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Anti-Fatigue Mats

What is the Best Material for Anti-Fatigue Mats?

American industry is built on the efforts of hard-working men and women who operate in warehouses and assembly lines throughout the country, from San Diego all the way to Philadelphia. American work ethics are what set our young nation apart from many others. But to keep the nation's industrial sector thriving, its work force needs to be safe and comfortable on the job. For example, many industrial facilities have concrete and asphalt floors, which can cause a world of problems for industrial employees. The solution can be found in proper use of anti-fatigue matting. Rubber is the best material for anti-fatigue mats and offers the most benefits for industrial workers from coast to coast. Affordable rubber anti-fatigue mats add valuable cushioning to unforgiving floors and increase employee productivity. The best material for fatigue matting is rubber, since it will keep employees comfortable and promote a healthy, happy workplace even when the clock ticks into overtime! Rubber anti-fatigue mats are well suited to industrial applications because of the material’s natural characteristics. Rubber is a naturally flexible and elastic substance, much more so than many other types of competing materials. Whether it contains natural rubber sap or post-consumer recycled rubber tires, anti-fatigue mats exhibit the kind of comfort and support you won’t find in concrete floors. Take a moment to consider the different kinds of flooring that you would normally see in an industrial facility. Most warehouses and factories have floors made from concrete, metal, or asphalt materials. These are very hard surfaces that, without anti-fatigue mats, offer no traction or comfort for those standing on them. They are also cold surfaces that lack the warmth that is required to keep feet comfortable. This is in sharp contrast with rubber surfaces like anti-fatigue matting, which has an elastic nature that makes it comfortable to stand on. Rubber does not transmit heat as quickly as concrete or metal. As a result, rubber anti-fatigue mats can retain warmth from feet standing on top of them for longer periods of time than a bare floor, further contributing to the comfortability of rubber fatigue matting.

Does Your Business Need Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Every industrial workplace should have some form of rubber anti-fatigue matting to boost employee productivity. Our fatigue matting is designed to relieve stress and provide cushioning because workers perform at their best levels when they are feeling comfortable. When employees stand on a hard flooring surface like concrete or metal, the weight of their body presses their feet against the floor. Gradually, the rigid floor causes pressure to build up in the joints of the feet and ankles, as well as in the lower back. This pressure is the primary source of discomfort, which can develop into fatigue and exhaustion if not prevented with proper anti-fatigue matting. An employee who is getting tired and uncomfortable after being on their feet for four hours straight is much more likely to make mistakes while on the job. Accidents lead to injuries, both of which simply cannot be allowed to happen in an industrial workplace, where sensitive or hazardous equipment and materials are likely present. When employees stand on rubber anti-fatigue mats instead of directly on a concrete floor, they are less likely to become uncomfortable from prolonged standing. Anti-fatigue mats provide both comfort and relief to allow workers to remain alert for longer periods of time, and thus less likely to make mistakes. The soft and elastic rubber material used to make up our anti-fatigue matting provides a layer of cushioning for standing employees, decreasing the floor's pressure on sensitive parts of their feet. By covering an unyielding concrete floor with rubber anti-fatigue mats, industrial owners and managers can look out for the health and productivity of their hardworking employees.

Advantages of Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mats

Another advantage of using rubber anti-fatigue mats is how great they are for helping your workers stay balanced on their feet. Industrial areas are usually full of hard materials and surfaces that can make slip accidents extremely dangerous. Unlike other surfaces like concrete and asphalt, rubber anti-fatigue matting is gifted with a high degree of friction. As people walk along rubber anti-fatigue mats and runners, they will experience a better level of grip than they would if they were on a non-rubber surface. The answer boils down to simple physics. Friction allows force to push back on feet moving forward, increasing traction to prevent the possibility of slips and falls on the fatigue matting. Our rubber anti-fatigue mats not only improve safety in industrial areas through comfortability, but through slip-resistance as well. Take the necessary steps to safeguard both you and everyone else around you by placing rubber anti-fatigue mats on top of hard industrial floors. One feature you might want to look for in anti-fatigue matting products is the surface texture. Some rubber anti-fatigue mats come with specially designed protrusions on their surfaces that can actually help in improving traction. While rubber naturally provides the level of grip necessary to stay safe, the slightly raised protrusions on some products can help to enhance the overall level of grip even further. The increased level of safety from surface textures on rubber anti-fatigue mats makes them especially valuable for industrial settings.

Rubber fatigue matting is also a great way to protect the floors from suffering physical damage. Industrial areas see high volumes of foot traffic and the presence of heavy equipment. Rubber anti-fatigue mats are a great material to use as a shield for your flooring from these impacts. The elasticity that makes rubber anti-fatigue matting comfortable to stand on also allows them to absorb shocks and impacts. In the long run, rubber anti-fatigue mats can save warehouses and factories from costly floor repairs. Rubber anti-fatigue mats are an indispensable tool for factories, warehouses, and workstations. Don’t let your workers stand on unforgiving concrete all day—install rubber anti-fatigue matting on your hard floors to decrease your employees’ risk of physical strain, exhaustion, mistakes, and accidents. A happier workplace is more efficient, because workers that are happier, healthier, and better rested are far more effective and productive. Rubber anti-fatigue matting is an inexpensive way to show your staff you care about their wellbeing. A happy employee will also treat your customers and clients well. Keep your business running smoothly and your employees healthy with flexible rubber anti-fatigue mats. Call a Rubber Flooring Expert or find your ideal mats among our bestsellers!