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"Coin-Grip (Metallic)" Rolled PVC Flooring

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California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Safe and durable, coin-grip flooring will be sure to enhance your facility or workplace. Slips and falls are the number one reason for accidents in the work force and you will want to make sure you do all you can do for accident prevention. The coin-shaped protrusions on this anti-slip flooring are placed in such a manner to provide extra grip and traction, making this anti-slip mat a perfect fit for enhancing safety. Whether you are considering flooring for a gym, garage, or any other facility, this flooring will provide that extra safety that will promote risk and injury reduction. Well suited as commercial and industrial flooring, the durability of this mat is hard to beat. The PVC makeup gives it an integrity that holds up against on coming heavy foot traffic for a long time, making this mat great for gyms or walkways. This tough anti-slip flooring is appropriate for a number of different facilities, such as garages. These are only a few out of many applications this coin grip industrial and commercial matting can be used for.

Safety and durability are both important, but so are aesthetics and ease of use. It is important to make a statement with your facility’s appearance, giving it a look different enough to be remembered. This anti-slip flooring has a unique design with its coin shaped protrusions and silver shine, giving it a modern look. This anti-slip mat is lightweight and incredibly easy to handle. Super easy to install, this flooring can be a self-installation project by simply using double-sided tape to do a non-permanent placing on your floor. If you want your industrial flooring to stay permanently, polyurethane-based adhesives can be applied for placement over wood or concrete surfaces. This flooring roll is easy to cut with a utility knife, making it easy to modify to suite your own personal needs.

  • Made of PVC
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Durometer 75 Shore A
  • 48” Width
  • 50 ft. rolls can be custom cut to length before shipping
  • Commercial matting ideal for protecting sensitive surfaces
  • Coin shape protrusions on this anti-slip flooring help provide extra grip and traction, preventing slips and falls


Full Roll Pricing1-4 Rolls5-19 Rolls20-49 Rolls50+ Rolls
2.5mm or 1/8" x 48" x 50ft$585.00$555.75$541.12$511.87
Custom Length Pricing1ft +50ft. +250ft. +1000ft. +
1/8" x 48" x Custom$17.00$16.15$15.72$14.87
Description:A Stud-Top PVC floor made designed with durability in mind. This PVC flooring roll is made extra wide, 48 inches, in size in order to minimize seams during installation. Coin-Grip (Metallic) is sold in rolls up to 50 continuous feet. A metallic color is a color that appears to be polished and the visual sensation usually associated with metals is its metallic shine. This product is made with a finished film which does its best to mimic a shiny metallic look.
Length:50ft rolls – Custom lengths are available upon request
Thickness:2.5mm or just under 1/8” inch thick
Weight:0.9 lbs per square foot, approximately 180 lbs. per 50ft roll
Hardness:75 Durometer
Available Colors:Silver, Beige
Applications:Airport Runways, Animal Bedding, Athletic Areas, Auto Shops, Bars, Basement Floors, Bathroom Floors, Boat Floors, Factory Walkways, Elevator Floors, Fitness Floors, Floor Protection, Garage Floors, Gym Equipment Flooring, Flower Shops, Patios, Industrial Machinery, Laundry Areas, Locker Room Floors, Marine Floors, Shop Floors, Spas, Storage Rooms, Trailer Floors, Van Floor Mats, Vapor Barriers.
Excellent Durability:PVC flooring is a chemically stable material, which shows little change in molecular structure, and also exhibits little change in its mechanical strength over time.
Why Slip-Resistant Flooring:The widely accepted principle of safety by design, as well as building codes, require that flooring be slip-resistant over its life cycle — not just at the time of installation. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that flooring accessible to disabled persons be slip resistant — not just when the building is constructed, but throughout its lifetime. STFs (Slip, Trip and Falls) are the second most common cause of lost-workday injuries in general industry and can cause back injuries, sprains, strains, contusions, fractures, severe head injuries, paralysis, and even fatalities. STFs are the third most common cause of lost-workday injuries in wholesale and retail trade establishments.
Ease of Installation:This product can be quickly and effectively installed using a double-side tape. For more permanent applications this flooring roll can be installed with a polyurethane-based adhesive.
Textured Surface:This product comes with a unique “coin” texture. These circular designs are slightly raised so that they provide the feet with a better amount of traction and stability. This texture design will help keep you and everyone else safe.
Easy to Cut:The PVC material of this flooring can be cut with the use of a utility knife. For the best cutting results, use your utility knife in conjunction with a straightedge.
Cleaning:This flooring roll can be cleaned with most common household cleaners and degreasers.
Availability:Coin-Grip (Metallic) flooring is always in stock, and will generally ship the same day.
California Prop 65:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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