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Rubber Flooring Home Gym

DIY Rubber Flooring For Gyms Help Establish Home Fitness Rooms

weight and cardio gym equipment on Rubber-Cal interlocking tilesAre gyms needed in every home or community center? Yes and easy to install rubber flooring for gyms can kick-start any facility small or large. Did you know that 33.8% of America’s adults are considered obese? A research study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that a third of Americans did not get enough exercise, and as a result, fall into the obese weight range. This can have damaging, adverse effects on an individual’s physical and mental wellness, and can lead to serious health issues.

Obesity is a problem that, while it cannot be immediately cured, it can certainly be remedied with exercise. Beginning with a simple daily exercise regimen, an increasingly challenging fitness plan can burn away excess weight. However, the issue is that many people simply don’t want to get out there to exercise, whether it is out of exhaustion or the lack of know how. Also the thought of going to a public gym brings feelings of fear or disgust… but exercising at your own pace and in the comfort of your own house, is something that can be achieved with a home gym! Even if you’re not overweight, you can never go wrong with a little bit of daily exercise. Home exercise mats help define the fitness area physically and psychologically. I will talk less about the protective function of rubber flooring for gyms and more about their emotional appeal. A little bit of home gym flooring over carpet can change what you think about that extra room, or the basement, or the attic. It no longer is just another room, but a home fitness room!

Hurdles and other gym equipment on recycled rubber tile floorsThere are many valuable benefits of a home gym. First, a home gym is quick and easy to set up in any area of your residence. You don’t need fancy equipment yet—start basic with a TV screen, or a laptop, a good workout DVD (lots of free ones online too!), and some simple weights! If you have delicate hardwood or stone tile flooring, you certainly don’t want your dumbbells on it scratching the surface! Better yet, you do not want go slipping and sliding on smooth unforgiving floors. Rubber flooring for gyms is convenient and lightweight and functions as a protective layer for any subsurface. You can even install home gym flooring over carpet because the rubber matting is thick enough to stay put under its own weight.

Once you have a sturdy set of home exercise mats laid down in a room of your house then you can get started! Tackle simple exercises first, like weightlifting sets or abdominal crunches—these can be done at any time of day, whenever you have a spare moment. Then when you’re ready, you could consider purchasing a quality fitness machine, there are lots of great brands out there. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t see results immediately—they will certainly come soon, and you will be glad you set up that home gym. Pretty soon you will be addicted to the five o’clock news in the background as you sweat on your new gym!