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Heavy Duty Mats

Why You Need Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats

Industrial settings are some of the most abrasive types of environments out there. Factories, construction sites, or warehouses are all home to hard and heavy machinery that can cause damage in unprotected areas. You need heavy-duty mats to protect the industrial floors from vibrating machinery. In addition, the equipment can also benefit from the layer of rubber flooring, since the elastic supple rubber keep is away from the hard cement or asphalt floors. We have a wide selection of heavy-duty rubber mats and flooring solutions that should satisfy even the most physically demanding industrial environments. Rubber is the ideal material to use for heavy-duty mats because it is a forgiving material that is supple and flexible and can absorb blows from a variety of sources. Whether the physical impact comes from the equipment in gyms, a material handling apparatus in manufacturing areas, or the stomping feet of large livestock, heavy-duty rubber mats are up to the job in protecting your floors!

Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats Protect Industrial Equipment

A heavy rubber mat is very well-suited for a physically abrasive application because it contains resilient rubber material at an affordable price. One property of heavy-duty rubber that helps it to succeed in this capacity is its elasticity. No matter how hard or thick a heavy rubber mat may seem, it will always possess a degree of elasticity that is unmatched by typical flooring types in industrial settings, such as hardwood, tile, concrete, and asphalt. This elasticity is especially beneficial when a very heavy machine is placed on top of a heavy-duty rubber surface. The rubber in our heavy-duty mats can support heavy weights as the material provides more flexibility and cushioning for the object. Overall, rubber is a softer and more forgiving surface than concrete, and thus takes far less damage from heavy machinery. It is better for a metal machine to rest on a rubber surface like a heavy rubber mat than directly on a hard floor.

Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats Protect Your Flooring

Just as rubber heavy-duty mats protect industrial equipment from damage, they can also prevent damage to the floors of the area. While hard surfaces like concrete may seem extremely tough, they can be quite brittle and susceptible to structural damage from the weight of heavy equipment. Cracking damage may be barely visible at first, but gradually widens as the floor accumulates wear and tear. Even the smallest of cracks in the floor can be quite expensive to repair, so placing rubber heavy-duty mats under a heavy machine can help protect both the floor and your wallet! The thick, heavy-duty rubber acts as a protective barrier, absorbing potentially harmful movements to ensure they never reach the delicate base-floors. Whether the movements are vibrations created by large machinery or the aggressive impact of a person falling, using heavy-duty mats can provide the safety and security needed to carry on in the workplace.

Maintain Safety with Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats

Heavy-duty rubber flooring also helps to keep people in industrial areas safe. Rubber generally possesses a high degree of friction that is essential to providing good slip-resistance for feet. When people walk over heavy-duty mats made of rubber, they will experience a better level of foot traction than when walking on a bare concrete floor. Foot traction is the frictional force exerted by a flooring surface to stop your feet from slipping across it. In other words, the more foot traction you experience from a flooring surface, the more secure your footing is when standing on one of our heavy-duty mats. While many people may not be aware of it, the chances of a slip and fall accident occurring on the surface of a heavy rubber mat are very slim due to the high foot traction provided by the rubber material. Better yet, some of our heavy-duty mats come with special surface textures for even greater traction-gain. These textures are made of slightly raised protrusions laid out in a specific pattern on top of the mat, increasing the surface area—and therefore, the amount of friction—generated by the heavy-duty rubber. Anti-slip surface textures help to improve the overall level of grip enjoyed by your feet while moving across a heavy rubber mat.

How Thick Are Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats?

Heavy-duty matting needs to be both thick and durable. Some of our heavy rubber mat products are made from recycled rubber tires, which retain the weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and durability that makes tires great for off-roading and long drives. For these reasons, our heavy-duty mats and flooring are just as suited to harsh environments as the tires they were derived from, which means they are excellent for outdoor use, as well. Rubber mats offer extra layers of protection between costly floors and pricey equipment. We offer heavy-duty rubber flooring and mats from 1/8-inch to 2.5-inch thickness, which allows you to select the appropriate product for your application without breaking your budget!

How Much do Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats Cost?

If you’re concerned about cost, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that most heavy-duty mats are made from cost-effective materials. Since most of our heavy-duty mats and flooring are made from recycled and reclaimed rubber products, they are easier to produce and thus more affordable than synthetic rubber flooring solutions. Not only do our heavy-duty rubber products safeguard your investments, they do so in a cost-effective manner that is friendly to the environment. Scrap tires often end up littered in scrapyards and various bodies of water. Heavy-duty mats that contain recycled and reclaimed rubbers are considered eco-conscious products because their production contributes to the removal of non-biodegradable materials from the environment. Since reclaimed and recycled rubbers have their roots in discarded tires, odds are that your old passenger car tires may be the source for your new heavy-duty mats!

Buy Heavy-Duty Rubber Mats

Our rubber heavy-duty mats inherit the natural elasticity and durability of tire rubber to prevent damage to industrial floors and equipment that would otherwise occur over time. Buying a heavy rubber mat can create a tough, shock-absorbent barrier between heavy, abrasive machinery and unforgiving concrete or asphalt flooring surfaces. Heavy-duty rubber matting helps to prevent costly repairs and keep expensive replacements at bay by keeping warehouse floors intact, making them an excellent investment for any industrial firm. Overall, when you invest in heavy-duty mats, it will lead to reduced levels of wear and tear on machinery or floors, which in turn reduces long-term costs for your business.