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Home Gym Flooring

What is the Best Home Gym Flooring?

Gym memberships and regular workouts have become deeply ingrained into our society, with a wide selection of commercial gyms in every major city. While this abundance is convenient, the popularity of a fitness-oriented lifestyle often causes quite a crowd in the gym, and getting the workout you need can become more difficult than you originally planned for. This is why creating a gym or workout room right at home is becoming an increasingly popular residential project, and the best part is you can fine-tune the space to your specific fitness needs. Not only can such an investment will save you a fortune in membership fees, but you may also find that your home is the perfect place to set up a gym, since everything you could possibly want is right there within your reach. Whether you are building a new home fitness room or renovating an old workout area, a high-quality home gym flooring can be the key to success for your personal fitness room. But how do you determine what the best home gym flooring is? The Rubber Flooring Experts offer a broad selection of rubber gym mats for home use that are resilient and help to prevent injury. Our line of rubber gym flooring for home options offer easy, cost-effective installation for consumers on a budget.

If you’re looking for the best home gym flooring option, soft and supportive rubber material is the answer. Rubber flooring is the best and the most widely used product in home gyms. Before setting up a home gym, you need to consider the fact that most floors in homes tend to be made of sensitive materials that can be very prone to damage from both you and the workout equipment you have in the area. Made with flexible, elastic material, rubber gym flooring for home applications provides a comfortable and forgiving surface. Whether you are a fan of aerobic exercise or serious weightlifting, rubber home gym flooring and matting products cushion your legs, joints, feet, and back to help you avoid injury. Since rubber flooring is available in thickness from 1/8” (3mm) to 1” (25mm), It can protect the most abusive conditions a gym can offer. The thicker the material the most expensive, but the more protective of the subsurface and more cushion offered. Over long periods of activity, the feet, ankles, and lower back areas of your body can suffer from discomfort due to the build-up of stress. Soft rubber surfacing of our home gym flooring can help to alleviate this tension so that you can enjoy long, comfortable, and efficient workouts.

Is Rubber Home Gym Flooring Durable?

Most of our rubber home gym flooring contains tough recycled rubber tire crumb. Vehicle tires are manufactured to survive harsh environments, extreme heat, excessive sun exposure, and constant abrasive elements. Recycled rubber floors and gym mats for home use inherit the same sturdy resistance and durability of the recycled tires they are made from. This durability makes recycled rubber very useful as gym flooring for home installations. Ideally, you want your home gym flooring to be able to withstand impacts from physically rigorous workouts and hard heavy moving machinery. Gym mats for home use made from recycled tire crumb provides that superior level of physical durability. Not only is rubber home gym flooring eco-conscious and durable, but it is also incredibly affordable!

Is Rubber Home Gym Flooring Safe?

Rubber is one of the safest and most protective materials used in gym flooring applications. The rubber material in our home gym flooring products can help you to stay balanced on your feet. Slips and falls during a workout can lead to serious injury. Rubber is a material that naturally enhances anti-slip traction, as a rubber surface produces an exceptionally high level of friction. This anti-slip traction helps to prevent feet from slipping or sliding across a rubber surface, such as our gym mats for home use. By preventing unintended foot movement, rubber home gym flooring and matting can help you to maintain control of your body's movement and avoid accidents. When you are doing high-movement exercises like aerobics, the increased friction offered by the rubber material in our home gym flooring will reduce your chances of losing your footing and suffering an accident. This slip-resistance is primarily why rubber is a favorite material to use in safety gym flooring for home use.

Buying Rubber Home Gym Flooring

Once you’ve decided to buy rubber home gym flooring, there are a few varieties for you to choose from. Our home gym flooring products come in two separate forms: rolled mats and interlocking tile flooring. Rolled flooring is a common and easy to install surfacing option. Our rolled rubber gym flooring for home installations usually comes in widths of either 36” or 48” and in lengths of up to 50ft. The mats can be easily cut to fit floor spaces of various shapes and sizes and adhered to the subfloor with double-sided carpet tape. We also custom cut the rolled rubber to your requirements. We also offer home gym flooring in the form of interlocking tiles. These rubber tiles are designed to be easy to handle. Depending on the specific product, our interlocking rubber tiles can come with borders that are designed to interlock with each other, or interlocking pins to attach onto one another. Installing these home gym flooring tiles make for an easy DIY project that will spare you the pain of having to hire professional help. Buying home gym flooring is easy, and its installation is a simple do-it-yourself job.

Installing Rubber Home Gym Flooring

Installing rubber gym mats for home applications is designed to be an easy, DIY project. Whether you buy our home gym flooring in rolls or interlocking tiles, installation is a simple process that won’t require extra adhesives, excess material, or professional installers and that helps to save you money! This allows the homeowner the order the product and install rubber home gym flooring without any consideration for installers, who at times, tend to cost more than the product itself. Since our rubber flooring rolls are custom cut to need, installing rubber home gym flooring is easy and made more affordable. The flooring rolls can be installed using double-sided tape, so messy glue and pricey installers are not needed. This cuts the overall costs down even more. Even though the common consideration is that interlocking tiles are easy to install, rubber flooring rolls that are cut to size are a far easier installation. Most rolls are heavy and stay down under their own weight, making some installations as easy as unrolling a roll of rubber flooring. Of course, adhesives are always an option if your application requires more stability. Contact the Rubber Flooring Experts today, and let us help guide you through your home gym flooring project.