities, Anti-Fatigue Flooring, Art Studios, Assembly Lines, Barns, Baseball Dugouts, Boats, Break Rooms, Clubhouses, Commercial Vehicles, Dance Floors, Daycares, Doggie Day Care, Dog Kennels, Elevators, Environmentally Friendly Floor, Exercise Mat, Farm Facilities, Fitness Mats, Flooring for Damp Basement, Garage Floor Cover, Golf Course, Gym Floor Mats, Health Clubs, Home Gyms, Hotel Lobbies, Horse Trailer Pads, Ice Rinks, Industrial Applications, Kennel Flooring, Movie Sets, Music Studios, Nonslip Mat, Outside Mats, Pet Care, Play Areas, Playgrounds, Protective Padding, Rubber Boat Mats, Rubber Trailer Flooring, Shelf Lining, Sound Proofing, Spike Protection, Sports Mats, Stalls, Stock Rooms, Trainer Mat, Treadmill Mats, Weight Rooms.
Sport Flooring: The history of sports dates back 15,000 years. Since sports often related to preparations for war and training for battle, early games involved activities like throwing spears, mortars, and one-on-one combat, such as wrestling. In fact, Persian and Egyptian artifacts show ancient wrestlers performing their art with glory. As sports moved indoors, especially in the modern era, the availability of comfortable and protective floors became a necessity. Hence, the marriage of recycled rubber floors and sports activities was born.
Affordable Comfort: Rubber floors provide conditions that allow for physical comfort. The cushy, supple nature of rubber floors soothes and comforts. Since this recycled rubber floor is 60 Shore A in hardness, it is supple enough to offer a comfort surface, while hard enough to protect equipment and floors from one another.
Cleaning: This rubber mat has excellent resistance to most cleaning agents and can be cleaned using any common commercial equipment. Please refrain from using caustic cleaning agents such as bleach.
Availability: This product is in stock and will generally ship within 24 hours.

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