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Athletic Gym Mats

Best Multi-Purpose Gym Flooring

Z Cycle Roll Flooring under weight benches and weight equipmentHigh school athletics may seem like an eternity ago for some of you, but for teams of young athletes at schools across the country, it is a huge part of their everyday lives. At four schools in particular, young men and women trained rigorously in their respective sports, hoping to consistently improve. However, their goals seemed far away as they stood amidst shabby gym equipment and facilities. Crumbling walls, damaged equipment, and ripped athletic gym mats were limiting the aspiring potential of these students, so ESPN decided to fix their situation through a reality show. Rubber-Cal contributed to this cause with rolls of multi-purpose gym flooring. The best multi-purpose gym flooring are rubber flooring rolls or tiles. Rubber rolls and rubber tiles were used in a range of applications from locker room floors to weight rooms. The flexibility of rubber flooring is what makes it a great product for almost any room.

4 Uses of Multi Purpose Gym Flooring in Your School

  1. Locker Rooms: Locker rooms are consistently exposed to moisture. Their proximity to showers and sweaty athletes makes locker rooms home to a number of health risks. One use of multi purpose gym flooring in your school is installing rubber mats in the locker room. Rubber is water-resistant, so multi purpose gym flooring won’t be damaged by shower runoff and sweat exposure. Instead the moisture will sit on top of the surface where it can evaporate or be easily wiped off. While rubber athletic gym mats may be water-resistant, the other locker room features are not. School lockers that hold a weeks worth of gym class clothes are prone to the growth of mold and mildew. Multi-purpose gym flooring ensures that at least one surface in the locker room isn’t dominated by hazardous growths.
  2. Weight Rooms: Weight room floors have to contend with the accidental dropping of heavy weighs whenever an overconfident jock wants to show off. These heavy weights can damage the floor, making it unsafe to walk on. Another use of multi-purpose gym flooring in your school is covering your weight room floor. Floors are damaged by the force of impact of the dropped weight. Rubber school gym mats can absorb this force, reducing the impact. The athletic gym mat and the weight will not be damaged. High school weight rooms can also be loud, with music and workout noise competing for superiority. Multi purpose gym flooring that is made with rubber can dampen the volume of sounds. The weight room won’t be quiet because of school gym mats, but they will let students hear themselves think.
  3. Mechanized Equipment: For schools that are lucky enough to have mechanized equipment like treadmills and stair climbers, floors and machines are vulnerable to the vibrations generated by the machinery. Multi purpose gym flooring can be used as a protective barrier between equipment and school floors. The limited nature of a school budget’s means that when equipment is purchased it has to last. School gym mats can lengthen the longevity of exercise equipment by preventing machinery vibrations from harming machines on the floor. Just as in the weight room example, athletic gym mats can also absorb some of the sound produced by machines.
  4. Specialty Classes: Gym classes generally have a very repetitive curriculum. Most lessons focus on the same skills and coordination over and over again. For students who despise running and will never master a 3-point shot, classes that focus on other forms of exercise are a relief. Multi purpose gym flooring can be used to transform a room from an unused classroom into a yoga studio. The soft nature of multi purpose gym flooring makes it perfect for activities that require prolonged contact with the ground or martial arts that result in falls. Wrestling, gymnastics, and Pilates are all forms of exercise that are made possible with rubber athletic gym mats.

The expressions on the young athletes’ faces were priceless as they gaped at their new school gym mats. They finally had the perfect facilities for challenging themselves to the next level and were amazed at how different their old facilities looked. The importance of the words “multi purpose gym flooring” cannot justify how much this simple change of flooring improved their high school athletics. Installing school gym mats is a way to open new horizon for students.